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The E3 is near and so is summer

So it is nearly time for the hype train to leave the station for the E3 again. But even though there is awesome news every E3 and sometimes an amazing suprise, I think I enjoy the ride aboard the hype train the most of all. Every year thousands of people are online posting comments about their thoughts like crazy and raging at every boring moment there is no megaton to see. There are also so many rumours to speculate about months before the E3 even though most of those rumours tend to be pure rubbish. So who else loves the ride to the E3 more then the E3 itself? and what is your hope for the coming E3 in general?

Resurrected and back with a gaming vengeance

So after being away for quitea few weeks I am back to gsand a fun thing has happened since then. I now write reviews, previes, news and such for a dutch gaming site. I must say that it has been fun and interesting thus far and I even got BioShock 2 to review.So,does any of you have some news since about a month or 2 or so ago?

My goty choice

It is the moment again to choicemy goty and I have been thinking a bit about it since you can decide your goty on many aspects. You can decide it mostly on the story or perhaps the graphics or maybe even the multiplayer. But instead of going with what was the best looking game or thegame with themost amazing story I have picked the game that gave me the most fun I have had with a gameall year. Since games areat its core all about fun.

The game Ipicked is plants vs zombies. I remember seeing the first music trailer coming out months ago and wanted to follow the game until its release for no reallygood reason. Once I had the game I played it for more then 60 hours and still play it if I am a bit bored. So for that reason I gowith plants vs zombies, which is by the way only 10 bucks on the popcap site now :twisted:

So what are your choices?

Holy hell batman

A while ago I wrote about finally getting the game Batman arkham asylum, just 2 hours ago I finished this amazing game which I think should be on almost everybodies to get list.

This because of a few simple reasons. First of all because the gameworld has been made freeroam and you open new parts by getting new gadgets later on in the game. Secondly are the graphics, because they look amazing espcially the outside areas where the almost green like moon shines, but it isnt just the graphics the audio is amazing toowith the laughing teeth and the audio messages from the joker as examples. Thirdly are the riddles, although the riddler throphies are found easily enough the puzzles actually make you think a bit about the batman universe which is a lot bigger then I thought it was.

These were just some of the reasons why the game is amazing and by far the best superhero game ever, so if you can look past the average playtime (14 hours for me)you will have a great experience.

PS:Harley quinn is annoying

Almost batman time

I just got the e-mail that the collectors edition pc version of batman aa is finally underway to my home, so it isalmost batman time!

Looking for some new old games for my collection

So, as the title suggests it is thatthe time of the year again, that I buy a fair amount of old games thatI might have missed or wrongfully so decided that they were not good enough. Soof all of you I ask what fairly affordable oldies would you recommend for my collection and why?

Ps: dont name any mmo`s please

Best and at the same time worst time for games...again

It is now end of the week for me, and on my desk I have dead space, prince of Persia, grand theft auto IV and STILL fallout 3 waiting to be played/finished. Great you would say.. but like any year this is also the busiest time there is at school because of exams and essays.

So who else also has the best gaming time of the year fall at the same time as the busiest school time of the year, and will school come before all those games?