Alonso Leaves McCLaren (thankfully)

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Such Nice eyes :oops:

Thankfully after a somewhat terrible season with British team McClaren Alonso is leaving them leaving him free to go to another team. I'm hoping he goes back to Renault which he never should have left in the first place imo a team with which he won 2 world championships. The 2007 season was somewhat of a disappointment with all the spying crap and what not going on I just hope the 2008 season will be less about politics and more about the actual racing!

I didn't really mind that Kimi Raikkonen won this year muchbetter than Lewis Hamilton who has a huge atitude problem and thinks he knows all there is to know about the sport and it's only his first year.

- This years Champion.

Oh and I thought I would mention Jenson Button I like him as a driver unfortunately Honda haven't done too much this season but there is always next year to improve.

Jenson Button :D best looking man in F1 imo and he's British :D


ALONSO is World Champion (yipeeeeeee)

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2006 F1 WORLD CHAMPION :):):)
Finally after a tense year Alonso clenched the title of world champion making him one of only 6 F1 racers who have won 2 consecutive championship and he's still only 25 what more will he accomplish in his career :) Quite a bit I would say although going to McClaren not sure about that move only time will tell!

Oh and I'm kind of sad to see Micheal Schumacher retire but every dog has it's day and he's had some day an amazing racer with an outstanding career :)


Alonso V Schumacher

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Down to the last 4 races of the F1 season and Alonso still leads Schumacher by 12 points. Just Italy; China; Japan and Brazil to go before we find out who the 2006 F1 Champion will be. I'm hoping it will be Alonso.

This has been a rather interesting season in formula 1 with the last few races being very interesting to watch todays race in Turkey was the most nail biting so far Alonso securing 8 points; keeping Schumacher 12 points behind him for the title. Alonso having won 6 out of 14 of the races so far this year only finishing out of the top 4 three times 2 of which were fifth places and Hungary being the only time he failed to finish the race. He's had a pretty good season I think and is a bloody good driver although some do not like to admit that fact.


No work all week!

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Yipeeeeeeeeee I'm on holiday from work all this week :D Maybe get round to finishing a few games I started a while back well hopefully anyway.  The weathers been good so I haven't been in the house much so no videogames so far :lol:

Keanu Reeves

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I've been a fan since the days of Bill & Ted and there excellent adventure (1989) when he looked like that.  A little dorky.

Then came Point Break where he played Officer Johnny Utah (1991) where he hadn't changed much except got a good haircut.

Then in 1994 the role he was the best in was in Speed as Officer Jack Traven.  He looked the best in it that he did any of his films.

Then there was Johnny Mnemonic certainly not one of his better films a rather mediocre offering in 1995 with very little storyline.

A Walk in the Clouds was also made in 1995 in which he played Paul Sutton a very good film I like it alot.

Then you have the Matrix Trilogy boy is it much ado about nothing; seen all of them and don't like any of them.

He has a few films in pre-production for this year so he's been acting for 21 years now since 1985.  I think he looks pretty good for someone who's almost 42.

Legend is finally here woooohoooo

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Yipeee :D it's here I got my copy of TR Legend it's soooo cool great game; have been waiting for it and now it is finally here haven't played enough of it yet to say if it's the best or not but so far it's shaping up to be pretty damn good LARA RULES YEAH hehe :P :D

13 Days to Legend yipeeee

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I can't believe it's only 13 days til I have a copy of TR Legend.  I; like many others have been waiting for this day for ages from we first heard there would be a 7th tomb raider it has been anticipated with much excitement(on my part anyway *lol*).  Hoping that it wouldn't be the disaster that AOD turned out to be (although I actually quite like AOD).  Legend is a fresh start for the series with Crystal Dynamics taking over from Core Design.  Lara looks the best she ever has and Legend promises to be everything that the earlier TR's were and better.  Hurry up April 7th :D

Looking Good :D:D

Too many games to buy

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:(:( I have way too many games that I want to buy and not enough money to buy them all life is sooooooo unfair :lol:

A few on my list:

 Tomb Raider Legend - now have it :D

 Drakengard 2 - now have it :)

Harvest Moon Magical Melodies

 Shadow of Colossus - have it :)

 Soul Calibur III

Suikoden IV

Phantom Brave

. Hack Volume 4

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Devil May Cry 3

Harvest Fishing

La Pucelle

God of War

Resident Evil 4

Oh yeah and a PSP and a DS. 

I guess I better start saving hehe :P

Rugby : The Six Nations

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Rugby is my favourite sport and the Six Nations tournamnet starts on the 4th yipeeeeeeeeee :D


In 1871, England and Scotland played the first rugby union international. Wales and Ireland joined battle in the 1880s, and the Home International Championships began.

England and Scotland were the most successful teams in the early days, but by the mid-1890s the Welsh had developed an impressive side and a new system that would alter the face of the game. This "four three-quarter" system came into its own in 1893 when Wales became champions for the first time, winning rugby's "invisible trophy", the Triple Crown - beating all three other home nations.

Their success showed the other Home Union sides that the six backs/nine forwards game would no longer be effective against the Welsh system and four threequarters became the norm at national and club level.

By 1900 all of the four Home teams had found success at a game that was rapidly growing in popularity.

In the first decade of the 20th century, Wales were the team to beat. Unbeaten at home between 1900 and 1913, they won six outright titles before England staged a revival that coincided with the 1910 opening of the RFU's new home at Twickenham. The very first international at Twickenham brought England success over Wales, and heralded a golden era for English rugby.

In 1910, the French, who had played in four of the tournaments up to that time, coined the phrase "Five Nations", but by 1931 the inadequacies of the French game's administration led to the Home Unions halting relations with them. Due to this, the championship became an entirely domestic affair for eight years and France rejoined in 1939-40, with the outbreak of World War Two delaying their re-entry for a further
eight years.

In 1926, Scotland became the first Home Union side to defeat England at Twickenham after England had won the Grand Slam (winning the Triple Crown AND beating the French) five times in eight seasons. Scotland collected their first Grand Slam in 1925, with an emphatic win against England at Murrayfield.

In 1947 the Five Nations began again - and with one exception - in 1972, Wales and Scotland refused to play in Ireland due to political tensions - and has been contested ever since. In the early post-war seasons, Ireland hit the front, taking three outright titles including consecutive Triple Crowns in 1948 and 1949.
In the 1950s it was the turn of the French to dominate the game.
1959, and the "Tricolores" won the title for the first time.
They were champions for four years in a row and in 1968 won their first Grand Slam.

In 1969 to 1979, Wales again came to power and this time will be remembered as the golden era of Welsh rugby. Winning the Triple Crown six times, The Welsh side were absolutely unstoppable. Only an outstanding French side prevented them from adding to the three Grand Slams achieved in this decade.

By the 1970's the Five Nations Tournament had become the pre-eminent series in Northern hemisphere rugby with matches becoming all-ticket affairs, gaining huge popularity and a large television audience.

For most of the last decade, as the game has adjusted to the new "Professional" era, the Championship was very much England's.

Winning the Grand Slam three times, they marked their dominance by taking the Triple Crown six times in eight seasons. Only England's bete noir - an indomitable French side with back-to-back Grand Slams - stopped them in 1997 and 1998.

Latterly, England's fortunes have been less reliable. A last-minute try by Scott Gibbs prevented England from taking the Crown for their fifth successive season and gave Scotland the last ever Five Nations title in the last season of the millennium.
With the addition of the Italian Rugby team, the Five Nations became Six, adding a new dimension to the development and history of Northern hemisphere rugby. With continuing popularity and growing support, the Six Nations Rugby Tournament looks set to flourish in the new Millennium. How long before six become seven...eight...?

The Tournament Dates

4th Feb:  Ireland v Italy & England v Wales

5th Feb:  Scotland v France

11th Feb: France v Ireland  & Italy v England

12th Feb: Wales v Scotland

25th Feb: Scotland v England & France v Italy

26th Feb: Ireland v Wales

11th Mar: Wales v Italy & Ireland v Scotland

12th Mar: France v England

18th Mar: Italy v Scotland ; Wales v France & England v Ireland

Final Fantasy Advent Children

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:)Finally got to see it and wow it is sooooo coooooooool definitely was worth it great animation not too bad a story and some really cool fight scenes all round a rather enjoyable watch will definitely watch it again :)

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