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The Horror!

These games are not just for Halloween. They're great for any holiday or any other day of the year. I particularly love these games as they were original at the time I played them and they haven't grown too old as to be uninspired or lame for today. They are not simply horror in the sense of vampires and werewolves, although many of them have their fair share of various monsters,but more importantly they play on atmosphere and the sense of isolation. I listed them alphabetically.

American McGee's Alice – not a survival horror, but certainly a pseudo-psychedelic shooter from a child's story where the protagonist turns killer. Fighting against a giant Mad Hatter (seen below) and the Jabberwock were very memorable, sometimes maddeningly difficult. Check out my review here at

I don't own Alice: Madness Returns although it seems to be on par with the original based on other reviews.

Condemned: Criminal Origins –is a type ofsurvival horror in that you're limited on ammo so much that you are encouraged to grab anything on hand and use it to bash in your opponent's head. Great horror-type atmosphere, broken-down buildings, cellars and many dirt roads. The crazies in the game tend to get brutishly ugly (seen below). Check out my review at

Condemned: Bloodshot (the sequel to Criminal Origins) is not available for PC so I haven't played it yet. Hoping it gets released to PC before too long.

Clive Barker's Undying – a great supernatural horror set in the 1920's. The hero has some magic abilities and will gain arcane weaponry to use against demons. The opening scene where you check out a mansion (seen below) is a good beginning to a great game. Check out my review at

Dead Space – a perfect horror shooter set in space. There are many instances of getting attacked as you turn a corner, or can hear one of the necro-morphs crawling behind a wall before it jumps out, or plays possum within a corridor until you get close enough for it to grab at you. A lot of action (as seen below) and a sense of hopelessness that anyone will make it out alive. Highly recommended.

As a side-note, just ordered Dead Space 2 so I haven't playedit yet. Looking forward to it a lot.

Doom/Heretic/Hexen – these are horror-themed shooters before survival horrors existed. I feel that Heretic is the superior game between the three but I have a particular fondness for Hexen, especially when fighting against the floating wizards (seen below). You can find a community dedicated to updating graphics, controls and releasing mods at the Doomsday Engine for all three gamesat

FEAR – didn't find the original or Extraction Point to be all that scary as you fight primarily against other mercenaries (a commonfightis shown below). The antagonist was certainly a killing machine as you come across the bloody mess ofhis handiwork.Some mercenaries would act inhuman,especially the cloaked ones that seemed to speak in tongues. Alma created an atmosphere of horror as well but it was the sense of the main character's isolation that seemed to fit the theme well. There were quite a few concrete corridors to traverse in the first game, so there was some suspense but no matter where you were it was the silence before the storm that kept you on edge.

Painkiller - the originalis a great one, afun shooterwithmany horror-likeatmospheres that depicted the circles of hell using parts of Earth's history. Weapons and the large variety of demons made the gameplay even more fun.The battle withNecrogiant (shown below)was perfect for making first impressions. Battle Out Of Hell (the sequel expansion) was also great, although somewhat shorter than the original. Check out my review at

Thief - particularly the Dark Projecthad many horror themes, the Bonehoard levelhadmany undead, and throughout the game you had to fightand evade the minions of the Trickster. The steam-punk environment gave a mechanical-type horror feeling, especially with the many traps that can hurt you. A good example is shown below of avictim who had tried tomake it across a room. Check out my review at

Several others worth mentioning here are Resident Evil (better for console, not PC, your zombie survival horror game), Penumbra Collection (recommended by others as I haven't played it yet, a lot of evading monsters), Indigo Prophecy (unique story, not survival horror but bizarre plot and different type of gameplay, play both as the murderer and investigator), Unreal 1 (a sci-fi shooter that later spawned Unreal Tournament, playing an escaped convict trying to survive on an unknown planet that is being overrun by a very war-like race).