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The game looks like dick - will be a huge flop

This gen has been incredibly average so far.

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The new gen so far has been incredibly yawntastic

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Lol so when lems had the upper hand last gen this stuff mattered - but they when they dont its DC time. Lems, Lems never change.

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After using the Xbone controller i can safely say that PS4>>>>Xbone as far as comfort goes. Xbone has horrible bumper buttons. I find the layout of the buttons on the wiiu pro controller just a little awkward, but its still pretty good.

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@scottpsfan14 said:
@uninspiredcup said:

CDP have turned "the wticher" series into a console centric franchise designed for control pads primarily.

Yet, they get praised, Betheda gets hated? Very odd.

How is it console centric? What part of it is console centric? It's on a much bigger scale than the last 2 games. It's graphics are in another leauge. Just because it's being released on consoles doesn't mean it's console centric.

It's really odd. CD Projekt boasted about creating classic CRPG style games, with deep, complex gameplay.

When the Witcher 1 was released, it was essentially a diablo style hack and in slash gameplay system. And incredibly clunky one more interested in showing off cool animations than actually working properly.

The Witcher 2, essentially, had the same combat system as Fable. While (regardless of being terrible) the Witcher 1 was designed and felt like a pc title, the Witcher 2 was about as console game as you can get.

Now, selling out, much like Bioware, both are attempting to chase a piece of the Skyrim pie. Creating games, both developers have cites are inspirations.

Yet... Skyrim hated... Bethesda hated.... CD Projekt aren't?

It's worth noting as well, the pc price of the witcher 3 borders on extortionate. Every time it'd brought up, it's sad having to be forced to deal with fanboy defense force.

CD Projekt (like many things) boast and use big talk. About "oh pc is great, we want to save pc bla bla"

Yet, they are quite clearly attempting to push console leveling pricing.

A very bullshit company, undoubtedly.

Wow - this may be the stupidest comment i have seen in recent SW history. You good sir, are a complete and utter moron.

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Are the servers still up?

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Evolve is about it

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I bought my wiiu with mario kart a few weeks ago - love it, its great!

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@Blabadon said:

TL;DR as usual

Pretty much this - Charizard loves to waffle. MK8 is great - i pretty much bought a wiiU just for it. Love the game (and the wiiU is also surprisingly good too!)

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