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Short Summer Break

I will soon return to full leader status, Im extremely sorry for disappering, work is getting in the way as they keep on changing my hours every week, but lucky its a slow news wire for all Resident Evil news storys so I will be online this wenesday most of the day working on the site, trust me I have alot of things up my sleeve I just have to start working on them, I hate going in mia status will the union, but thats life, I will return!

Brand New Features Summer

With my recent break from the internet world as a whole, im coming back with a bang, this summer expect the unexpected as any and everything will be possable in The Resident Evil Union, as REU was apart of the start of the GameSpot Unions, REU will start the new generation of Unions as a whole, no more promises that I dont keep, REU will be Unleashing Evil like no one on GameSpot has seen before, and at the end of 2007 REU will Unleash Evil FULLY on the internet. GET READY!

REU Leader: Joe