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Well, if we're on the subject of strong women, I think Yuna was pretty dang strong. She had every reason to quit her journey multiple times during her pilgrimage, with encouragement from almost her entire party, and yet she still continued on in her sacrifice.

 But she's not my favorite character. I think a combo of Squall/Rinoa is probably really close.. the turmoil they undergo and how dynamic Squall is. He is probably one of the most well developed characters in FF history. 

Auron is pretty BA, I just didn't really like all of his actions all the time. Why would he keep all those secrets from them? Where was the sense in that? And you know, even though Tidus starts out as a jerk, toward the end he actually starts shaping up to be a bit more mature, and you can definitely see his leadership skills begin to emerge. I was pretty impressed.

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For me, it's a tie (right now, I can't decide) between ESIV: Oblivion and FFVIII. The story in Oblivion wasn't as great as FFVIII's by any means, but I've put so many hours into Oblivion (about 400) that it's difficult to think of any other world as more favorable.
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I'd obviously go with Rinoa. FFVIII was basically the best love story ever put into a video game. FFX didn't have bad romance either, but I didn't like Yuna as much.
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So, I don't know why everybody is getting so pumped about FFXIV already. We haven't even gotten a definite date (or have we?) on FFXIII yet! Even if we have, don't you think we should at least wait until the next game in the series comes out before we start hyping the game after that one? I think looking two games ahead into the future before the next has been released makes me think you guys don't care about the next game in line.


EDIT: Besides, the last FFMMO was a flop. With WoW already securely seated as the top MMO and with SW TOR hoping to unseat it soon, how can this MMO even hope to take the place of both?? Not only do I not like the idea of looking too far ahead at this game, but I don't even think another FFMMO is a logical move.

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yeah, uh, you said you're a first time RPGer, right? well just a little hint:

Elder Scrolls > Mass Effect

not that I didn't like Mass Effect or anything; it was a great game with a great storyline.

but argue the topic after you've played Oblivion for 300 hours and not gotten bored.