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psp wallpapers

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Been over a year scence I put anything here, so heres some psp wallpapers.

Burton to direct Alice in Wonderland?

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This is how I feel about Tim Burton directing the new Alice in Wonderland. How many more classics are we going to allow this monster ruin before take a stand and say no? He's worse than Uwe Boll. Boll atleast changes the medium from game to movie. Burton takes a great movie, then "re-envisions" it. i.e. takes everything good about it and chucks it out the window so he can say he's being orginal. But with Alice I say no more. Thats my rant. Thank you, and good night.

Foxy Eva

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Thought it was time to put something here. so...

Photobucket clean-up

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I reorginized my photobucket acount. So if anyone is using any of the images hosted there and theve gone missing, let me know and Ill send a new link to where I moved it to.

Cops tag

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I was watching cops last night and came up with a tag idea. If you would like to use it, please do.