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Twin Snakes Review

Post comments on this review. Also, if your having trouble with reviews, I recommend checking out the community contributions union. It's a great place for help. If it wasn't for that union, I'd be nowhere. The mods their give critiques on your reviews, and tell you what you should do better in them. Anyway, Give this review an honest score out of 10. Thanks everyone


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Yeah, I got a Popular Emblem. It seems I now have more than 50 friends........51 friends now.

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Yeah. I reached 6000 Posts. Still job hunting though. Anyway, yeah, great post count huh?

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Yeah. I reached 3000 posts, and it's all thanks to The Judging Gamers Union

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I finally reached 2000 Posts. And it's all thanks to The Judging Gamers Union
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