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Pre-Order Games?

decepticondevil wrote:

Childeater10 wrote:I dont think you will need to preorder it to be honest. Its going to be just like Halo 3. Everyone said preorder... and what happened? There were hundreds of copies left at every store. There going to ship plenty of copies. Although I don't see why not just preorder it to be on the safe side.

Yeah, there were TONS of copies of Halo 3 everywhere I went. Really popular games don't usually sell out or are hard to find... it's the "sleeper hits" that no one expects to sell big that get hard to find (like the Katamari games, for instance). A game like GTA IV is expected to sell like crazy, so every store gets a TON of them in (except for games stores, because they want to whore their pre-orders and try to make you think you HAVE to pre-order to get the game..... they intentionally only order a few more than they have pre-orders for).

I do, however, see why you wouldn't pre-order. I never pre-order anything, but I did with this game because I guess I got caught up in the hype. I'm generally against pre-ordering because the stores like Gamestop will get the game and sit on it for a week or so, refusing to sell it until the "Street date", while stores like Wal Mart will put them out when they get them.

I'm not necessarily blaming Gamestop for this, I know they get in big trouble if they sell the games early, but the simple fact is it's stupid to pre-order a game and then have to wait to get it while all the people that went to Wal Mart have been playing it for a week already. I wouldn't be surprised if my local Wal Mart has the game on shelves in the next couple days.... yet I'll have to wait until next week because I pre-ordered.

You just read my mind. I was leaving Wal*Mart at 12:05 with my copy. I passed the GameStop and couldn't help but LOL at a large group hudled together in a futile attempt to protect themselves from the uncommonly cold night air. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Have fun with your single-file line, hope it doesn't take you 45 min to get out of there. Let the fact that you paid for this in advance be your warm embrace. The conversations in those lines are the worst. I think for a very few, it's a way for nerds to socialize.

GTA4: midnight

It's harder to steal a car, or to beat up a pedestrian. Got it at Walmart at midnight then drove across the street and did donuts in the parking lot in front of GameStop showing off my fresh copy to all the nerds that were waiting in line. Did you pre-order this wait too? Looks like it's a little cold outside tonight. Have fun in the loser line of shame.

Lost Oddyssey......

It's like Final Fantasy 10 but better in every way. The skill linking and ring assembly systems are easy to learn and maintain. The tank bar is a interesting concept, and the ring system adds alot to keep the battle a little more interactive. All of the items, spells, status almients, are kinda similiar to things you've seen in Final Fantasy. The technical issues are present but not to the extent of what the GameSpot review implies. During in-game cinematics the framerate dips from time to time, but it's not alot. Also load times are pretty managable all around after cinematics being the longest between 5-30 seconds. The story is the best asset to the game. And indeed this game story is an asset to all games. Lost Oddyssey has some of the most heartbreaking moments you have ever concieved and then far far beyond. "A thousnd years of dreams" that you unlock gradually ,is a long read, but displays more character in it's words than present in anything in any medium that I have seen in a long while. If you have ever liked any FF game,and/or you want something more relavent. Get this game.

Advertising for games.

Product Placement when done correctly is an extremely effective way to advertise. With the increase in DDR use over the past few years, combined with the fact that many people use thier commercial break to get a drink/go to bathroom/talk/etc. If a product is prevalent in a show the viewer is more likely to see it. Now the sweet spot is if you can put your product in the show that your target demographic is watching. It also has to used in the right way by the right people in the show or it could easily be a waste. I remember watching the show "Weeds" on Showtime two years ago, a show that is for people 20+ or so, and the main character plays a Nintendo DS several times in the first season. This was at the time when Nintendo was really pushing to expand the market. What better way than to have a trendy, pot-dealing, single mother of two, lady in her early 30's playing a DS. They found the sweet spot.

New Games!!!

Yes!!! Finally Lost Oddesy is coming out today and I am soo happy. I've been looking foward to this game for a long time. It has a pedigree for greatness. Everyone says that it's no Mass Effect,but it is still good. Well as long as it reminds me of what made the genre so great in the past I will be a happy camper. Alot of game developers are trying to reinvent the wheel, but most of them haven't made a good wheel in the first place. Old School.

Hate ensues.

I bought Mass Effect for all the wrong reasons. Good reviews, high recommendations, publicity, etc. In the past I picked up Jade Empire for the same reasons, and was surprised how little I liked it. Several people told me that Biowares Si-Fi stuff was far superior so I threw caution to the wind and picked up Mass Effect and Strat guide. Turns out I dislike it about the same amount. I would rather go to work than play Mass Effect. Now I don't have enough money for DMC4. I hate Bioware, but mostly I hate the people that swear by their games, as boring as they are. I mean my god, how can a game have more unnecessary dialogue than me and my co-workers.

Too Many Games?

As a sign of utter disregard to the well-being of my family I went out and bought Mass Effect and the strat guide last week. Now I find myself in an even more disappointing situation. I don't have enough time to play it. Haven't touched COD4 online and I'm only 1/2 complete with Assassin's Creed. Devil May Cry comes out in like 3 weeks, followed immediately by Lost Odyssey.In the future I need to be more careful about the games I pick up, especially when their are so many good ones in a short period of time.Unfortunate that my family had to go hungry for a week so I could buy a game that I don't even play.UNFORTUNATE FOR THEM!!!

Worst Christmas Ever!

For the first time in 17 years I did not recieve a single video game related item for christmas this year. I know I'm 27 and should problably be more concerned with more mature issues, but NOPE! I am so dissappointed with my family now. I imagine that most of them are tired of giving my games, but my christmas gift is about what I want, not them. I suprised my wife by painting the entire house, and that harlet didn't even get me Mass Effect. All she gave me were some jeans, a shirt, squidbillies on dvd. Thanks alot. Next year she can get her own damn christmas present.

Girlfriends hate game time.

You think a girlfriend kills your gaming time? Watch what happens when you get married and have kids. I can't tell them how insignificant thier needs are enough. Cry,Cry,Cry that's all I hear. If you really wanted me to listen to you you'd hit some Co-op with me. But NOOOOO, you have to go to work. Worst excuse ever.Take that baby with you.Just one more reason to wrap it up.