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The Last of Us

What can I say?  I loved this game.  Almost passed on it, but it really was a very, very good game.  Great even... like 9.0 or better.  



Ok, so I'm back on the pre-order for The Last of Us.  I had cancelled it since I didn't really like that single player demo but I'm going to have a little faith and check it out still.

I also pre-ordered both the PS4 and Xbox One today.  I see exciting times ahead!

Remember Me

I was so looking forward to playing this new game with the new idea as so much else out there is just rehash right now.  Looks like a rental first; then maybe I'll buy it depending on how playing it feels. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.  


I'm already disappointed with the feel of the Last of Us demo... not to mention that it took half a day just to download it.

About Time

Finally, a real and new Call of Duty game.  Think I'm actually going to play again.  Way to go Activision.  I'm impressed and pleased.

In fact the whole XboxOne reveal was great.  Well done Microsoft.  Don't stop.  Deliver.  Because I can't wait.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Well, jumping back into my game 2 has really helped me figure out what I was doing wrong in my Iron Man game 3. I'm building a really good economy while also having successfully promoted a soldier to COL along with a few MAJs and CPTs for him to boss around. I think I'm going to finish the regular game before going back to Iron Man full time since the unknown can be a game changer in that mode. At least then I'll be somewhat familiar with all the enemy types, weapons and technology that I really want in the game.

Yeah, Iron Man Classic here I come. (Pray for me.) We'll see from there.


SHIV's were starting to save me in a tough ironman XCOM: Enemy Unknown game until I built two Alloy SHIVs thinking they would finally help me right my previous mistakes. (I had a great economy and still have a good one but stupidly lost all my veterans.). So I go on a terror mission with the two Alloy SHIVs, a regular SHIV and three relatively low level soldiers. The Alloy SHIVs didn't take any real damage but couldn't fire at anything (no weapons?/!!!). I get waxed and decide to bug out for the first time. End of Game. And the IronMan Save point always takes me back to the bugout point. ;-) Hilarious. Guess it's time to start over and I've learned a lot since the bonehead play that caused me to lose those vets in the first place.

So what 'cha playing?

Right now I'm playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown and that is a really good, enjoyable game. The word great comes to mind. It makes me care about my soldiers as much as my performance. And it's both fun and chalenging. So I'm hooked; wonder what's going to happen when the Dark Souls DLC comes out later this month. I love that game too.

I play a lot of games every year. I'm also playing some Spec Ops The Line, Dishonored, Resident Evil 6 and some Gears of War 3 (primarily with friends who like to play online). Most of this year I spent playing Dark Souls. Bet I finish the year playing it too.

Anybody Playing Skyrim?

I haven't gotten Skyrim yet, but I know that I will, just like I'll get Batman: Arkhym City and probably Battlefield3. Anybody playing Skyrim have any feedback? I liked Oblivion but got really tired of all the Oblivion Gates popping up after a while. In fact I left the main quest alone and just started exploring full time as much as possible. So how is Skyrim?

Game of the Year?

So I've been pretty busy playing Dark Souls for the past month and a half. In fact I've actually "played" a full two weeks of that month and a half... Unbelievable, but true!!! This is a fun game and I'm about 1/3 - 1/2 way through my second playthrough and still loving it. Yes, it's that good. It makes me think about what I could do better or differently the next time I play. When something doesn't work out the way I thought it would, it forces me to analyze my assumptions about what I was "doing right" to be successful at it previously, but not this time. And believe it or not that can happen a lot.

I've even gotten a couple friends interested in the game too. Once I finally milk all of the achievements out of this great game I'm just going to start both invading and helping full time with both high level and low level characters (not so low as to scare off new players though). The covenants are pretty good for that. ;-)