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Latetest beaten game: Splinter Cell: Double Agent

While playing through the game, I wondered why I keep buying Splinter Cell games. Having previouslly owned Pandora Tommorow, and Chaos Theory, and then selling them when I got stuck half way through the game.

But that never happened. Was it just me, or was this Splinter Cell much easier than the older ones?

The game had a much more interesting story, and some cool new gameplay mechanics. Though swimming still bothers the hell out of me.

The only problem, is it feels I beat this game way too fast. Oh well, one more game down.

Latest game beaten: Condemmed

That's right, one more game can be added to my list of games I have officially beat. Condemmed:Criminal Origins for the Xbox 360 was literally, and awesome game. Good, non-stop, scary action from start to finish. From starting out looking at a crime scene to literally ripping a demon things jaw off with one finger missing,this game never quit. It had an awesome, mature story, that was different than anything else I have seen before. It mixed horror, and a thrilling crime story, very well. It had some nice twists, and surprises, and was generally very scary.

I'm not usually scared by games, or movies or whatever, but this game had me scared many times. And not cheap 'pop-out' Doom 3 scares, but serious, psychological scares.

Honestly, probably my favorite single player experience of this current gen. And I got the game for $15. If you own a 360, and still for whatever reason havn't picked up this game yet, do it. It's a very cheap 360 game, and still one of the best.

RE5 trailer.

Officially the greatest trailer of all time. I want this game so bad. It's wicked intense. Go see it now.

It's on Xbox Live, and Gamespot.

Wow...just wow. (Sony related)

Oh, everyone loves the $100 price drop, right? Well, remember how there will also be a $600 80 GB version. Well, soon enough that'll be the ONLY version.

The 60GB version has been discontinued, and to get a $500 PS3, you have to buy the 60GB, and buy it before they go away forever.

Just when you thought they were turning things around. Another case of Sony telling you what you want. 'You don't want a 60GB ps3, you wanna pay $100 more for an extra 20GB! And just so you don't think otherwise, all other choices have been destroyed.'

Bah, incredibly stupid. Sony is slowly killing itself...

28 weeks later

Yes, I saw it, and my opinion. MUCH better than the first film. I liked the first movie, really good, but 28 Weeks later was great. It did awesome to mix horror, story development, and feeling. The whole thing wasn't just a kill-fest, which was good. I think it kind of ended pretty suddenly, and leading into a sequal, defintely. I wanted more.

What movie is best?

I've seen many movies over the past few months...a lot for me anyway. Now I'm trying to figure out what one is best..

300 - Crazy action, cool story, very violent.
Grindhouse - Craziest, weirdest, most entertaining movie I seen in a while
ATHF colon movie film for theateres - It's ATHF...it's just dumb, but funny
Hot Fuzz - Really fun, ridiculous, and just awesome.
Spiderman 3 - Pretty cool, needs more venom.

I'm going to see 28 Weeks Later when that comes out, so that'll be cool.

Snake wears socks? Uno mischief? and who the hell is Raiden?

What's up everyone? I know I've been slow on the blogs, but none of ya'll comments these things. Do it. Please? :D Anyway, 'what is this blog gonna be about?' you probably aren't asking yourself...well I'll tell you.

-My newfound, and very late liking of Metal Gear Solid

-The Red Sox, and how much ass they kick

-Moments on Xbox Live to talk about

-Bioshock Trailer

-Grindhouse/ATHF movies.

So I was at BlockBuster the other day, gonna rent a game. And none of the new games are interesting me, or they aren't there. (Seriouslly, this is a slow time for new games) And I come across 'Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes' the remake of the original MGS on the Gamecube. Now I was thinking about whethe to get this game. I rented MGS3, and got pretty bored, I even bought subsistance, and sold it pretty quickly. So I was really thinking if I should rent this game. But I've heard so much about the first MGS game, (seriouslly, I knew all the characters names, and what was gonna happen for about the first 4 or 5 hours...and I NEVER played the game) so I picked it up.

So I get it home, and start playing it, and although the controls suck, I can't see what's infront of me, and I hear the famous lines 'Snake? Come in Snake...SNAAAAAAAAAKEEE!!!' ALOT, somehow you just look over ALL of that in this game. Some kind of supernatural being makes you forget that the game looks over all possible good control schemes, and chooses almost the worst one possible. And I'm a Resident Evil fan, so if I conplain, there must really be something to complain about. But seriouslly, it's not too bad. It's obviouslly got a great story, and some cool characters (Pysco Mantis and Sniper Wolf were my favorite bad guys) and all that other stuff. Well I beat it during my 5 day rental period...so I obviouslly played it a lot. When I returned it, I then bought MGS2..actually for less money than it cost to rent MGS 1.

MGS 2 is pretty cool. Kinda the same stuff. Just with one difference...Raiden. Now ALL Raiden jokes about him being a wiked homo are old, and they all have been done, so I won't go there. But I will say one thing, it doesn't even seem like they care about him. (The group he works for and the colonial and stuff) Seriouslly, when snake dies it's like 'SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!', but if Raiden dies it goes something like 'Raiden...you there...no? damn...he died. Well that sucks.' Oh, and also OMG! SNAKE IS DEAD?!!!1!!>>!>!>!???!!one!!?! Nah, he clearly isn't, because he's in the 4th game. I can assume he's Plisken, but that'd be too obvious, and it'd make too much sense for Kojima...so it's probably not.

If any of you knew me (which you don't...bastards!) you would know I am a HUGE fan of the Red Sox. Being from around Boston, you have to be, really. Anyway, if you know anything about baseball, you'd know how kickass they are doing right now. They are beating everyone, including winning 4 out of 5 against the horrible Yankees (they suck). This season is looking great, can't wait.

 My Xbox Live subscription is almost out. It ends on May 1st, so I need to buy a new card. The 360 is rocking my game world, I love this thing. I've been playing a lot of Uno, Street Fighter, Worms, Rainbow Six, Burnout, FEAR, and a little of Perfect Dark too. But honestly, it's mostly been Gears of War for me. Gears of War has to be the sickest online game I've ever played. It's awesome dude. Very Unique. You'll see me on Live a lot, if anybody reading this wants to play with me, message me here, we'll set that up. I'm especially looking for someone to play KOF2002/2003 with, so if you have that, tell me.

Now on to the best game trailer I've seen in a while. Bioshock on the 360. I watched the cinmatic trailer, and the gameplay trailer, and I kinda just watched, amazed at how awesome this game looks. If you never seen it yet, download it on the 360, or just watch them here. Defintely my most anticipated game this year.

Ok, well I've been watching many movies lately, and Grindhouse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theateres (long frickin name) have been my 2 favorite movies all year. Grindhouse is just cool, that's it...just cool. It's so awesome, some of the stuff that happens in that movie. Like, when you watch it, I don't wanna spoil it, but it just makes your eyes open wider and all you can say is 'oh my god...that was frickin awesome'. ATHF is...ATHF, it's just dumb, so dumb that it makes you laugh. Though finding a theatere that plays that movie, was pretty tough. Between the moonanites bomb threats in boston, and the fact that the movie applies to a very small audience, not many theateres were playing it. But we found it, and we went, and it was awesome.

That ends my blog for now. Comment this thing fools. I expect 5431 comments by 2 hours from now.

Games I need to beat...

-Pefect Dark Zero
-Sonic and the secret rings
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

 Games I am waiting for
-Forza Motorsport
-No More Heros
-Phoenix Wright 3
-And of course...Resident Evil 5...

My impressions of Wii games

Wii sports - Very fun game, I love baseball, and the others are fun too. Might get old soon, but right now, loads of fun.

Red Steel - Honestly not as bad as everyone says. Pretty fun, and cool controls. Sword fighting is repetitive, but again, not too bad. It's one of those games you will play one level of, and come back for later.

WarioWare - Tons of fun, randomness, crazy, and cool. Japanese randomness at it's finist. And fun to play with people around.

Godfather - Awesome game with the controls, everything that would be button mashing in the older games, becomes more fun with motion sensing.


More coming later on Zelda, Sonic and the secret rings, Wiiplay, and whatever games I might rent.

my new toy...it's rectangular, and white it starts with 'W' and ends with 'ii'

Yeah, I got a Wii. Sadly, I can't play it right now. My brother took it to my grandmothers for the night. That's ok though, I played it all day, it's pretty awesome.

I got Wii Sports and Zelda.

But anyway, I havn't posted a new blog in a while, been kinda lazy/busy. Been thinking about making a video, I dunno.

Oh, and I get to write a play for school, that will be performed, next year, I think. I dunno, more details later.

Xbox live...works?! AMAZING!

Yeah, it took me a while, but I finally got Xbox live to work again, for me. *high five everyone*. I went out and bought some Arcade games. Ninja Turtles, Castlevania, and Worms. I'll probably be playing Worms a lot, I'm hooked right now.


Bigger blog, probably later today. I'll be talking about 300, Bullet Witch, Xbox Live, and....maybe something else, I dunno.