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2 Years

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I have now been on tv.com/gamespot for 2 Years. :D

Has anybody watched House of Anubis yet? It looks okay, but I'll give it a chance.

(Sorry, I am having issues posting pictures)

R.I.P DumbDog19

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The following is a memorial for DumbDog19:

For unknown reasons..DumbDog has quit TV.com and SBC. Yes, I do still lurk the board. Well, I don't know for sure why, but I am somewhat upset. Maybe he left because of my negative review of his spin-off on SBC, but again, we don't know for sure why. I never got to know him too well so I can't comment much. Still, he'll be missed.

This is getting out of hand however. First ShrinkinViolet and now DumbDog.

(No Emblem of the Day today because this is a memorial and would feel not needed)

You know what I am getting sick and tired of..

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Alright, be prepared because I am going into Snapmaster mode:

I admit, I had not cared about most of what was happening to the SB Board for a while until I saw a few..crude comments about SBC. But then, it took me a few hours to realize how immature we all act to stupid stuff like this and how it causes users to leave, like ShrinkinViolet. Now, to settle this argument..


I'm getting sick and tired of Everyone complaining about SBC! I had been appalled after a few users basically bashed SBC (No names) on the board when I saw their views on SBC, and basically the whole so-called "feud" about it. You either move or you don't! If you don't like, don't complain about it. If all of you are whining about trying to revive the SB Board and you don't want people to mess with your plans, ignore them! Stop making a huge scene of it! Move onto another subject. I am not on anybody's side for this "feud" because I think SBC is active enough and doesn't need to be advertised to death. I also think we shouldn't call it a feud, but if we keep it up, it WILL be a feud. But, I still think some users are being stubborn to move. To sum it all up:

People telling people to move over to SBC and not visit any other site in history = Wrong

People Complaining about SBC = Also Wrong

Now, I hope this blog settles everything.

Random Emblem of the Day:

Comment: Fish rule. That is all.

I have Returned (With a Rant)

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..Yay? But seriously, I have a complaint I need to get off my chest:

Alright, know how everyone baws and complains about Spongebob going downhill? Well, here is the scene:

Fred: I hate Spongebob now because I don't think they are as good as the golden days which is just a fan term someone made.

Bob: Yeah, I agree.

1,000 People: Agreed.

So, basically one person will say Spongebob has gone downhill and "isn't as good as the golden days." Well, newsflash: THERE WERE NO GOLDEN DAYS. My god, how long is this going to go up? The same old freaking opinion. Yeah, a movie/new writer/blah blah changed the history. People just hate change. Season 1-3 are basically the same as the current seasons. For those of you who think Spongebob did go downhill in YOUR OWN OPINION, then that is good and the following doesn't apply to you:

Then your just a follower AND opinionless person who will get bashed! I know it is mean but it is the truth! You have your own opinion! Don't follow along with others! Now, This is applying to people who think "Spongebob went downhill because the episodes aren't really good." Seriously, your just saying that because 1 or 4 episodes weren't good from Season 4 most likely. And then, people will just repeat the same thing to blend in with the flow. Thus, spanning all the trolls we have.

Now, before people go ballistic over me, read this carefully. This isn't directed at Users who think Spongebob went downhill in their opinion and had a good reason to support it. So, to those of you who think your done with Spongebob because the newer episodes aren't as great, well sucks for you. People will probably jump on my back and not even read this rant, but I don't care. But remember: Share YOUR Opinion, don't be opinionless.

..Now that is out of the way, hope you had a nice Veteran's day. :D

*In Other news, dead body of 4EverGreen found on the lake shore of SBC.*

Stinkbugs, Sick, and more

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Oh boy, where do I even begin...

1. I have a stinkbug invasion at my house.

2. I was sick yesterday on Columbus day, but since I had off that day, it didn't matter much.

3. Now my jaw feels numb and it keeps itching.

Meh, 7th grade is ok so far. But on a positive note, I changed my avatar again (On Gamespot, so if you want to see it, go on GS).

And who knows, maybe I'll make a new account on Tv.com and continue to post, but of course that would be a naughty thing to do..

Random Emblem of the Day:

Comment: Good ol' memories from 08. But since I joined in 09, I obviously never got the emblem.

School, and Other Stuff

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Well, I just started school Wednesday. It was alright, not too bad. But anyways, I see the SB Board really died. Hmm, Thinking if I should make a comeback there. ;)

Speaking of SB Board, I may get an old user from back in 08 known as RaeandAnasRock back..oops, wasn't suppose to spoil that. Though, spongebobfan200 is helping as well, so just wish for the best.

Random Emblem of the day :

Comment: This level scares me sometimes. Too bad I was banned, so I can't get to it now. Hmm, I wonder emblems GS has in store for me..

Until then, farewell.

New Avatar Again

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Hey guys, as I said before, I would be blogging from Gamespot. :P I changed my avatar to Takuto (A New guy from Pokemon). Just keeping my promise that I'll still be blogging from Gamespot. Now then, nothing much other than that.

Random Emblem of the Day (See DC-Dude, I am still gonna continue :P) :

Comment: The Drama! That image is just awesome. Wish I would have gotten it though.

Well, Looks like I got hit by the Ban-Hammer

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Guys, I have some sad news. Welp, I finally got banned from tv.com. The reason? Ban-dodging. I do have to confess I did ban-dodge. I made an account for a friend to use, like spongeseb did for someone (I will keep their name a secret). Am I upset? No. Although, I am a bit annoyed since I lost my editorship, some good friends there, and all the work I did to get to Level 21. But, all is not lost. And to be honest, I kinda saw this day coming.

I will still be on Gamespot, SBC, The Tv.com/Spin-Off wikis and other places.If anyone wants to see me, go here :


I will be on Gamespot from now on, so if anyone wants to be my friend, do it there. I hope everyone has good luck here. I will still be blogging via GS.

So, all is not officially lost. But farewell for now. :)


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Hey guys, I know it has been a while since my last blog. :P I haven't been active here that much seeing as I have been helping out with SBC, though I still come here.

It seems like you-know-who is gone for now and everything is good now.

Yeah, nothing really interesting in this blog. :P That is pretty much it. No Emblem of the day for today.

Level 21

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Finally, after about 4 months, I made it to Level 21. :D I don't really like this level that much, but it is Ok. Oh and I got a new avatar of a New Pokemon known as Koromori. However, it might not show up due to Pokebeach being down.

Oh and case you haven't heard, many users on the SB forum have gotten banned. :( Tvfan, spongeseb, and spongebobs1fan were all banned. Oh and tvguy, sabre, and woahwoah were all suspended.

But on a good note, Bob_Ball returned.

Random Emblem of the day :

Comment: Well, I just made it to this level today, so I have to comment about it. It is an ok level.