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Movies of 09.

There's been a lot of movies in the cinema this year. Funny that really.I've felt like i've been at the cinema's a lot lately, and i wanted to see what i've watched this year in the cinemas. So here's a list, mainly for my benefit.



JAI-HOE.Cliched ("D. It is written." Really? Your going to end it with that crap?), but was overall great. Benjamin Button deserved best picture in my opinion. (This may be because of a love of Pitt and Fincher. Especially Pitt.



I started playing with my phone during the movie. It wasn't funny or interesting for the most part. A poor man's Love Actually without any charm or wit. I hated the whole interview bit, which didn't fit with the context (It wasn't a documentary, but then it was for a punch line or two, but now it's back to normal). The stories were all so boring and i hoped they all died, except Bradley Cooper's and Scarlett Johansson's scenario (The married man with the other woman), which was by far the most interesting and felt a little real.

I just didn't get the point of the movie. Why do you exist? Damn Oprah's book club.



This is how it should have ended:
*Nicolas Cage turns to camera as Spaceship appears*
"I am Nicolas Cage, and you have been watching Knowing. Goodnight."

It's a ten if you like confused faces on a movie screen for an hour and a half.

Interesting fact: Knowing was filmed around Melbourne, which is why the road signs are green.



It was fun, yet bad. I enjoyed it, but cannot rate it.



Seriously? That's it? The thing that was supposed to be amazing? With the incredible storyline?

They must have been talking about 17 again and i just assumed it was this.

I liked the whole "Let's Explore The Commedian's life" part. That was great. Then a bad guy had to be introduced, and Dr. Manhattan had to be in the movie. And there was the sex scene... HALLELUJAH! FIRE OOOOOOH YEAH.



Zac Effron is hot. But he's not. But he is, if you ignore that he's Zac Effron.

The ad had a shirtless scene. He was not shirtless in this movie. I was dissapointed, my friends likewise.:P Pretty average movie otherwise. That woman who plays the annoying mum in every movie was the mum, surprisingly. I don't like her.



Relationships suck. Vanishing cabinet part pointless.Not enough people are "Woah, Tom Felton". Why are people "OMG, RUPERT GRINT!". I think i'm speaking to the wrong crowd here however.

Not enough Luna. The rest was good, not great.



It was great, then it was bad, then it was excellent, then average.

A roller coaster. I really think he pulled this one off much better than Borat.



Just plain funny.



It was so bad, but i enjoyed it all and would watch it again. I hated the gangster transformer with a passion.

A highlight of the film was when an army general said "Come here boy!" and the camera remained on Megan Fox for several seconds, as though the general meant her.



You so good. Love that it doesn't have gore for gore's sake. This is the horror i like. The posters very orgasmic, don't you think?



I'd been looking forward to this since around January. I wasn't dissapointed! (Next up, Inglorious Basterds!)

I just saw this. So pretty, i hope 3D's to stay. This movie has convinced me 3D works, and is not a fad. A little lacking at the end, felt quite rushed and very video game-ish in design, which felt a tad tacked on. Clearly a "we must put action in this movie". I'm not ashamed to admit i did jump in my seat at least twice in this movie.

Enjoyed the kid asking his mother repeatedly through the movie: "Is she dead yet?", always during dead silence.

Here is a picture of me in the 3D glasses, because that's what you really want, a 15 year old pic-whoring themselves. Definately a default picture. I was going to spoiler it, but GS won't let me. You now have to see me whoring myself out!


That's all i remember seeing, i could be wrong. There's a long gap of not seeing anything here though...

Sorry if this blog's not very informative, but it was more that i wanted to make a list and also had not done this since the start of the year.

The holidays are over, tsk tsk!

So, the holidays are finally drawing to a close.

6 weeks. It feels like forever. That's a sign that i did next to nothing.

I hope you who are still in school had a good 6 weeks!

Looking back on what i did:*MONTAGE MONTAGE MONTAGE*

(click herefor montage music to play in the background!)

Saw Benjamin Button with friends


Went out NYE with friends

Went to a friends house, experienced the Wii Music. Love the Wii Music.

Went to Melbourne for 4 days. Wandered around, saw Billy Elliot. Cultured!

Went to the mall.


A weird picnic thing with some kids then went to beach.


Arctic Monkeys concert 22nd January omgz. 2nd mosh pit row, i swear Alex Turner looked directly at me and i looked back for like 5 seconds and we had a completely heterosexual thing there. Played some new songs, can't wait for 3rd album. Supporting band sucked so much, the girl next to me in the mosh sat down when they were on.

Some girl's birthday party thing at a park...

Sunburnt again. :( Sunscreen did nothing!

Another picnic thing!

I did some pretty awesome things, but i could have done so much more. I'm a lazy boy.

I hope you guys had a more active holidays! :P

And that's all there is, there isn't any more. (Even though there probably should be, but who CBF. I'm a lazy boy afterall.)

Biko, Heartbeat, Volcano, Hey

Must water flowers.

Ooh, a concert.

A fishing tournament? Must win.

I must preserve ground.

Arty clothes. Scene character.

Sold the badge hat. His look is not complete.

Mail out letters.

A fossil? Already donated.

Devo. Sad face on character.

Go to city. 3000 for a haircut?


Always play up late, never on time for haircut.

Green hair. Crap.

Did not want that.





Zombies everywhere. Everywhere.

Jill sandwhich. Dead sandwhich.


Wasted ammo.


I'm dead.

Wesker. Wesker owns.

Guy with glasses scary.

Guy with glasses now dead.

Nothing gets in the way of Wesker.

Where's Code Veronica and 2?


Wake up in 1000 years.

I hate my dad.

Summoners die!

24 hours in. I have no life.

Rikku is awesome.

Rikku slut.

Seymore bad.

One question, why does Jecht do it?

I guess be answered later.


Met the superhero.

Sent me to training ground.

Some hero. Leave it to you!

How was he watching me, that's what i want to know.

What a stupid plan, blowing up other planets to make your own. Sounds very futurama.

Not though. Apparently, futurama horrible game.

This isn't. Great game. A claas1c?

Love all the gadgets. Jak And Daxter > this however.


And like sands through the hourglass, these are the games i've been playing.

Experience Of The Year

So, everyone's doing GOTY stuff. I thought i'd do the same sort of thing.

But about my favourite things of this year. I'll do a count down of 5, see what happens.

5. Filming crappy movies.


Anyway, it was really fun to make these movies. (Bruno Story was last year. Please, do not watch that.)

Even though they might not be the best movies in the world, i don't think it's too bad for a group of 14 year olds. They were all done for school though, for assignments etc.

My favourite's MVM. Detective Goren writing this. :D

4. Year 9 Camp

I've talked about it a little, but i had so much fun at the camp. My favourite activity we did was definately the High Ropes. 10 metres up, walking a tight rope with only 2 ropes connected to another tight rope, screaming "I AM PRINCESS PEACH, I CAN CONTROL MY EMOTIONS" for lulz.


I really need to buy Super Princess Peach. I want to do that course again actually, it was so fun.

I think the crowd favourite was the Giant Swing. Let's just say i freaked out. A lot. It's pretty funny actually. Basically, you know the giant swing right? You get pulled up 11 metres up and then you pull a rope and you fall back and forth.


But i apparently bellowed in the deepest most demonic voice ever heard at Morrison camp "LOWER GET ME THE **** DOWN LOWER LOWEEEEEER! HIGHER! HIGHER! LOWER! THE PRICE IS RIGHT!"

I can't say i know why i did it. But i did. Lulz?

But it was a really fun camp.

3. Bloc Party







and they were sex.

2. Footloose


(Figured they wouldn't want to be seen wearing makeup and ugly 80's clothes)

This year's school musical. I was in the chorus, which means basically in the background miming. An extra. Even though, it was so much fun and i'm looking very forward to next year's, Oklahoma.

And the after-party was certainly eventful too. :P

1. America for a month.


In May, i went to America. New York, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Hawaii.

The best was definitely New York. I was there on my birthday. It's such an amazing place and i loved every second i was there. We spent 10 days in the best place in the world, and it was all OMFG XOXO You know you love me gossip girl. (Has anyone seen that show? It's horrible)


seeing a woman miss a taxi so she started dancing in the middle of the road, almost got hit, ran to the other side and then started dancing again. That was so awesome, she had groove.

Going to MacDonald's in times square at 3am in the morning, with all the gangsters around. One woman was making this huge deal out of missing chips and it was the funniest thing i'd seen in my jet-lagged memory.

Going to a Broadway show, seeing central park, Coney Islands moving Ferris wheel, The Subway, Seeing a Yankee's match and watching them be slaughtered, Randomly being in the audience for Total Request Live, Getting lost from the family in times square, going to Madison square garden to watch a basketball match and eating really weird shaped chips, being omfglulzwtfbbq'd at every moment, seeing the Statue Of Liberty up close and just exploring Manhattan.

Basically every moment was a highlight. I'm definitely going back.

Everywhere was mind-blowing in some way and overall, i give this year a 10.

Yes that's right, this year was AAAAE! Because it was exclusive to me. So take that System Wars.

A blog appears?

Why god damn, i think it has.

I'm writing a blog! I'M ACTUALLY DOING IT!

Let's see if i actually post it this time.

See, my few readers, i actually have been writing blogs, but they've been so crap there was no point to posting them. I hope every-bodies well, i am.

Excited for the holidays? Got anything planned?

I think i'm going to Melbourne... and camping with some friends. That's pretty much my plans so far...

Maybe it's just me, but does anybody else just not really care about Christmas this year? Sure, there's things i want... but meh.

No doubt you've been losing sleep. Wondering what the hell i've been doing. Well, last week i had year 9 camp. I can sum it up in one horrible photo:


ooh, i look kinda pregnant. I felt a bit pregnant actually, they gave us 7 meals a day.. I think they actually run a fat camp as well, and were gonna hand out brochures to us. I couldn't eat by the end of it.

Oh, the guy in the back looks a bit freakish... He's not posing or anything... i'm not sure what he was doing. Or what i was doing, but you know... every-bodies "Crazy" on camp or something.

(Ooh, a perfect seque) That shirt i have is from the Bloc Party concert i went to about two weeks ago. My first proper concert. :D It was amazing, i had so much fun.

That's the big things really i've done lately.


Games wise, i've bought a fair bit since the last blog. Here's a pic... or three!



Yeah, i'm happy with my purchases. I guess i'll go through them 1 by 1.

Wii Fit:

My mum bought this. And she's never played it... once. I actually like it a fair bit. Sure, it gets old after a while, but for what it does, it's an interesting game and pretty fun to play. Plus, the instructor said i had impressive abs, which was nice. :P

Sin And Punishment:

I dunno really. It's a cool shoot 'em up game, and i look forward to the sequel. But i suck at it. The controls are a bit hard to use as well.... Also, i have no idea what happened in the story, not that it's important.

Super Mario RPG:

This game is great. It's awesome. I especially like the combat, it doesn't get repetitive, which i find to be rare.... and also, it's always fun to play as Mario, Peach and Bowser.. at the same time omfg amazing no wai.

de Blob:

Wow. It's.... a third party wii game.. that's had effort put into it. Says IGN.. like it's really that rare of a thing. It had a lot of hype, but i think i lived up to it. It's just a really fun game. Who'd thought walking into things could be so fun.

Need For Speed:

Yeah.. no. It's not bad.. it's just not that good. I got it for $12 though, so i can't complain. Pre-pwned as well.

Samba De Amigo!:

I only got this on Saturday. But i can already tell it's gonna be a lot of fun. Who'd of thought Maraca's would be so fun? Probably those who played the original.... But yeah. Some people find the controls impossible but i looked it up on the web and found a way to make it work.. and it did. Cheesy songs for the win!

Final Fantasy X:

Again, got on Sat. I'm already 7 hours in, kinda addictive. The story is great.. definitely a step up from XII.But i've got one big complaint.God that was painful. Getting off that subject, the CGI is stunning! Lastly, the combats awesome etc. Blitzball's okay... i hope there's not too much of it.

Metal Gear Solid 3:

Haven't played it yet. But i just finished 2 yesterday, so i'll start.

MGS2 was really, really, really good. really good. It was such a good game... but you probably gathered that.


Not too bad for my first time? I hope...


Finally, this blog is almost over. Just one final thing.

. Photobucket

LostWinds Review!

LostWinds is definitely new. It arrived during Wii Ware's launch. It was one of the big titles, and had a bit of hype.Firstly, i'll get started on why.The hype was around Lost Winds pretty much because it looked fun, intuitive (and wii owners love new bold games) and had a nice art style.


In LostWinds, you play as a boy named Toku. He wakes from sleeping in a nice lush valley with cherry blossoms. He soon meets Enrill, a wind spirit. He tells Toku (sounds like Tofu) to go and save the lands from another evil spirit. He does this by getting back powers of Enrill and then doing another fetch quest. Sounds very repetitious, but it's not, due to the puzzles and combat that you'll encounter.

You move Toku with the nun-chuck, no surprises there. You point at the screen to control Enrill. When you press A, his gust move can make Toku jump by drawing a line under and to the side. You can also interact with items and water and fire, making some neat and shamely sometimes ridiculously easy puzzles. Enrill powers up however, and you can press B to perform a slip stream, which you can ride once you get an item but before that can be used in many puzzles. When you use these attacks, the game slows down into slow motion, which is kinda weird, and does break the already slow pacing.


Combat is simple. A bit boring on occasions. Little black blobs and some varieties (including a fairly cool end boss battle) attack you, which is when you come in and wave them around with your wind, maybe throwing them into the ground or against a boulder. When you defeat them, little fairy like things appear. They are your back up lives, which make the game even easier. When you die (if), you can mearly shake the wind over Toku and he'll wake right up again. You can eat fruit to gain energy back as well.

The music is this game is very calming. It loops continuously, with only 2 tunes, from memory. The music changes from its calming, tranquil state into a faster kinda drummy song when enemies are around. There is no voice acting, which doesn't matter too much, as not much dialogue is present. When it is, little boxes pop up.


The graphics are eye catching, specially above ground. Very vibrant. Below ground, it's dark.. and cave like. The cave isn't nearly as eye catching, and the colours are boring in contrast to above ground. It still looks good, i'd just prefer to be above ground.

One thing about the game that you may have guessed is that it's really slow. Toku moves very slow and chunkily, making the pace of the game slow. This could drive some mad, but others will like it's change of pace. It suits the game well.


If your worried that the game is too short, don't worry. The 3 hour story has optional totems to collect, and if your a bit of a "must get 100%" kinda gamer, like me to some extent, you can go back and spend 2 hours trying to find that pesky last 24th totem.

LostWinds will be getting a sequel on WiiWare, and i think the problems with this game, such as the shortness, the looping music and the pacing issues with the slowdown at attacking will be fixed. It's a great game though, and worth buying, especially if you like unique games. It's 1000 Wii points, and a unique, if not problematic, game.

I give it a 7.5.


So yeah, i wrote a review, did something on gamespot besides posting on forums again! Im not sure if this means im blogging again or anything, but thats about it.

I never write reviews, so there's bound to be problems with it that i haven't noticed, but i would like feedback all the same. A thumbs up on my review would be good too!

In fair Verona where we lay our scene...

And we're watching the saddest, most dramatic part of the movie. The climax. And so, of course, people in my class wont shut up.

The teachers not saying anything.

If i tell em to shut up, i'll miss it.

I don't want to miss it.

Her eyes are fluttering. He's kissing her, thinking she's dead. SHES NOT! I want to scream, i want to yell. I want it to end happily. I want it to change! But, it's been by the book so far, why would it.

Her fingers flex.

He gets up.

She wakes.

She puts her hand up to him.

But it's too late.

He's dying.


At least, i think that's what was happening. Damn english class.

In case you haven't noticed, my english class has been reading/watching Romeo and Juliet.

My mum went to school with Baz Lurhman. It's a weird name.

My little claim to faim right there. Also, Tim Bayley always mentions where i live on 10 news.

I don't know how, but he always manages to fit it in somehow.

Well, i've been listening to the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet, as mum/sister (Not to say they are the same person! More so as in that i'm not sure who) had a copy lying around.

In particular, i've been listening to "Talk Show Host" by Radiohead and "Local God" by Everclear.

In the morning, Everclear.

At night, Radiohead.


I've been playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid 2. Spoilers abound.

As in i got the play time from about 5 hours to 15 in about 5 days.

I'm now versing Vamp. Dammit, keep dying. I'll work it out though. That's the thing i like about this game. You have to work things out for yourself, by being creative. It challenges you mentally, which is something games haven't been doing to me lately.

I should play more stealth games.

OMG, Plisken is Snake. What a surprise..:roll: The story is confusing though. So much happens. And it happens all at once too.

OMG, the "prez" is dead.

I love how the story can be as complex if you want! I've spent about 2 hours alone on codex conversations.

Snake's one about Vamp was awesome.

"So, that's where he got his thirst for blood from?"

"No, he's called Vamp because he's bisexual"

Then talking about how Vamp went out with Fortune after he went out with Fortune's dad.


I don't particulary think this blog is interesting, but i haven't written one in a bit and i feel lonely without my gamespot blog comments.

Just wrote a huge blog.

Then bam!

Safari has unexpectedly quit.

I guess that show's i should make it in word first.

So, don't expect a blog for a bit, when this happens it turns me off blogging for a while.


Played Pyschonauts a lot. Really fun to play again. Up to Milkman level. "Look at those woman's breasts. They are large"

Did assignment all today.

I bought the De Blob ipod touch game, its awesome, super excited for Wii version.

Got new tunes, really cool.

School not so cool.

Fight Club.

Me being clever.

No spelling mistakes.


I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. But i've got an assignment to do now, at 12.30am. it's due tomorrow. I mean today.

24/7 in 2008

Hello all.

Nice to see you still read my blog.

If you've noticed my lack of comments recently, i do read your blogs still, i just really don't have anything to add or the page doesn't load (damn capped internet) and i forget.

As i write this, my science and geography assignment await. Should start on them. Then again, i believe rust prevention can wait. Rusting nail's in custard isn't fun. I'm also listening to Footloose.

What a surprise.

Now we're back at school... well, i'm over school. I'm sick of copying stuff out from a board, from a tv. We did that in year 3. I'm sure we're capable of a bit more. That's why i like english. We rarely do that. At the moment we are doing Romeo and Juliet.

Surprisingly, so many sexual puns. I'm enjoying it, even the bits i don't understand...

We're doing Clowning and Comedy De'larte in Drama. We're learning how to juggle! Last lesson, we made juggling balls. I had 30 minutes to make them, and in that time, i made 2. They took 15 minutes each.

By the way, I'm now listening to "Holding Out For A Hero".

But none of this is relevant to the task ahead.

Oh well, detours are the new thing anyway.

We'll, if you've watched my video here on gamespot or one of the many links i've plagued gamespot AU with, (Footloose Karaoke version is on. Reminds me of the Auditions. Gosh, that was horrible) you would have seen a film i made with some friends in a short film competition.

It's not the best, it's rather... plain. But hey, when it was shown at the cinema (very cool seeing yourself on the big screen!), everybody clapped like crazy. You should watch it anyway, and try to guess which one i am.

It's time for that competition to begin again soon. Channel 7 sponsor it this year! So you never know, one sunday afternoon, i could be on tv. :p

24/7 is the name, and filming a 7 minute film under 24 hours is the game. But, to prove you made it in that time, there's things you need to implement into the movie. For example, last year, you had to include at 5 items in your film from the list, and 1 from each catagory.

Here's the list:


Long Reef Headland (We did this, last minute, very lame. Our original idea didn't show up, so we did the whole golf course thing you'll see)

Balmorel Beach Stone Bridge (I don't even know where this is)

A corso Kebab shop (We weren't going to manly. We were filming near Palm Beach..)

Billarong Playground Stone Sculpture (Apparently EVERYONE went there)


An empty milk carton (We did this. Each take, we could not throw it in the bin...)

A diary

A coat hanger


There is no way (Done!)

I can't get up that early

Whose side are you on? (I love this line)


Cold (Done, with the guy getting the ice creams out and shivering)

A secret (If we did do this, so woulda got "The secret" book)

Security ( We did this, The security camera filming. Hell, that was in the script before we found out about this!)

And then, there's a secret rule every year.

2007's was "The same line/statement made by two people at the same time" (I hate rubbish!)


It makes it a lot harder sometimes. We freaked out with the whole Long Reef part while editing.

I'm looking really forward to it this year. It was really fun last year.

Only problem is.. i don't know who i'm doing it with.

A lot of people want to be in my group.

What can i say? Im popular! :P

Also.. i don't know what idea to do. There's one, but i think it's an in-joke, and no-one will find it funny. Secondly (this isn't a real idea, but think how cool it would be) a 7 minute musical! And lastly, there's a play i wrote last term for drama, which later got rejected by my partner cause she wanted to cry, blah, blah, blah, puppies are cute and all that. But i really like it, so i might just re-write it a little and then see what people think.

Well, that's my little update really.

I hope you enjoy my life.

I will continue the trip another time.

As i look around

Just a bleak outlook on the way things could be.

I'm in a bit of a down mood, so i wrote.

And now, we wait for my blog comments to go down in number.

By the way, there's a game reference in the story. A cookie to whoever gets it first. (It's pretty obvious)

I'm not even sure i like this story, but you know, you might for some reason.


As i look around, i think "Is this it? Is this really all?".

I just always thought big things would happen.

I'd move away from this stupid town that goes no-where, i'd find the perfect life, the perfect girl.

I search in desperation for something new. I run out of things to say as there's nothing to say in this town. Even the weather is always the same.

I can't.

I can't bloody bear it.

As a kid, i had potential. I "marched to the beat of my own drum" as one teacher wrote, i thought outside the box, i had many dreams, and all the hope to get there as well. I think it all went wrong at 16 really. My dad, he got sick. The medical bills were so expensive, there was no other choice but to pull out of school and get a job.

Before that i used to think that people who dropped outs were idiots, i hated them for screwing up there lives. it doesn't work like that. Someone else screws up your life, and you can't help it.

I worked all the time. i had 3 jobs. One at a fast food place, one doing manual labor, and one as a night watch man.

So dull. My friends were out, celebrating completing year 10. I was so desperately unhappy doing this, but it was for my dad.

It was pointless in the end. My dad died.. and shortly after, my Mum did too, of a broken heart.

I was lost. Still am really.

I live alone now.

Thirty bloody two and i live alone. In a small beach side town.

Everyday, i go to a hospital.

As the janitor.

**** it.

As i wander around aimlessly, without any goals, any aspirations, i just envy my teenage self. I had dreams. I had wishes. I thought they could come true! The world was a nice place!

I've long lost those thoughts. I've been torn apart by this world. Each part of my soul that made me ME had left. I'm just a shell really, of bones and organs.

I've thought long about why i'm here. I just can't figure it out. Is it so god can play some sick, twisted, horrible game?! One where he plays me as a puppet, making me have no control of my life? Where i'm helpless?

I'm finding it harder to act normal lately. I can't hold a conversation at work anymore. Now, all i do is sleep, eat, work. I don't have any fun. I don't remember what fun's like. It's like i have 4 concrete walls all around. I can't really taste something sweet. I can't really laugh.

This world has taken my friends, my parents, my dreams, my hope, myself.. and now, my sanity.

This can't be happening. But it is.