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He should have gave us a name so we could identify the body other than HyperWarlock.

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I went with this girl I really liked but she loved my best friend and it just turned into a disaster.
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Who cares, sex is awesome. Why are there so many puritians in the world still? If you want to be a virgin, do it, but shut the hell up about other people's (amazing) sex lives. 

Well the same could be said for the virgins who aren't worried about sex for people to boast about their sex lives. Sex is way overused in today's society. I've been on both ends of the stick before so I know =P
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1. Alcohol poisoning 2. A heart attack from stress in college 3. Car accident from speeding.
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Best drank, can be mixed with anything. Its like liquid gold.

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Its most likely no big deal until they spoke up against the cop and the typical cop and to prove he didn't have a small penis by charging teenagers with felonies.DaBrainz
This times a million is the cause of 99% of arrests.
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Easily the best modern band out there. So underrated it's unreal.

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I say it on average 20 times a day. I think its hilarious.
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Listen to Holy Grail, they are really underrated and one of my favorite bands.
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1. Ozzy 2. David Lee Roth 3 Rob Halford 4 Bruce Dickenson 5 Dave Mustaine Probably mispelled some lol