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New purchases #1;Employment at Sears?; BP at it AGAIN

Hey there gamespot!

I have recently started my cd collection and it will be very slow until I get a job, which will be discussed later. I was looking at Ebay for some decent deals on CDs. I found two great one!

Two excellent buys just for $10. Megadeth and Metallica are two of the world's best artists. Agreed?

Maybe my next purchase will be something heavier. A LOT heavier. Stick around to see =).

So yea I applied for a job at Sears. My first job if I get it =D. I am determined not to get a job in fast food. What was your first job?

Oh and BP may cause a methane explosion capable of wiping out the entire earth. 2012 CONSPIRATORS UNITE! loljk

It's been a while..

So how's it going Gamespot?! I've been busy lately. I haven't been gaming any lately. I have found my new love which is music! I have decided to collect cds now. Should be interesting. So if you like any kind of rock or metal stick around and when I update my blog we can have an intelligent conversation about music! Kind of liek I teach you, you teach me sort of deal. I'll catch ya later GS!

I just keep buying...

Buying these damn games then i play them for an hour and get bored of them and never touch them again... I think I am done with game. I think I am growing ... =P Too much money being wasted on these dumb things. I am going to force myslef to play some of these games sitting around then I think imma going to quit =).

So I got a cell phone...

And I've ben using the IM app so if you got MSN or AIM add me so we can talk, I'm bored =P. MSN: jjj112233@hotmail.com

AIM: JohnJJ3600

Billy Mays.... Dead.

I am for real saddend by this. I ALWAYS wanted to meet him. Even it was jsut like an autograph signing or just a glimpse of him. I never did and never will. He was born not too far from here so if they have the funeral up there I am going. =P

R.I.P Billy Mays...


Pwned E3 by showing technology like project natal is available to to public. Which goes to show, what the hell is behind closed doors? o.O

I have been blown away...

A 60 yard pass to Fitzgerald for a touchdown. Yeah that was the turning point of the Super Bowl. I couldn't take the stress and watched the rest of the game with a picture of my deceased grandmother hoping she was with us tonight. And she was! STEELERS WON!!!