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A bit of culture, Oreos, and a two week break

Madonna - Munch (1894/5)

Susanna and the elders - Zmurko (1879)

I've been eating Oreos this week. I don't know what it is - there's nothing exceptional about them, but I just can't get enough. Mniam mniam.

And about that break: I've got stuff I should really be concentrating on for the rest of this month - starting new studies, a possible job switch and not buying and playing Skyrim, so I've promised myself I'll stay away from GS until 1st December.

An Apology

It is with deepest shame and the utmost humility that I feel compelled to make this statement, in the hope of going some way to making amends for what I can only interpret (from certain forum posts) as having been disgraceful behaviour on my part.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Chinese people, to the CBS corporation and to all of OT. My recent remarks were not only ill founded, they were - albeit unintentionally - downright racist. Reference to the diminutive stature of asian gentlemen and ladies, even when made in the same good natured spirit as jokes about the shortcomings of British dental care or prevalence of American obesity are clearly out of bounds.

I want to reassure Gamespot, that I will never again use the lovable but cheeky Eric Idle or any other conceivably underhanded device to deliver any non-PC message which could possibly be construed as bearing a note of discord or hostility with or towards any nation or race in general.

Thankfully, no international diplomatic crisis resulted this time, and it is with the greatest relief and gratitude I now seize this chance to apologise and to stress that I have no arching opinion, favourable or unfavourable, of the Chinese government or people, although all the ones I've met in my lifetime have been very affable.