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End of the Decade Blog

I wasn't too sure what to write about. I could focus on the negative stuff but that would be very pessimistic. Or I could focus on the positive stuff but that wouldn't be right either. So I figured I'd list the milestones I've passed, historical stuff that I remember, and general stuff. Nothing too dark, it is a party after all. Although I can't seem to find the light switch. Tequila shots for all, eggnog for some!

-Crossed into new millennium.
-People immediately forgot about Y2K and now believe in 2012. Also gullible is not in the dictionary.
-A string of unsolved cases of feet washing up on the shores of BC.
-Terrorism becomes more prominent than ever before.
-Various countries taunt the world with taboo nuclear research.
-Recycling and eProducts start earning popularity. And yet everyone still owns at least 1 car.

Fads or Trends
-Ipods, adopting babies, anorexia (mostly actresses), purse-dogs, video game consoles, leaked sex (video, photos, phone, pastries, etc), quoting memes, social networking, blogs.

-Several friends, family passed on.
-Pretty much my entire teenage years.
-Able to vote, buy beer, cigarettes, drive cars, buy movie tickets.
-Graduated from grade school, highschool, and college. (Seems rushed when you put it that way.)

-Free-use websites like Geocities and Insidetheweb forums disband.
EDIT: TV Tome knee TV.com launched with spinoff sites Gamespot, GameFAQs, Movietome, MP3.com, and others.
-1337 5P33K and MSN-talk replace English on most English-speaking websites. Grammar becomes obsolete.
-Websites like youTube, Wikipedia, and social networking sites pop into existence.
-Encyclopedia Dramatica is formed, much to the dismay of everyone/everything/everywhere.

-Dozens of 90s bands reunite to cash in on old fame. Some from the 80s too.
-The state of Rock & Roll continues to decline; will not pick up until 2015 or later.
-Other genres scrape the barrel. Notable examples are songs about cars, shoes, necklaces, and lip-gloss.
-P2P filesharing continues to develop.
-Stores like Itunes are formed as handheld MP3 players are made.

-Cancelled shows are brought back years later, notably Family Guy and Futurama.
-Reality shows everywhere.
-Sharper, darker, edgier, cleaner image, dirtier plots, greyer morality, top hits soundtrack.

-Windows and Apple release 3 different OS each.
-Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari become more user-friendly than oldstaiers IE and Netscape.

-End of the Star Wars saga.
-A handful of 80s action flicks receive sequels.
-Dozens of movies are remade, mostly inferior.
-Tons of popular movie series get reboots. Results may vary.
-Ewe Boll destroys cinema to scam tax-payers. Exception of Postal which is kindof funny.
-James Bond's new official game of chance is Poker, replacing that indecipherable Baccarat.
-Simpsons movie finally came out.
-Every comic book license is bought up and made into a movie.

Video Games
-Consoles like XBOX, GameCube, DS, Wii, PS2, GameBoy Advance, PS3, Xbox 360 hit the market. I have yet to play any of them btw.
-Some games dumbed down for wider mass appeal at the expense of quality. (Lookin' at you Spore..)
-DRM annoys paying customers; pirates let off the hook.

-4 of the Harry Potter books were released, finishing the series.
-"My Immortal " was posted online, scarring every victim that reads it.
-Also that other series achieved critical acclaim.

-Jean Chrétien retired from Prime Minister. Québec will probably not separate.
-George Bush jr. got elected. Twice. EDIT: Uh, put into office twice. My bad. D'oh!
-911 happened.
-Iraq war.
-Saddam Hussein got executed.
-First African-American president, and nearly had female president or female vp.
-Osama bin Laden spent the last 9 years in a cave. Or is dead. Or both?

-Several celebrities died. Michael Jackson is probably the one who got the most attention.
-Internet celebrities is anyone. Such as..
-Hoards of "critics" with tripod cameras rip apart poorly-designed games and movies from their youth.
-Anyone with Windows Movie Maker and a video file.
-Meme starters.
-Blogs. ... uh, not this one, but famous ones.

Anyways, Happy New Years and Good Luck in the future!

Happy Halloween! .. Oh no it's raining.

Looks like another soggy Halloween. Poor kids are gonna have a horrible time Trick'R'Treating in this. I think there are 3 days of the year it should be forbidden to rain: Halloween, Christmas, and Canada Day.
*Also the Marijuana March for those inbibed.

People wearing pine tree costumes.

It's the worst when you're a kid; one time I dressed up as a robot or something and all the cardboard fell apart. It's just not as festive with peoples' decorations keeling over, pumpkins going unlit, and only half as many candy-hunters running through puddles toting umbrellas and galoshes.

Zombie Fisherman from

Even a scary dark coat looks silly when it's made of rubber.

Not to mention poor pubescent Pete; he wanted to take his highschool sweetie to the cemetary for some hot grave action and now she's got a perfect excuse not to go: "I don't want to lie on the wet grass." ***k-blocked!

Avril Lavigne reading about the birds and the bees.

FYI, this video is hilarious. Avril Lavigne teaches safe sex 70s $tyle.

I bet the Exorcist Demons and the Michael Myers of the world take one look outside and say "Gee, it's just not as scary in a yellow raincoat, I guess I'll take this year off." OH: Maybe that's why "Halloween 2" came out in August!

Michael Myers from

Speaking of which, if Jason Voorhes only attacks on Friday October the 13th, why the heck are there so many kids at summer camp in the middle of October?

I guess the only Halloweeners undetered by the morbid weather are Linus and Sally, eagerly awaiting their glorious gourdly deity in all his imaginary splendor.

Linus, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy meet The Great Pumpkin.

Oh, and on a show-that-will-not-be named they had the freakiest Obama mask; It haunts my dreams now. Who would want to dress up as a political leader for Halloween?

Scary Barack Obama mask.

AHHH!! Grinning glossy-eyed madness! Take it away, take it away!

Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Oh my, what happened last night?

-*wakes up in a soggy pillow* ... Gwaaa? *trash can is full* What happened last night..? *shoes on top of TV* whua...? *slightly hungover* ... Oh yeah..

Protip: Don't watch the movie Spun and drink any small amount of alcohol. The screen keeps flashing and zooming and spinning* and there's carton pigs and adult content and warped sound FX and Britanny Murphy and... oh, now my head's spinning*. I was very ill and now I don't feel well. Also peckish.
*But not spunning.

I still can't figure out why the protagonist leaves a poor naked woman chained to his bed for a week. .. I mean he's not being cruel, he just does it*. I guess the message is: Don't do anphetamines.
*It's alrite, Debby Harry rescues her.

-Greek starts up again tonight. I'm not as excited because the cliffhangers weren't so awesome: Cappie is being forced to date Cassie, and Rusty (who just stole somebody's GF) is all ready making up excuses to dump her. Oh and Frannie left, Evan is nice, leaving the show without any villains.

-Shows you should watch in your lifetime. (They left off Cheers and 3rd Rock from the Sun.)

*vaguely remembers some people walking next to a river with flashlights* .... Night fishing? I think I told them all humans are dust waiting to happen. Or maybe I just thought it.

-Oh, I saw Halloween 2 the other day and I liked it. I wrote a really indepth review but that's not really bloggish so it'll go on Moviespot.

The Spirit of the Edge is dead, and the blogs are hidden

-Martin Streek committed suicide last week. He was the late-night radio DJ at The Edge where he worked for the past 23 years; about half his life. He was fired without warning, no explanation given to the listeners. I guess the depression took over and he killed himself. It's very sad.

It must've been horrible because his Sunday Retro Nights are now being hosted by this ditzy chick that wouldn't know New Rock from ElectroPop if it.. uh, hit her in the head. I can picture him in his last weeks sitting there, listening to her screw up his gig and thinking "WTF.." Oh, and worse still, since he died the station is splashing his name and photo all over the place as some sort of memorial "to pay tribute", pretending like it wasn't their fault brought on by greed and no sense of employer-loyalty, just doing their best not to lose listeners. ...

Martin Streek ; cool frood

-On TV.com I can see blogs from 2006 and this blog right here. On Gamespot I can see last blogs but not this one. For a moment I thought somebody hijacked my account and deleted everything. Scary.

-Anybody looking for a scary movie should watch "Sleepaway Camp". The ending is still making me creeped.

Comfortably Numb

"When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown,
The dream is gone.
But I have become comfortably numb."

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd.

I've gone through all my old blogs and posted my stories here and here for anyone interested. And apparently my blogs are wayy too long because my eyes just fell out. There is 10 stories, 6 are done and 4 I meant to continue but didn't.

Did you know I haven't posted any stories on TV.com since Miss Hoffman passed away back in 2007? It's true and has me perplexed. I think I've written some stories since then, so I'm not sure why I didn't post. I'll have to go find them on the old harddrive

Come on; Feel the Noise

Come on, Feel the noise - Quiet Riot

-There's been a lot of news about a poor abducted girl. It's very sad. Unfortunately I watched 'Otis' the other day and now I know some of the strange things an abducter might do to a hostage.
Kim: He didn't rape me; we mostly danced to Blue Oyster Cult.

-Sims 3 has been pirated 2 weeks before going on sale. *spit-take* Some argue that EA is doing it for publicity, others say it's an incomplete build, and lots of people say it's broken. I was tempted to download it, but that game is like crack and I just don't have the time for it. ... Oh, and thievery is bad. :D

What I don't understand is the complainers who call it inferior, spastic, not finished, bad, broken, doubleplussungood.. Are the thieves in a position to judge someone else's hard work? It seems .. ungrateful. It's like:
Complainers: Hey EA, we stole your game, now we're gonna tell you how much we hate it before you can even sell your first copy. Aren't we poncy?

TV news:
-Smallville, SPOILER ALERT, it sucked. This season was building up for an awesome finale and they fumbled the ball at the last second. Now I gotta change my banner because "Henry" Olsen is retconned out of logic.

-I know a user pointed out that 90210 is retarded, but it's still entertaining. And most of the actors are my age, in their twenties. (One guy is even 30 with his character at 17!) The finale was a blast, I won't ruin the surprises, but the cliff-hanger is ... hangery.

-Apparently TV.com wants to kill Disco Stu, Meg Griffin, and implied Lisa Simpson. :(

-I can't tell if Greek got rid of their character yet because 2 characters have disappeared into the ether and it might've been 1 of them. (Or get rid of both, neither would be missed.)

-Normally I'm a fan of South Park, but this season is disturbing. I guess they're trying to get cancelled..?

April Snow

Well, it's April. You know what that means? *puts away winter clothes, gets out bike* Springtime! *starts snowing* .... Oh yeah!? *puts away spring clothes, gets out winter coat* *walks outside* Now whose laughing!!! *tiny pieces of ice start to cut face* Me. That's who. I am laughing.

I guess April snowfall brings May dead-flowers. See this cat? *points out tiny black kitten with green eyes* I always see her when I go out, sitting in a pile of garbage next to an appartment building. I think she's a stray, no collar. *feeds her pieces of energy bar* I'd like to take her in, but I have bad luck with animals. There's like a million things she could easily choke on. *pets cat and walks away*

*Walks out of Zellers* I just returned a pair of silly pants that I'd worn for 15 hours & didn't like. $30 back to me. But I can't return this sunscreen I've never used because it was already open when I bought it. Contaminants. .. Still, it's odd if you consider both at once: Used full return; unused no return.

*Walks into Canadian tire* This lady just told me I can't bring my backpack inside and need to leave it with her. She got really offended when I took everything out because I thought she'd steal my stuff. I don't know why she's upset, she just called me a potential thief; Why can't I do the same?
*I always have trouble at Canadian Tire. It's like they can smell my rookiness.

*holds up 2 bottles of ketchup* These are both $2.99. This one is 750ML and this one 1L, but same price. Know the difference? *puts 1 bottle upside-down* Ah. You get half the volume because the design is different. That makes (no) sense.

*walking home* It's dark, but no worries. This city is so tame. The only "thieves" are teens with plastic-knives and play-guns. I'm probably more threatening with a bottle of ketchup in an e-friendly bag. *holds up cloth bag dangerously*

*2 hours later, the stray cat is still there* *cat tries to follow me home* Sorry kitty! Go back! I don't want to call the RCPCA because they'll just put her to sleep. *sad*

*hands you a hamburger* Tasty, eh? I haven't had these in a while. Beef, Pickles, Mustard, Mayonaise, Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Hot Peppers, Onions, all on a Kaiser bun with orange cheese. Enjoy!


TV news:
-Greek is back, apparently one of the cast is leaving but IDK who yet. (I'll wait and see. Could be Cappie?)
-They cancelled Frisky Dingo, funniest cartoon since the original Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show. I still haven't seen Xticles but I'm sure it's also gold.
-Smallville is getting pretty interesting. Doomsday and Mercy.
-I SWEAR The Simpsons are funny again. I'm not sure how it happened, it's like they care now!

Moment of Silence

Today has been very heart-wrenching. It's the day Ms. Hoffman passed away and it's very saddening, but she's in a better place. (There was also an incident with a cute fuzzy cat which isn't relevant, just adds to the sadness.) So I'm sitting here, feeling glum and thinking about the past.

Let's take a Moment of Silence and reflect.

Sleeping Sun

Bored on a Friday?

I made up a Brain puzzle. I know it's too complicated because nobody has solved it yet; but therein lies the challenge. Anyways, you're welcome to try:

A man needs to cross a river. He has 6 things to bring across:
-a baby
-a craddle
-a large bag of money
-a wolf
-a caged bird
-and a dead fish for supper

He has a boat, but it has several holes and will sink if it's overloaded. The man can carry upto 2 objects on each trip. He can bring objects back to the first side if necessary*.
*It's neccessary.

The rules:
1: The baby cannot be left alone unless it's in the craddle.
2: The money is heavy and counts as 2 objects.
3: The money is safe on this side, but will be stolen if left on the far side.
4: And the money is safe when the wolf protects it.
5: The bird and the wolf can be left on the same side for 2 trips (go there, come back). But any longer and the wolf will eat the bird. If you move the bird and/or the wolf then this count resets and they can be left together for another 2 trips.
6: The wolf can't be left with the baby* or the fish because he will eat it.
*Sorry! I know it's not cool but it makes sense!

How can the man get everything across?

Feelin' Trojan

-Stupid moment of the week: I was adding Allusions to my favourite new show, but one of them came back rejected. [spoiler] I think it was a glitch, because the submission that got moderated was Cappie in bold letters. Nothing else. I mean Cappie's a great guy, but I KNOW I wrote more than that. :? [/spoiler]

-Yea, my new favourite show is 'Greek'. I've never seen a single episode before, and now I've watched all 1.5 seasons. As an added bonus, Charisma Carpenter showed up a few times!

I'm fascinated with Greek culture. The drinking, the womanizing, the parties.. it just seems like fun. Up here in the Frozen-Land, we don't have Frats. Well, there are 1 or 2 in Toronto. But for the most part our "Frat persona" live all across campus, instead of living together in one spot.

-Speaking of societies built on juvenile practices: Encyclopedia Dramatica. At first I thought it was cool, a Wikipedia that lets you curse, dagnabit. But I've explored it now, and most pages includes racism, the truth according to who?, enough e-references to blind any internet user, and an alarmingly number of nudie shots. *covers eyes*. A couple of weeks ago I added an image without linking it to a page, and nobody has deleted it yet! Wikipedia would never allow such madness!

Even TV.com has a page; but it's not pretty. Apparently we're a bunch of National Socialists and several racial slurs as well. I don't know who Down-Syndrome Sue is, but she's a terrible mascot! I would have gone with "The Mongooses"; that's a cool team mascot. The Fighting Mongoose!

A Fighting Mongoose OR Down-Syndrome Sue

Conundrum: If I fix our page, it would be "trolling", because Dramatica is a trolling website where "fixing" means to troll. Everything is reversed, it's Bizzaro-world. But if I leave it.. .. uh, it looks bad. .. But since the only people who ever read it are Dramatica users, should it matter what it says? *muses*