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The Resurection

Im back for a while, n it seems like ages since ive been here last. I decided to check the site to see if it was still up an runnin, and managed to remember ma old email address n password, lmao!

Anyway, i got an Xbox 360 recentaly, and its awesome! onli got gears of war and oblivion so far, but there worth the money themselves. Nearly completed FFXII, but not been on it since i got the360. Cant wait for Halo 3 to comeout, and im gutted about sellin ma DS cus Phantom Hourglass looks amazin.

Im close to completin Oblivion, n after i done that i mite aswell finish off XII. I could do wid a new siggy, but dependin on what i learn in ma computin class, i may be able to create myself 1!:lol:

To sum things up, thanks to any1 who decided to check out my blog, and feel free to message me sayin hi, i may be back to check soon.