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5 things you didn't know about me

after reading this you probably wish you didnt know

1) i have a horrible head infection that is trying to eat my brain (at least if feels that way

2) i'm lactose intolerant but i still eat icecream/drink chocolate milk. gasious hilarity ensues

3) one of my ears is slightly lower than the other, i found out last year and freaked out for days that my mother never told me

4) i often tell girls i "like totally dig them", just for fun

5) i rarely remember to cut my toenails, which results in holey socks, torn flesh, and incresed shoe size

thank you sandlot for tagging me and forcing me to reveal this horrid secrets upon the earth!

my new blog


i started a new blog, a blog that is not here on gamespot

why you axe? its easier to access and gamespot is such a heavy site its a strain on slow pc's and connections :c

ill still be posting here too though, but i hope that some of you will take the time to be checking my new blog too :)

so check it out



level 23

super bagman, i dont know what it means


ding to the calendar, coz it dinged 2008

happy new year

ding all around

in other news, call of duty 4 is awesome

dont care if the single player was short coz it's awesomesauce

too bad i havent been able to play much of the multiplayer between homework and xbl acting funny the last few weeks

Lipsync Assignement

Well, i wont be leaving the site anytime soon. Eventho i'll miss Jeff, i still enjoy these here forums and the community.

So i will take this oppurmatunity to show off some work i did for school... yesterday

its my first attempt at lipsyncing so... go easy on me


Jeff got fired?

apparently, Jeff got fired from GS for giving kane and lynch a 6.0

i dont even know what to say now, im so pissed

i mean, lots of great editors have left gs these past few years.. greg, carrie, bob, rich

jeff is one of the few people left that actually made me still wanna come here, how can gamespot fire jeff? i mean, jeff IS gamespot :?

anger boils within!

i hope jeff will go on to something better


ill have to replan my whole stalking schedule :(

Guitar Hero 3

kicked me in the nuts

its so much harder than the last two, or maybe im just out of practice?

i beat GH 1 and 2 on hard, so went right on hard on GH3 as well (bad idea)

the top tier songs were easy (as usual) and i kept going down finding som pretty good songs that i was happy to see in the game (paint it black, the metal, when you were young)

and then i came down to before i forget, by slipknot

i was excited as hell coz i used to listen to slipknot alot

but the song punched me in the face, i failed horribly just in the beginning

after that i just went to bed (this was late las night) got up this morning, first thing i did was play the song, and i pwned it

truth is, you cant play GH when you're tired.. you need to be there, and concentrate like hell

i completed the tier, and now im down to one of the last ones (or maybe its the last one, i dont know)

and im stuck on 3 of the four songs -.-


The Number of the Beast

Raining Blood

they all made me feel like so much less of a man

like a failure

i am not worthy!

i think its just as well, i think i broke my fingers playing all night

i am at school now...

and maaan would i rather be at home

here's the thing

he dont have any lectures today, which means we'll just be working on our assignement, but i could have just as well worked on that at home

but the worst part is that by coming here, to school, i waste 4hrs

becaaause i live 2 hours away from school

yes thats right, i spend two hours getting to and from school (yowsa)

in those four hours, i could have finished my assignements for the day

those four hours, equal the four hours i spend at school x_x (ouch)

if i stayed at home, i would actually have twice as much time to work (zing)

i wish my teacher woulda told us we dont have any lectures today, so i coulda stayed home and played halo.. i mean worked, stayed home and worked.. >_>

speaking of halo, i'm hearting the theatre thing.. uploading pics of ownage is grand

infact, here is a pic of me ninjakilling coeurlregina (im the dude with the sword, duh)