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Finished Call of Duty 3 on Veteran

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ahh, dont you just love it when you accomplish something? i finished CoD3 a while back and just want to say that it was a thrilling campaigne. Most of the time your ducking for cover everytime you get shot. It truly is a great game, i'm getting close to my Colonel rank soon and then to General.


And to those who dont have CoD 3, go and buy it now! 

Back To Basics...

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I found my Socom 2, and played online, its a great game. Its extremely fun, and theres no auto aim or anything, its all skill. Currently theres roughly 20 people playing becouse of Socom 3, but you'll still get some games in.

It used to be my all time favourite game untill i got my 360. I hope Socom games come out for 360, there so bloody fun

God Damit!

by on
Im not getting my 360 back untill 3 weeks time, why? because of Microsoft is crap!!! first they said 2 weeks, now its another 3 after that! 5 weeks of no gaming!! i can handle it, but the thing is, I got so hyped up about Gears of War and i just bought it!!!

ARGH! oh well. Ill figure a way to skip time.

Ps2's back

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I set up my old Ps2 and played the only Ps2 game that i have, that i didnt finish it, and i finished it. Finnaly. Great game though, the last level was so much easier than the one before it.

Too bad the servers are down. I better start looking for my Socom 2, my mate says people still play it. So yeah

Dam 360

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My Xbox now freezes all the time, it is so fustrating when in a middle of a game and BOW! freezes up. Im sending it away to get fixed, crap thing is its going to be back by the END of the holidays, tough luck eh?

Gonna get Dead Risin' tommorow!

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Thats right! im going to borrow Dead Rising off one of my best buds Matt! (known as gta11 on GS). Im looking forward to cutting through thousands of zombies!

Its going to be fun trying to stay alive in a mall with thousands of zombies, matt thinks im going to die real quick, ill show him! One thing i am looking forward to is the Lawn Mower! matt says its very satisfying mowin' zombies and watching the guts go everywhere. Oh yeah, matt, how long can i burrow Dead Rising for?

Bloody Oblivion!

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Yesteryday on Saturday, is a sad day. Oblivion, stopped working!.

I closed the Great Gate, and got the Signil Stone, and as soon as i speek to Martin about it, it freezes and goes black. I went to play it again but it said 'Unreckonized Disc' and never loads up.

So i wont be playing Oblivion for a while. Unless i buy another copy, which will take a while!

Im going to pre order F.E.A.R! oh yeah!

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I got 240$ for my bday, but i had to pay my mum back 110 becouse she bought me one of my fav games of all time, BFME II, and she also bought me a play and charge kit. So now i've got 130, what do i do with it? pre order the sweet game F.E.A.R!

Its going to be great fun online, finishing off achievments and single player, mucken around with the instant action game mode. Its going to be awsome. Ive played through the demo like 15 times and always loving it. Chris thinks its sweet, so does Alex and all my other friends. Well apart from Matt, i dunno why, he might just be crazy :)

So i cant wait till this game comes out, long long horror nights abound.
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