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There's something wrong with my cat

I think my cat is sick or something. She won't stop puking. Not just hairballs. I'll feed her, then 2 hours later I'll find a pile of cat food puke on the floor. Last night she woke me up puking. She was making some really nasty sounds. Should I take it to the vet or something? In other news, I read blackleech's last blog post. I really hope he didn't do anything stupid. Too many damn things to worry about. I really do worry too much. I guess it's better than not worrying enough. I'll see you people later.

Gears of War: first impression

I finally got around to renting Gears of War, and let me tell you, I was impressed. The graphics were amazing, the fighting was intense, and the Beserkers scared the poop out of me. The only problem is that I never figured out how to use the chainsaw. The atmosphere was the best part about the game. The cover system is pretty good, but it could have used some tweaking. The hammer of dawn is one of the coolest weapons ever. At this point, I wouldn't call it a Halo killer, but definitely a contender. In other news, I am 2/3 of the way through Gamespot's right of passage. It's a common misconseption that level 20 is a glitch. It's done on purpose. Look up Metal Slime and you'll see the reference. I kind of like the level 20 thing now. Once I pass it I won't be a n00b anymore. Until next time:


Summer is Boring

Well, my 360 went out on me again today. I think it might just be overheating. That makes summer even more boring. I haven't had anything to blog about for a week and a half, and today is no different. I just thought I would bore you all as well. Isn't the OT supposed to get better during the summer? It's getting worse by the day. I can't even see half of the threads due to my 56k disease. And my pinky hurts like hell from Guitar Hero. I'll have to start playing with the lefty flip on or something. I really hope I don't get carpal tunnel or anything. Until next time-


My 360 is alive!

I have no clue how it happened. And at this point I really don't care.I finally got to play GH2 and let me tell you, it pwns n00bs with oogly hax it's so good. I've been playing "Carry on my Wayward Son" over and over again. I don't mean to brag but...I suck.:( I can barely get through medium. Maybe after a while I'll get better. Wait. What am I doing here? I'm going back to my 360. Takea free cat on the way out.

Damn you Microsoft!

Last night I got guitar hero 2.  I was really excited to try it out.  When I got home, I found that my 360 had died after a resounding 5 months of service.  They say the failure rate is around 5%.   I believe it to be in the neighborhood of 50%  So now I'm sitting at home staring at my broken 360 and my new Guitar Hero 2 box.  It's just plain torture.  I don't even have the recipt for it.

No More Spoon Jokes!

Seriously people, cut the big spoon jokes.  They're not funny.  In other news, it took me 2 hours to beat the water temple with the walkthroughs.  The spirit and shadow temples were so easy I wanted to cry.  Bongo Bongo was tough as hell though.  I finally made it to the magic number 20.  I guess I'm a senior gamespot member now.  I want cake.  Anyone who gives me cake will be rewarded.  I bought A Link to the Past for $7 last Friday.  The cartridge has a big crack in it, so I don't know if it will work yet.  All that, and more things you don't care about next time at: jim_shorts' blog.

I fought the Water Temple, and the Water Temple won

Another Oot update for now.  Apparently there is a way to get trapped in the water temple.  I found that way.  All of the water lowering places are underwater, so basically, I'm screwed.  I had to make a new file.  I named it Spleen.  I beat the first two temples this morning, so I'm back to the WT.  I'm sticking to the walkthroughs this time.

It's been forever...

...and I still have nothing to talk about.  Life is boring.  Sometimes I think my cat is the only thing that gets me through.  I've been trying to beat Call of Duty 2 on veteran.  If anyone has done this successfully, I commend you.  I still haven't gotten past the water temple on Oot.  Actually, I'm no further than I was last time.  See how boring I am?  You all hate me don't you.  *sobs uncontrollably*

I now have a union

MY UNION 8) Thanks to Triforcepieces.  Well, you can join if you want.  What I'm trying to say is...PLEASE JOIN!  WE NEED MEMBERS!  Also, my town is getting a Hooters.  I can't wait until opening day.  Who am I kidding?  I'll probably never get to go there.  Since my blog posts are notoriously short, [spoiler] bye [/spoiler]

The Water Temple!!

Remember way back when I got Ocarina of Time?  Well, I've finally gotten to the water temple.  I've heard stories about it.  Is it as bad as they say?  More importantly, can I do it without a walkthrough?  On a side note, I never got to experience level 16.  Minus World is a cool name though.