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Stupid tests.

Sadly, we had two tests in school today. Nothing totally strange about that, that's happened a bunch of times. But, we had two tests yesterday, too! IT'S SO ANNOYING! I HATE STUDYING!

Basketball tournament

We are having a school basketball tournament right now. I'll keep posting the results here. Because I have nothing better to do.

Game 1:

We lost, 10-8 (Yes, I know, really low-scoring) I scored 0 points :(

Game 2:

We won, 30-5 :) I scored 13 points, and I'm the high-scorer! :)

Alert! Bratz doll arrested for possession of crack cocaine

Says it all.

Bratz doll arrested for cocaine possession

SAN FRANCISCO- A local Bratz doll, dubbed "Shiny", has been arrested for possesion of crack cocaine. It was discovered when her puny little head (oops) was ripped off, showing traces of crack.

The doll was given to a father by an unknown man. The father, presuming it was for his daughter, gave it to 10-year old Susie Lives-down-the-lane. Lives-down-the-lane rocketed the plastic cranium off, which revealed traces of crack cocaine.

"It's just so sad. My daddy gave it to me as a present. Then she was arrested. It's, like, so sad. I can't get over it." Lives-down-the-lane commented, tears filling in her eyes. She added that she did not intend to rip off the head, but was rather trying to remove her "stupid" wig.

The doll declined to comment.