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Leaving but not Forever

Well Ive been bored of gamespot for about the last month and if you havent noticed i havent been active at all.So Im going to stop coming on as much but i will come back to check anything new that happened~Maybe ill start liking gamespot again.Ive had alot of fun here march 15 - July 30th

Met alot  of kool friends had alot of good experiances but now im leaving ~Have a nice life will come back one day~Jiblam

Final fantasy 10

Well me and ohhsnap 50893 just recently got FFX for the ps2.The game is pretty fun so far,the graphics are amazing and the battle system is good.So far I played a little over an hour because im at snaps house :P.Does anyone hear have this game?

Pranks for school!

Well school is ending soon and I would like to know if any of you would submit some really good pranks that would work at school,Thank you~Jiblam

Emerald Designs!

Join Emerald Designs its great.We currently have about 198 members and are gaining fast.We take fast requests and have alot of good designers.Join now!

Schools out for all but me!!

Okay all around gamespot i have been reading about how shools out and how it ends at  the end of may.THATS NOT FAIR my school ends june 19 and i cant wait!!
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