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you have some very good points. in response to point 2 i guess most hardware sites dont include those numbers because most of the modern medium to high end cards can run games without a hitch at low resolutions...although if older cards are included those benchmarcks low resolutions would be nice to have. and for motion blur...i think it can be a good addition in moderation...like racing games when you engage nos but it can be extreamly annoying when used too much.
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oh and if you get one of the new 45 nm processors make sure to get a mobo that is compatable because ive heard that a lot of boards will be fine for the new dual cores but the quad core (yorkfield) isnt going to be compatable with all current mobos
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from my research the new geforce 9's are coming out in feb.
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i just bought it yesterday because it went down to $30 at bestbuy so i will definitely be playing
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plug the ethernet cord into your 360 and into your laptop and go to the properties of your wireless connection on your lappy, in the advanced tab click "allow other network users to connect..." and then you'll be able to have internet wirelessly but its kinda slow...when i do it its not fast enough to play games.
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i didnt like the controls...they felt extreamly slow and i just didnt enjoy it
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i have a bunch of friends over almost every night for some guitar hero action, most of them are girls in fact...although none of them are past medium its still fun...i know a few girls who like to play halo but they suck at that too so i mostly just let them play each other and make fun of them
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ya the story is very important in the half life universe, but i played hl2 on pc before i played hl1, then went back and played hl1...it cleared up a lot of stuff but i would recommend playing hl1 first to get all the story for hl2
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css is a great game but its been around a while and tf2 is going to amazing so im sad that css isnt going to be involved but im also really excited about tf2...and you never know, they may releas css when they put out episode 3...

but in case they dont, just get css for pc...and if you dont like playing with kb/m just play for a while and you'll get used to it

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thats a good one