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Windows Vista-Initial Thoughts

Ok so my sister just graduated from high school and for a graduation gift my grandparents got her a laptop for college...we got it this week while she was off at camp for a week and i was messing around with it before bed getting it loaded with the programs she uses and removing all the crap that comes on a new computer.  Its an hp laptop with vista home premium so it has many of the cool features like the aero theme and all that cool visual stuff, but other than that im not too impressed with vista...heres why...

1)  Its annoying...ok so you know those apple commercials where the guy who is the mac is talking to the nerdy guy who is the pc and the pc has this bodyguard looking guy who asks him to cancel or allow pretty much anything...yeah thats really how it is.  even deleting a shortcut took two confirmations...first to see if i was sure i wanted to delete it and then to another one to "allow" it to be deleted.  and when i was installing itunes so she could put all her ipod music and stuff on her computer it must have asked me 4 or 5 different times if i wanted that program to be allowed to install itself...i know you can probably disable that somehow but its just ridiculous that is that way in the first place.  I know its probably on there for complete computer idiots but i think they've taken it way too far.

2)  Its un-intuitive...one thing i really dont like compared to previous versions of windows (95-xp) is the start menu...instead of things poping out to the side like you're used to, things just  open in the menu and the icons are small...also each folder is clicked on to show the next level kinda like when you explore a folder in xp and it has the folder list on the left side of the window...its kinda hard to explain but the point is its not near as easy as 95-xp start menu.  i didnt get to look a whole lot but from what i saw there was no way to change this without making the start menu look like windows 98 which isnt aestecly pleasing compared to vista stuff.

3)  This is more of a gripe at all computer manufacturers...all that "usefull" software that comes on a new computer is the worst thing ever!  not only are the programs crap, but they are a pain to uninstall and remove all their little pieces that are left behind...this isnt a big deal to my sister because shes no computer wiz or anything, but to anyone with even a mediocre amount of computer skills who wont ever use those programs its an annoyance...oh and whats with computer companies not giving people an operating system cd anymore?  they leave "recovery" stuff on a harddrive partition so if you get into a problem the computer can be restored to factory settings with all the crap software on it again...we pay for the operating system, so why cant we get a cd with just the operating system on it so we can reformat and have a clean operating system install with none of the useless crap...hers had the option of creating restoration disks but they do the same thing as the stuff on the harddrive partition...once vlite (a program that can customize your windows cd) gets a few more things added and worked out im probably going to make her a custom vista cd with all the crap removed...i did it for my computer with nlite (google it if you're interested) and removed over a gig of useless stuff that was on my windows cd and i set it up so that the installation process required no user imput and even was able to add my printer drivers and a couple programs like firefox and 7-zip to the installation.

On the subject of program compatability, i didnt run into any problems but i didnt install too many programs...firefox, itunes, aim were all compatable which are what she mainly uses, and i also put photoshop 7.0 on it and it works fine...i wish i would have had more time to try and put a couple of my games on there to see if they were compatable but i didnt so im not sure about all that stuff.

anyways I will be sticking with xp on my computer for quite a while, as long as they keep putting out games that would normally be pc only on xbox 360 as well ill have no reason to upgrade to vista so i wont...besides i did some modding so my computer looks pretty much like vista minus the cool transparency stuff that the aero theme has but oh well.  do any of you guys have vista and what are your thoughts on it?