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Near Death Experience

Last night (Dec. 30) I went out with 5 friends to dinner.  All day it had been raining and sleeting so the roads werent in their best condition and were getting worse.  After we ate we were heading to my friends house to watch the UFC fight on tv.  We're in a late 90's Ford Explorer with 4 people (only one of which had a seat belt on) and the roads are now very icy.  The driver was doing good for a while, we didnt slide at all for several blocks and he began to get over-confident.  We got up to about 40 mph (maybe around 65 kmph...if i remeber the conversion correctly) when all of the sudden we start to slide....and we started going more and more sideways until we had pulled a complete 180 degree spin.  This whole spinning thing lasted about 10 seconds but it felt like minutes (I had about a billion thoughts going through my head...I was for sure that we were going to roll his car) and no one said anything or made any noise.  We he the curb and miraculously we didnt flip, we skid through the grass about 10 feet and came to a stop.  The driver and I thought it was one of the coolest things ever but the other guy was freaked out and the girls were just in shock.  All in all it was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life...