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I Wish...

I really really really really wish that the x360 would support keyboard and mouse for gaming. For many reasons...

1. Upgrading a pc costs a ton of money. With the same amount of money i would spend on a new graphics card i can get a 360 that will run games just as good or even better. So if they had a keyboard and mouse it would be like playing on the pc only a crap ton cheaper.

2. RTS games on the 360...who wants to play those with a controller. RTS with controller=stupid. If halo wars is exclusive for 360 (which from what ive heard so far it will be) then its going to be a thorn in my side because ill want to play it but at the same time wont because ill have to use a controller to do so.

3. FPS games are so much better with keyboard and mouse (IMO of course...this is my blog so its all my opinion). A keyboard has tons of buttons that you can customize and map it out exactly how you like it. Also a mouse is much more precise than a controller (especially in my case because i havent ever been super good at using a controller for a fps). And for me using a keyboard and mouse appeals more to my coordination; my thumbs just dont work as well as the rest of my fingers and using a keboard and mouse i only have to worry about using 1 thumb for the spacebar and thats easy. And changing weapons works much more seamlessly with a scroll wheel or number buttons instead of having to cycle through on a controller.

I heard that the ps3 might support keyboard and mouse for some games and if they do props to them, but i dont want a ps3 because they are way overpriced and made by sony (who i personally dont care for as a company...although m$ isnt the greatest company in the world either...but thats not what this blog is about). Microsoft really needs to incorportate the keyboard and mouse into the 360 for us poor pc gamers who still want to play the latest games without having to put them on low settings and having to worry about lagging and all that good stuff, but microsoft probably wont.

Thats all i have for this...for the few of you that might actually read this, i invite you to sign this petition so that microsoft might slightly consider adding keyboard and mouse support.