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My Computer

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Wow, today i got the random idea to reformat my hard drive and get rid of some junk on my computer so thats what i did.  It took me many hours to get things back to how i want them but im very pleased now...the reformat and getting rid of some random junk freed up 15 gigs of space.  Since i only have a 60 gig hard drive, those 15 gigs are huge.  i just thought i would share.
peace out

Check out my video

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This is me from last december when i busted on my face really hard, but it was crazy fun

How is everyone in gamespot land?

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Things are going pretty well for me right now. The union is good and everything else. How are all of you guys out there if you read this?

level 12 and over 600 posts

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I know 600 may seem like a very small number for many of you guys out there, but for me its a big accomplishment.  Before i started the C&C union i had like 60 so i think 540 posts since then is pretty good.  Unfortunately i dont have time to post like 100 a day but oh well.  Well i just thought it was time to write another blog.

Peace out

Profile Pic

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I recently discovered that you could put a profile picture in this place so i put one up.  The picture can only be 84 by 84 so it doesnt look its best but its definitely one of my favorite photoshop creations. what do you think?

Command and Conquer 3 and the union

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Second attempt at starting a C&C Union. Hopefully this time it will work since they recently announced a Command and Conquer 3. I'm super pumped for the game and for the union to hopefully get started.

Peace out

Check it out

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Made this today with photoshop....I'm pretty pleased with my work

Attempting to start a union

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Well last night i stayed up late because i got the idea to start a command and conquer union so i had to make a banner and icon and start all that stuff.  I'm really hoping my "charter members" say yes so i can start this union and not have to wait 30 days to try again.

Well thats all ive got for now.

Peace out
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