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Any idea what this game is all about? Why is it flagged as "hardcore"?
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Gamespot seems to forget it's PC roots and becoming more and more a console site. I'm dissapointed with that trend as well
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After reading all of that i was really hoping someone would post some boobs to cheer up the poor guy... Darn! EDIT: Dooo it! I dare you! :))
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On my first play-through, normal difficutly seemed just right for the first act, a joke in the secod and just yawn (kill stuff with one hand on the mouse) from the point forward. So yea, I recommend stepping it up.
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[QUOTE="Jewish_Assassin"]Hello fellow comrades, I've been searching for a while, looking at various posts, but I haven't found anything yet. I've been into Medieval/Fantasy RPG's for a long time, but I haven't quite found a game yet, which matches this list; you can skip to the last bit under the dotted line if you don't want to read all the details. List - Combat is VERY realistic E.g. An arrow to the knee won't kill you (unless bled to death), but will make it extremely hard to get anywhere. Arrow to the head is a certain kill etc. This doesn't apply just to the player but any enemies or opposition in the game, making it challenging and making you think more about how you approach a situation instead of making the most beast armour and weapons and killing 50 guards with 1 hit each and coming out with a small scratch. - Movement and carrying weight is realistic, if you are walking on a slope you will tend to move in the way the slope is sloping, etc. You can't carry 14 swords because they only weigh 5 units, and you can carry 100 units. - Resting, slower movement (walking) and eating/drinking replenish your energy etc. - Stealth is realistic E.g. if you have been detected from stealth killing someone, and you run and hide for a while, enemies won't just forget about their fallen comrade and let it go, they will search for you until you are dead or until they are dead. Enemies use all senses to detect you instead of just their eyes etc. - Character leveling increase is realistic - maybe "leveling" is the wrong word, improving matches the description better. Instead of leveling a skill, you character just gets... better at using whatever they use, and the more they do it the better they get, but it is limited realistically. - Actions have heavier consequences: E.g. When you fall off a 15m cliff, you don't lose 100 health and are now on 400 health, instead you break your ankle and it takes a few months to heal (game time), and maybe not even back to 100%, unless its fantasy, then magic could heal it quicker. Another e.g. running on fire will not make you lose 5 hit points every second for 40 seconds, your feet actually burn and you can barely walk on them for a while, or days depending on the burn. - Overall, just realistic - games like Skyrim are good and all, but towards the end (and at the beginning too I guess) it becomes a numbers game, the character with the weapon with the most damage usually wins. And if you have some buffed up armour which gives you 1000 armour rating, you almost never die which just ruins the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So simply a game that is very realistic in all kinds of ways, no health bars that float above an enemies head or at the top of the screen, no hacking away at a mans head with an axe or putting 200 arrows through his chest for 2 hours because he has 10000 health, no carrying an entire shop full of weapons on your back for a few hour journey of solid running. Just a hardcore realistic game. I know that's a lot for a game to have in it to be very realistic in those kinds of ways (if you read the details), but you can only wonder if there is a Medieval/fantasy RPG out there like that! Any suggestions?

Try Gothic. After you've finished it, go for Gothic 2. I know it's old, but I can't think of anything that comes closer to what you are searching for. Beware -it's brutally difficult.
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[QUOTE="diamondk1m"]Here Is Two Scary Games: 1. Obscure 1 2. Silent Hill 5 Homecoming

Really now, try Amnesia. Then go get a fresh pair of pants and come talk to me about scary games :)
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just write RTS in Gamespots' search window. It will pop all the games ever made. You can decide from there
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As far as I can remember, you can talk to a handfull of lords and make them follow you. Then if you decide to attack a faction -there you have it, they join in, it's war
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The game is well worth 10$. I'm no fanboy, but consider most of you spend more on cigarettes weekly. I wrote a review if you're really interested why it's good and why it sucks.
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It has cute bear/ferret/rabbit chars, all female chars look like they are 20 and wear a mini skirt and high heels. Males look like a gay version of the Terminator. If you have no problem with that art style, I'll add even more. Grabbed my beta key from GS, waited over night to download then launched, blinded me with small and weird text fonts, watched a boring intro, picked a char -"error..bla blah" and it crashes to desktop. Later that day I try again ("come on, it can't be that bad?") - the game launches another patch. Another 5 hours of waiting... Ooook, I finally launch the game again, watch the boring intro, create another ridiculously cute killing machine and a message popps up -"the beta trial has ended". Really?? WHAT THE ****? I will never, ever touch this game in my life, even if they pay me to.
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