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Play The Swapper


As the thread title says you should play The Swapper


Why? Because I like it, and as proven time and time and time and time and time again I am correct all of the time,

I also have my thoughts written down on Luigi's Mansion


Yeah wasn't very high on that game.


I have a spending problem, as usually proven. Since I didn't go on any of my planned vacations(#Realworldproblems), I have been allowed spend money even more(#realworldproblems). So I bought games. Some I'm excited to replay again The Two Prime games(Oh I know it's a trilogy), The Ico games, and Demon's Souls. And then the JRPGs(Ni Nu Kuni, Nocturne, and Xenoblade) I'm willing to give a shot for one reason or another. Nocturne is the one that interest me the most, if only because Aljosa swears by it.

This list also does not include that i bought Amnesia Machine of Pigs(because I love the first Amnesia), and Rayman Legends(because Rayman Origins was quite good).

Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Mode


Now if you remember I already played this game, even wrote down my thoughts on the game here: http://www.gufuyourself.com/2013/02/25/fire-emblem-awakening-review/

I thought it was good, slightly disappointing considering I expect more from a game if I buy a system to play that game, and more importantly when I buy a disgusting, filthy, bottom feeding, shit barrel creation that is a handheld gaming device. Well I ended up going back to it recently, as when I'm watching stuff(I'm rewatching Deadwood) it's semi decent to have a handheld game to play, and I'm not exactly that into Angry Birds.

Already finished Luigi's Mansion, don't wanna do that again. So I decided to play Awakening again(because I still never bought myself Rhythm Thief, which might actually be my favorite 3DS game from what I played), and this time on Lunatic. Last time I beat it on hard, classic, the way men should have played their first playthrough. And I gave the game credit for providing a stiffer challenge at that level, and allowing you to tone it down if you need it that way. Something modern day Nintendo games should do more frequently, but that's neither here nor there.

So I'm playing Lunatic mode, and I was wondering exactly why SW plebs, or Neogaf plebs think the game is pay to win. I would not describe the difficulty mode as pay to win. I have gotten up to chapter 20 without buying the Dlc, because LOL buying handheld DLC. I don't buy console DLC anymore, steam sales can't get me to buy PC DLC, and they want me to pay for a F*cking level? get out of here.

So the problem with this difficulty mode is that although it's not pay to win, it's work to win. The paying cuts down on your work, you can beat the game the way without spending a dollar, but you have to essentially take up ALL the side content, and get more risen to show up in the land so you can compete. Otherwise you get thrown into some ugly bouts, and usually very early in the match is when things can go awfully wrong. Later on, you've got a decent image of the field to read and react.

Why does this suck? Because it's work. It's not satisfying, it's not rewarding, it's work to have a challenge. Ninja Gaiden doesn't expect you to work. It expects you to not suck, come Master Ninja time. Devil May Cry 3 didn't you make you grind up Dante's abilities as much as it said "Bitch get better". Shinobi....was a hard ass game. Valkyria Chronicles S ranking was actually a rewarding experience, nevermind that it's also a vastly superior strategy rpg to Awakening(and most Fire Emblem games in general to be quite honest).

Now I obviously have powered through pretty far, but I'm at a point where the constant "well time to grind again" is getting on my nerves. So to my fellow gaming masochists out there, Lunatic? not exactly what you want from a game parading itself around as challenging. Which is a shame, because hard was genuinely rewarding as a difficulty mode. I can only imagine how stupid Lunatic plus is.