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69, 69. Good God It's Blog Number 69


Let me just start this with a big Thank You to Jethrovegas. You'll find out why by the end of the blog. Enjoy :)

I- Celebrating a Milestone and the Number

Never been one to censor my work enough to keep it clean for an acceptable audience, I bring you jg4xchamp's 69th blog. Milestones like 10, 50, 100 are all worth mentioning in their own right. Though for my blog I just couldn't have one that celebrates the #69. First and foremost I will say thank you for everyone that has commented or has given my blogs a read. I've had fun typing them up to kill some time, and I hope some of you enjoyed reading them as a fun time kill. If I honestly bored you I apologize.

So lets get to the number 69. I mean it goes without saying that the modern crowd doesn't really think many clean thoughts when it comes to 69. So how do I talk about it? Easy it's one of the greatest symbols of how a relationship has to work. Yes totally threw all of you off here. Let me explain that real quick. For a male and female to ever honestly work out the course for fairytale like "happily ever after" there needs to be compromises in that relationship. I've been in one for 4 years, and quite a few of you have your own relationship milestones. Let's be frank for a minute. The other party in the relationship can be just as stubborn, arrogant, egotistical, and relentless as you. We should also accept that deep down we also honestly want to satisfy ourselves.

Which is how 69 is such a great symbol of that. What male does not like good head? For the few women that honestly do read this(I appologized in advane remember) don't lie and say you don't want to be taken care of either down there. You think that's never one thats sparked an arguement? I mean most of us are more willing to accept the favor, than return the favor. Although gentlemen remember you treat her like a queen down there, she'll treat you like a GOD when it's your turn. That is what 69 is folks. It's not just some sexual act of pleasure. It's one of the greatest symbols of compromise in a relationship. It's the middle ground for both parties of the relationship to get what they want. How 69 works is how a good relationship will usually work. One filled with compromise, acceptance, and both parties taking care of each other.

See and you guys thought I would be all vulger. There's a fun ending to this blog you should enjoy. Until than let's keep the fun tone going. Also I would like to say just like how 2009 was the Year of Jugs, Knockers, Melons and well you know. I say 2010 be dedicated to the middle ground, the great compromise, the 69.

II - Checkpointreached.com


if a conversation about Metro2033, Plants vs Zombies, Pokemon, the Ipad, RDR, Alan Wake, and Conviction isn't enough. You also get to hear my opinions on something than just flat out writing. Yes folks I am on the most recent episode of CPR. So please give a listen when you have time. Leave some comments, send an email, buy a snickers.

III- When It Was About The Fun

Remember the first time ever you played a videogame. Do you ever remember thinking to yourself about really going into detail about how the graphics are in the game? Did you honestly consider what kind of story that game was trying to tell? Did you honestly worry about stupid things like review scores it got? Or who made it? or any other pointless thing that had nothing to do with How much fun it is?

That is what I'm missing in some of these newer games so to speak. I don't think this is a bad gen. On the contrary I've played a ton of great games this gen. What I am getting annoyed with though is too many of these artwannabee games. Too many games that try too hard to be serious, poetic, powerful, and all this stuff that they never had a chance at delivering on. Too many games that are focused on visuals, beauty, spectacle, flash, streamlining, padding with length, filler game mechanics to show off "depth'.

I miss games that knew they were games. I know everyone is expecting me to bring up Bayonetta here. So I'll switch it up. I need more games like this

Sure Duke Nukem would be a better answer, but Duke Nukem is always brought up. Besides Duke Nukem Forever will come out this holiday season(BELIEVE!). Timesplitters is a series I don't know if we're ever going to see again anytime soon. Which is honestly a shame. Not many games can say they are as fun as the Timesplitters series. Face paced action, a narrative that's more focused on comedy and sillyness than something serious or pretentious. A multiplayer that isn't balanced in any sense of the word, but it has MONKEYS, awesome weapons, MONKEYS, tons of unlockable characters, MONKEYS, fun maps, MONEYS, very fast console shooter gameplay, MONKEYS, a fun map editor, MONKEYS, myriad of game options, oh and did I mention that the game has FREAKIN MONKEYS!!

Above all else the game was FUN! None of that serious crap we keep getting, non of this art wannabee stuff we keep getting. A game that focuses on deliver fun mechanics, and builds a fun game around those mechanics. The developers made a game that sure isn't as sophisticated as a Half Life 2. IT's not as immersive, memorable, or the pinnacle of the genre. You know which game is TEN THOUSAND times more fun though? It's timesplitters by a rediculous margin. Fun is the reason Super Mario Galaxy is so amazing. Fun is the reason I love Halo. Fun is why I can tolerate SplinterCell Conviction being a bastard child to the Splintercell name.

I'm not saying we don't need games like Half Life 2, Shadow of the Colossus, or Braid to push the industry forward. I'm not saying the Metal Gears of the world, the God of Wars of the world, and the Final Fantasies aren't needed. What I'm saying is for some of these other developers. These other games being pumped out. Why not focus more on making the game fun to play? What is the point of a videogame that looks good, has an amazing narrative, memorable characters, a powerful message, and tons of content if it isn't fun to play? If there is one thing every game needs to be able to do is either be fun or at the least satisfy in a way through it's game mechanics or game design.

So I ask some of you developers. Tell some of the "I need a good story" crowd to go shove it. Start making games that are more about being fun. Give me games like Bayonetta where I can pull of rediculous combos left, right and center. Give me a Duke Nukem where I get one badass arsenal of weapons and a ton of enemies to use those weapons on. Give me a Saints Row 2 where I can go around on a rampage and obliterate stuff in sight. Pull a Crysis and give me a myriad of ways to adapt to the game world and then CONQUER IT like a weapon of mass destruction.

Why do I want that? Because it's fun, and I like my fun.

IV- So About That Conviction

Yeah I still think it's bastardized. Let me get this out of the way. The meticulous nature of Splintercell isn't there. Splintercell never delivered on instant gratification. The fun of the game was never something like the hilarity of mowing down your friends as a Monkey. The fun was more about the satisfaction you got in some of the situations provided in the Splintercell games. Where you were always uneasy, on your toes, and always in a tense situation. You were working thoroughly to wipe out all enemies in an area and trying not to be detected. It came with some annoying trial and error(some of which does carry over to conviction by the way), but the satisfaction all came at the end when you did this successfully. It was a rewarding experience more than anything else. Plot, storytelling and all that stuff was whatever. What was so beautiful about this "serious" game is that it was actually delivering on some satisfying serious gameplay.

That isn't there in Conviction. That is the biggest reason it doesn't deliver anything close to the quality of the First 3 splintercell games. With that out of the way let me be honest here. I like games that make me feel like a badass. SplinterCell Conviction makes you feel like a badass on many occaisons. The uneasy feeling and tension is replaced with a more relentless pace. That provides a new kind of intensity that was rarely in the other splintercell games. It's more accessable because of it, but it's also a tun of fun because of it.

The game is smart enough to not let you go balls out as that will eventually get you killed. It's just unlike the other splintercell games. Shooting is an actual option that can be productive. It was the one thing that always bugged me about the old games. So yes the shooting is better. Not great or acceptable just yet. I can't aim down the sights and it's still restricted shooting. He's a badass agent, but he has the worst shot in the world. Seriously? So the action still needs work if it wants to be upto snuff

So you are saying. Hey champ atleast the stealth is gold right? Uh not really. The level designs are so restricted. Games like MGS 4, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Chaos Theory all different ways of doing stealth. Provided me many scenarios where I never felt limited in options. Convictions doesn't do that. Every scenario feels overly restricted with only one way of succeeding. That was fine in the old days. This is 2010. I like being given a chance to be creative in my game world. Also having scripted shootouts or a war shooter level that has no business being in a SC game is nothing short of insulting.

What I'm trying to get across is don't think Conviction is beyond the backlash it's fans are giving it. That said I have to admit when a game is fun, and Conviction is fun. Above all else I like my games to be fun, and Conviction atleast delivers that in many segments. It's a solid experience that never comes close to great, but it gets the job done. Plus the Cooperative stuff is what really makes it fun to just play. IF you go in thinking 24/Jason Bourne just with Sam Fisher you'll atleast have some enjoyment with the game.

V- Up ahead

If you haven't noticed. I've had too many long blogs lately. To the point where I've had to cut out stuff which is annoying. I enjoy posting pictures, asking questions, and having fun with this thing. Just recently I've felt more like running my mouth. It's just the tongue is such a hard worker at all times, what can I say.

So while I'm going to work on getting back into the old groove. I'm going to still do some of the recent stuff as well. One that I want to touch is Crysis and how some find it average. I would like to argue against that theory. I also have more reviews on the way if I ever get the time to write them up. Oh and probably another list. Maybe top 10 favorite cartoons, maybe my favorite 10 junk food items, maybe 10 favorite positions? Nah that's a little over doing it. Anyway let's end this blog right.

Grand Finale

first I love me some Brazillian. So this blog's Lady is Brazillian Model Emanuela de Paula. And she is FINE!!!

The Rundown

1- The game that in your mind totally delivers on the word "FUN"
2- Biggest pet peeve when it comes to games?
3- What movies have you been watching recently?
4- A topic you like me to talk about?
5- The Next chick of the blog?

Now Finally a Poem to celebrate 69

Middle Ground by Jethrovegas

My lover is quite beautiful, so hopeful, strong, and free

Her legs are long, her hair is lush, her eyes are like the sea

Our days are countless bouts of joy

To outside eyes insane

We do not hide nor posture coy

Me make our passions plain

Yet through our quiet garden

There slinks a single fox

For though I give her service

At my request she balks

There's rumors of a treaty place

A common ground so fine

It's whispered in the traveler's bars

Its name is sixty nine

Goodnight and see ya later :)

A Retrospect on Metal Gear Solid 4(SPOILER WARNING)

So since the last blog went over my top 10 games of the generation(atleast from 2005-2009, so 2010 games didn't count), it ended up raising one question I feel like I've needed to answer. Where was Metal Gear Solid 4? where is the game you gave a 9.0 champ? where was the game that when you first played it you thought it deserved a 10? where is the game you at one time posted as your favorite game this gen in your profile?

Well honestly it was the only game that I probably was iffy about not putting in my top 10. I can come up with enough reasons to not show a ton of love to Halo 3, The Witcher, Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed 2, etc for my top 10. MGS 4 is actually a different situation though. So let me get this started right.

First and foremost I bought a Playstation 3 specifically so I could play Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I spent what I elieve was 400 or 500 dollars on the PS3/MGS 4 Bundle. Going in I was in love with the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid 1,2, 3 inspite of some of their flaws were truly exceptional games to me. MGS 4 to me is no different. It has it's flaws but I do admire it for many things. So why no top 10 spot? well that's harder to explain.

So lets get some fair warnings in. One there will be spoilers, and two a good chunk of you probably won't agree. Anyway enjoy.

Since it's a game; gameplay has to be where we start any discussion. The core mechanics in Metal Gear Solid have usually been pretty good. MGS 4 on the other hand is actually the series at it's best. The active camo was really cool and well implemented. Instead of pulling a God of War 3 or a Halo 3, MGS 4 actually evolved on it's core mechanics. The shooting mechanics were more modernized to fit the RE 4 sty-le of shooting.

So where is the bad? Well the shooting for the most part doesn't hold up against an actual SHOOTER. Listen I understand it's a stealth game, but if you have shooting in your games. I'm going to talk about it. For the most part the gunplay isn't as tight and as well done as games that followed it like Uncharted 2/Gears of War 2/Mass Effect 2 or even games that came before it like Resident Evil 4/Gears of War. Part of this is control. When you are trying to use basic cover for shooting, it can be very counter-intuitive. This lack of tightness to the action mechanics, and poor feedback hold back that aspect of the gameplay.

Other segments in the gameplay were some what of a letdown. The first 2 acts are simply amazing improvements over the MGS 3 formula. Here you have these open environments that while linear, have enough branching paths to really meticulously work your way through. The stealth aspect was satisfying, sure some if it still felt clunky but it was never game killing. You had enough means of clean takedowns that didn't need to be fatal kills. It has one aspect to the gameplay that makes it too easy because drebin allows you full access to a store at all times and infinite chance to resupply ammo. That's not something I take as too much of a bad thing as it is a player choice to take advantage of that system.

Act 3 on the other hand is just poorly executed. Following that one dude was way too long, and far too repetitive. It was also far more restricted than the vastly superior opening 2 acts. The on rail sequences didn't help the cause either. The only one that really felt fun and engaging, while also mixing up the pace is in Act 4 when you're piloting Metal Gear Rex.

Boss fights also had some letdowns with Raging Raven and Screaming Mantis. Raging Raven was too repetitive of a boss fight. Screaming Mantis trying to hard to be creative and cool(something MGS is known for in its boss fights), but failed on the part that required great execution. It was over in a flash, and came off anti-climactic to be quite honest. On the plus side look how hot the model for Raging Raven is. Yumi Kikuchi

With my next complaint comes the obvious and you totally should have seen it coming. The story telling. THE FOLLOWING WORDS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT, THEY TALK ABOUT HOW IT IS TOLD. I'm going to say it flat out Metal Gear Solid's way of story telling can and will only ever work for Metal Gear Solid. Why? Because this is a horrible way to tell a story in a videogame. Bombarding the player with countless hours of cutscenes is too much. This is not a passive medium where you sit down and watch. This is an interactive medium. Heavy Rain gets a free pass, because atleast in that game you have some interaction with the scenes. MGS 4s interaction is pressing the x button here and there for the cool flash back for nostalgia(which I appreciate). It's even worse when there is actually some action going on in the screen. It's one thing when it's a ton of dialogue. Metal Gear Solid knows how to run its mouth, but why the hell am I watching action in these cutscenes? This is an action/stealth game. I SHOULD BE A PART OF IT!.

So let's bring it to the main event itself. Let's not sugar coat it what has been Metal Gear Solid's grandest selling point. It's story arch. The massively insane, crazy, and quite frankly ambitious story arch of Metal Gear Solid 4. MGS 4 is a game that clearly was designed to tell a message, and the game goes to hell and back to deliver that message. All it's buzz words like "nanomachines" and "war economy" and other current day themes cover the same question asked in MGS 2. How much freedom should we relinquish for the sake of order and efficiency. WHen you have a game that tries to wrap up every loose end in one massive story arch like MGS 4, you have one of the most ambitious plots in gaming. The problem here is the ambition cost the game a strong plot.

First let's talk about the bad writing and the melodrama. If you want to have a ton of dialogue, by all means have a ton of dialogue. However, Mr. Kojima please hire better editors. Too much of the dialogue is overblown, overdramatic, and regurgitates the same thing over and over again. Subtlty has never stopped being a strong point in telling a plot, so please learn how to be subtle. Get to the point, and no you do not have to DEFINE every aspect of your mythology if by the end it will come off as meaningless. Your message, and central plot is far more important. The problem here is it explains too much. When it tries to tie up all the loose ends, it had many moments that just feel tacked on and thrown to gether at the last minute. Vamp having nanomachines to make him the way it was felt seriously contrived.

The other annoyance with the plot is the consistant use of plot devices. Nanomachines was a very popular one. Why is the war economy the way it is? Nanomachines, why is Vamp somekind of monster? nanomachines. Why is Raiden some douchebag Ninja? nanomachines. How are all the soldiers being controlled? Nanomachines. How was ocelot able to fake being liquid? Nanomachines.

In case you aren't getting something here, nanomachines was the most over used plot device in the game. Buzz words like war economy, outer haven, SOP, GW, and even the Metal Gears became plot devices in their own right. The Patriots themselves became a plot device. What was initially this unkown and mysterious entity became this uninspired plot device that completely lets you down with how it is executed.

Ocelot's character makes zero sense. So he had to trick the patriots into thinking he's going to blow it up? so Solid Snake could do it for him? What? So he faked being liquid, he became this mystical great actor because of nanomachines or his love for Big Boss's vision? Somehow, someway, and for whatever reason that body in Act 3 isn't Big Boss. It's actually Solidus? Really?

Then there is Raiden. Congrats MGS 2 haters you got what you wanted. Raiden went from being his own character, to some generic wannabee badass ninja. Was I honestly the only one that thought Raiden actually became lame? "OH MY GOD he can fight with no arms!". Oh my god why is he such a BRICK? He actually felt more than a 2-dimensional badass in MGS 2. You didn't need to like him, but atleast the audience could connect to Raiden alot more than they could connect to Ninja Jackass. OH my god how many times did he almost die? I mean seriously. He should have died at the end of Act 4. That would have atleast saved some his dignity and sent him out with a great send off. It would have also provided a very powerful moment in the story.

Johhny and Meryl. I don't even need to explain this. You know it sucks. DO not lie, no don't you dare. DON'T YOU DARE LIE. Are you honestly trying to lie to me? or yourself on this one?

What ultimately ruined the plot for me. Because i could live with the execution of MGS 4 from Act 1 to the end of Act 5. What I HATED WITH A PASSION was the epilogue. The post credits of MGS 4. Yes the part where Big Boss unravels everything all over again for the MGS fanbase to what Kojima actually wanted the series to end with. It felt like it was trying to pay some homage and finish off some love letter to MGS 3, when it should have been building on the story arch of MGS 1/2. Sure in some way the story ends with what actually started everything(chronologically). All it did was open add to the plot devices, while adding in some more annoying plotholes. An ending that is over an hour long, an ending that after 4 playthroughs still sticks out as the biggest issue for me. It's the moment in the game where it went from "exceptional but flawed" to "great but flawed".

Let's end this nicely. jg4xchamp and Metal Gear Solid basically broke up. Do I admire the series for it's rebellious nature? Absolutely. Do I still think MGS 4 is a great game? My review says absolutely. It just isn't the generation defining game for me, as it is for some of you. It's plot isn't as tightly paced and as memorable as MGS 3, nor does it have the intrigue that MGS 1 had. It's easily the best game in the series from a gameplay standpoint, but this is also a series that flaunts its story at your senses as if the story was the 2nd coming of christ. Quite frankly MGS 4 is many things, and I probably can't justify giving STALKER the 10th spot over MGS 4. WHat I can tell you, is that in the end. MGS 4 just didn't do it for me, and when it comes to how it holds up after 2 years. My opinion on it has only regressed.

MGS 4 is however a great gameplay experience, and ACT 4 is simply EPIC from start to finish. Some memorable boss fights, tons of nostalgia for one of the most epic franchises in gaming, so much fan service, and an imaginative and ambitious storyline is worthy of admiration. I love MGS 4 inspite of so many things I don't like about it, because the game is proper fan service. I am a Metal Gear Solid fan. Laughing Octopus, Rex vs Ray, Ocelot/snake showdown, and so many other memorable moments. Plus how many games this gen actually deliver a message with their plot? here's a hint NOT MANY. That is why inspite of its pretention, poor writing, and some questionable execution I can still say that MGS 4 is a great game. Flawed to hell and back, but I love it. Just not enough to say it's one of my 10 favorite games this gen. When it isn't even my favorite MGS.


Killerfist was right, the Easter Bunny isn't real.


What can I say I deliver on most days like Barry White does, holidays are no exception 8)

Also seriously I am stunned there is no easter bunny. All these lies for so long.


So what's this holiday about again Jesus coming back from the grave? Anyway it made work really slow. The restaurant I work at was exceptionally slow for the weekend. To the point on Easter I only worked for 2 hours. Hey on the bright side I spent the rest of the day with my lady. She cooked these lamb chops with this bourbon glaze. I FREAKIN ORGASMED AT FIRST BITE. Yes she was taken care of nicely for it :).

So yeah while I usually throw Liz under the bus for bad cooking, gotta give her props when she can actually cook.

II- Let's Talk Level Design

I'm sure you've heard me callout a game for having great level design while insulting others. Some would wonder what makes a good level? what makes a great level? what makes a level bad? Well isn't this your lucky day because today I will share to you what I usually expect from a level.

First and foremost. Besides being presentation friendly, besides being "immersive", or being flashy and sticking out. Make sure the levels provide great gameplay experiences. Do not make the levels in a way that will hurt the gameplay experience. For instance Halo 3 is a game that I think has inconsistent level design. On one hand you have a Tsavo Highway which has a level that is tightly paced, designed to provide different shooting scenarios, mixes it up nicely with vehicles, and is pretty straight forward with where you are going. ON the flip side you have Cortana. Repetitive, poorly paced, too long, doesn't mix it up very well as you go, and just overall doesn't play to the strenghts of the game's actual gameplay mechanics.

Gears of War is a series that has level design that is clearly built around gameplay. It sticks out as something overly gamey but it WORKS. It helps the pacing, the action, the actual GAME PLAY. Games are going to live and die by their mechanics. If the level design doesn't play to the strengths the game will suffer because of it.

Now when you have games that are trying to be not just a very good game, but a great immersive experience. The level design unfortunantly(and yes I know it's a little unfair) needs to do more than just be functional gameplay wise. Now let me say this. I would argue with even aallxxjjnn that I would rather the levels work with the gameplay than be so presentation focused that it makes the game part of everything bland, boring, or uninspired.

So in that regard Mass Effect 2's level design is excellent. It works for the gameplay. Here's the problem. Mass Effect 2 is very presentation focused, it's about immersing you into this experience, and really make the player a part of the experience. That is why Mass Effect 2's level design is actually FLAWED!. It sticks out like a sore thumb at how "gamey" it is. You have random boxes in the middle of bumba **** chillin on some random planet also in the middle of bumba ****. It was immersion killing for many reasons. One it's too random, and doesn't feel organic. Things like that stick out, but what really makes it poorly thought out is how predictable it makes the game. It was dead obvious when a massive shootout was going to happen because of it's level design.

So champ what is good level design that works with gameplay and immersion? Resident Evil 4, specifically the Village. One it's built entirely for the gameplay in mind, nice open spot in the middle where you'll get mugged. So you need to work the houses. Shotguns/ammo in the houses, and the sides provide good camping spots for you to just stand tall and gun everyone down when needed. It also was immersive. Nothing about it at the time was gamey, other than you're actual hud. It fit the atmosphere of the game, and it immersed you into RE4s gameworld. Nothing jarred you out of the immersion. Well the cutscenes and dialogue did, but that's not level design. That's a story thing :P.

But Champ, Mass Effect 2 is a cover shooter it needs chest high walls. What game has great level design that is a cover shooter?

Well again I did say from a gameplay standpoint ME2 works, so does Gears of War, and so does the Uncharted series. I do think these games and this genre still hasn't had almost perfect level design. The Immersion factor is going to be an issue until devs figure out how to make chest high walls feel organic into an experience. Uncharted 2 was the best at it in my opinion, but it had it's moments where it stuck out. Some of the set pieces clearly were made so they could use the cover system(train level anyone?). Other parts stuck out as "this is specifically for the gameplay".

Again above all else I would rather have levels built for gameplay than strictly presentation. But developers please show some creativitiy. even to your not so serious games. Bayonetta my recent love affair in terms of videogames is filled with some creative levels. Where the hell was the DMC team on that? why were your levels so uninspired? Team Ninja? why wasn't Ninja Gaiden 2 upto snuff with Ninja Gaiden Black's level design?

The other thing is don't be creative and imaginative if it doesn't play to the strenghts of the gameplay. If it's a "unique" level that's fine and dandy, except it might not play to the strenghts of the game. If it doesn't do that, the game suffers. It's a throwaway level, you waisted creativity on a level that had no business in your game.

Finally for you presentation focused games that want to not only provide great gameplay but immerse the player. Make sure your levels are actually IMMERSIVE. Make the player feel like he's in that environment, and not like he's playing a game. Bioshock, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime and quite a few others truly immerse you into the experience. A game like ME 2 can immerse you one second, and then kick you right out of the experience the next.

Anyway that's my lovely little rant on level design.

III- Stopped caring for FF13

So yeah, Remember how FF13 was in the top 7 of my 9 games on the last blog. Well it fell off to Darksiders/Bioshock 2 territory. As in I lost the care to finish. If it's a game that makes me not want to finish it, I have to say it just didn't cut the mustard for me. Far too repetitive, poorly paced, and I couldn't get over the horrible writing. Shame, as I'm also worried about trying Resonance of Fate at this point. Lately champ and jrpgs don't click.

Metro2033 is a cool rent so far though. Narrative I'm not too into, but I do enjoy it's atmosphere. It's also knows how to really feel tense and instill a sense of dread. Really cool concept, execution is pretty good for the most part. I don't like the gunplay. Maybe it's a gamepad thing as this game is clearly a PC shooter when you're playing, but on a gamepad the gameplay just doesn't feel very strong. I did say games can live and die by their game mechanics, and I'd go as far as to say while it's presentation aspects are really cool. It's gameplay does not satisfy completely. That is kind of a letdown.

IV- Champ Top 10

Don't we all hate lists? well I don't. Here are my top 10 games of this generation(360/PC/Wii/PS3) from 2005-2009. Now this doesn't mean that I didn't consider DS games like TWEWY or PS2 games like Persona 3. I did count them, they just didn't make the cut. Don't expect to agree, and you'll be able to move on. Also you should know that Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, and God of War 3 aren't going to be on the list. I'm not counting games from this year, until the year is finished.

#10- S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Chernobyl

On sheer principle alone I can not put this game that much higher because of all the visual quirks. It has great atmosphere, exceptional gameplay, and such a refreshing sense of dread that other games rarely capture. It's a shame that all the bugs plagued this game for so long, but hey it's totally worth it now. Throw in some top tier mods on this(2009 complete mod) and you have the richest first person experience in gaming this entire decade.

#9- Bioshock

For all intents and purposes STALKER is a more rewarding experience, and a far more rich experience because of a vastly superior combat blend of action and rpg mechanics. That said Bioshock has not only a superior narrative, but it's atmosphere overall is on a different level. Bioshock really nailed the art deco look, and few games have the truly awe inspiring moments of a Bioshock like your first sight of Rapture in the Bathosphere, "Would You Kindly", and Sander Cohen are just a few of my most memorable moments this gen. Combat was lacking, the final 3rd of the game isn't as strong, the endings leave alot to be desired, and it's choice system was over blown. Yet I still admire Bioshock for all it did do right.

#8- Crysis/Crysis Warhead

Going to go out and straight up say it. I think no one first person shooter is as much fun to play as Crysis. If you try to play this like any other shooter(or play it on standard difficulty) you are missing out on one of the coolest FPS games period. Crysis has points where yes it feels like a glorified tech demo and the narrative is non existant. The gunplay is solid, but it's the tools given in the sandbox you are dropped in is what makes Crysis awesome. Farcry 2 completely failed to deliver, but Crysis could be the future of the FPS genre in some ways. No one game makes you feel like the badass you feel like when playing Crysis. The nanosuit powers+that sandbox environment+some good AI= one of the best shooters this gen. Throw in jaw dropping graphics, and that alien level and you have me hooked. Throw in an expansion that actually takes the formula and then makes it all feel like one cohesive experience with non of that tech demo feel to it. Yeah you have an experience that truly delivers on the saying "I Came, I Saw, and I CONQUERED"

#7- Mother 3

You didn't play it. I know you didn't play it because Nintendo refuses to release it here, and playing it requires "other" means. Well I need you to know that Mother 3 is one of the most fun, charming, witty, and absolutely unique JRPG experience. The character development/interaction is one thing, but it's the raw emotion of the story that really puts the game up top. Game mechanics aren't overly deep, but it all works out into a very satisfying gameplay experience as well.

#6- Grand Theft Auto IV/The Lost and Damned/The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Yes I'm going to say it right now. That as much fun as I had with other sandbox games I actually liked GTA 4 more. It's pretentious, gunplay isn't as strong as other 3rd person shooters, open world wise it's not as very ideal sandbox as crackdown, and it lacks the sheer over the top fun of San Andreas. Hey I love the game. The Action was very well done, it was an expansive and long game that gave me my money's worth. The satire was on point, and the game was genuinly clever for it. The social mechanic was whatever, but few cities felt as alive as Liberty City. Throw in a pretty fun multiplayer and 2 very good expansions in TLAD and TBOGT in my favorite sandbox environment and memorable characters? why shouldn't I love this game. Plus it gets bonus points for being as close to a true game world New York City as possible.

#5- Valkyria Chronicles

This is hands down the best strategy RPG I have ever played. I love me some fire emblem, but I think this game made by the team that made skies of arcadia is the most fun I've ever had in tthe genre. The charming but silly narrative, unique artsty-le, and true refreshing game mechanics for the genre are just icing on the cake. I'm going to go ahead and say it. If you like JRPGs/SRPGs and you have a PS3, and you didn't buy Valkyria Chronicles? YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

#4- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The jack of all trades and master of none. Well hold that theory for a second. NO one third person shooter has the same level of satisfying gunplay as Uncharted 2. The action in this game is sublime thanks in large part to a major improvement in combat. Grenades are easier to use, guns are more fun to use, and shooting enemies isn't the chore it once was. The overall design of the game is truly great. What Uncharted 2 isn't is an original title. Everything about the game is borrowed completely from something else to the point where there is nothing original or ground breaking about it. That's fine because there aren't many games that are crafted as well as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. You have great pacing, great level design, a charming witty story, a true cinematic GAMING experience that uses cutscenes correctly, and one of the most fun thrill rides of this generation. Uncharted 2 isn't deep, it isn't something thought provoking, it isn't going to light the world on fire. What it is a game crafted to pure greatness by a development studio who took all of the best game designes of the past decade and put it together into one strong package. Throw in some fun multiplayer and great graphics. You have the great game that is Uncharted 2. The puzzles and platforming are weak sauce though.

#3- Braid

It's pretentious. That is by far the only legit complaint you will ever have on Braid. Anything else from a gameplay perspective is nitpicking. It may very well be my favorite 2-D platformer even if it technically isn't strong for it's platforming mechanics. While the platforming mechanics aren't as good as Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island I can't help but feel how Braid incorporates them into puzzles just feels like a refreshing, gratifying, and rewarding experience. It's all so cleverly designed. Sure it's a short game, its a XBLA game, and it's an INDIE game. That does not mean it doesn't school all these blockbusters in what a good game is. The story telling isn't as good since it's alot of reading and epilogue. HOwever the story is pretty cool, and I really enjoyed the memorable ending. Braid is one of those indie games that gathers a ton of high level critical acclaim and quite frankly it deserves it. I got my moneys worth, it looks good because great art direction, it plays great, and it has a story one can really appreciate even if it can come off pretentious. If you want the best downloadable game this gen, it's BRAID.

#2- Demon's Souls

Yes the toughest, hardest game EVER MADE! Not really, it really isn't that hard. What Demon's Souls is; is quite frankly a game that delivers pure awesome. The tense, dark, treatorous, dangerous, and enthralling world of Demon's Souls will suck you in. Instilling dread like very few games can. The combat scheme is some of the most fun in any RPG EVER. It's not some tactically deep isometric snorefest. It isn't over the top like some of my favorite hack n slash games. It's very much grounded with the right dose of magic and weapon work. It forces the players to play with a sense of caution and worry that really makes the experience the single most rewarding experience this entire gen. It's online components are also really unique and I love how it also adds to one of Demon's Souls strong points. The fear of the gameworld. The Fear of someone invading your gameworld. Oh and did I mention it has great boss fights? people that like those sacks of trash from No More Heroes, learn what a good boss fight is. Oh and it doesn't hurt that Demon's Souls will kick your ass, ALOT!.

#1- Super Mario Galaxy

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Super Mario Galaxy is fun, and I can't wait for SMG2. IF you asked me what I think is the most fun game this gen? I would tell you it is Super Mario Galaxy. Games can be many things. They can be immersive, they can try to be thought provoking, they can be engaging, they can be satisfying, they can be rewarding, but above all else they have one major purpose. Fun. Super Mario Galaxy is the most fun game this gen and when I say I think it's the best 3-D platformer and best PLATFORMER of all time. I mean it. I Think it is genunily the best thing the genre has to offer no matter how easy it is. The Level design would make you think it's the work of some gaming industry master and it is. Miyamoto clearly never lost it, because SMG shows he has it and then some. The boss fights are poor, there is no story, and it's easy. Go ahead make those complaints. I don't care when the soundtrack is this good, when the level design is this creative, this exceptional, when the core gameplay is the envy of the genre, and when the overall gaming experience is this much fun. After all that's what games are all about to me. The fun, and no game this gen is as fun to me as Super Mario Galaxy.

Well this blog is going to have to end here. It's too long to the point where I had to drop my Super Metroid comments, and well everyones favorite section. Sorry. But hey I delivered somewhat didn't I. I promise next time I'll shut my mouth quicker.

Back to Business, the dead or alive edition


Anyway like I said we're going to get back to having fun in my blog again, so let's get this started. Oh and yes I do listen to some Bon Jovi, sue me 8)

Also from now on All sections will be done in Roman Numerals. Why? Because if I do lists in my blog, it makes it easier to follow. Also while I would prefer to mix and match colors, since you all felt one color is better than multiple. I'll go with that.


Yep still doing shameless promotion. Well if God of War 3s metacritic score wasn't enough, if reading my review wasn't enough, and if Napk1ns epic thread in system wars wasn't enough. Here is the latest podcast from checkpointreached.com on God of War 3. Again it's done by Jechtshot78, Napk1ns, and their friends)

Checkpointreached God of War 3 review

1st half is stuff they've been playing, and then the entire 2nd half is God of War 3. Anyway show my boys some love.

Also I have to pimp out the official GUFU Blog site that is hosted by TheMindofGame.

Yes while I know the sensatives want to que in on some hate, I'll just move on into and say enjoy the link to our March Podcast(skittles mcgee, the_game21x, and lafigueroa).


GUFU March Podcast

II- Now Playing

So yeah lately I've been working on Bad Company 2 multiplayer with my friends. Other than that haven't really put in real work into finishing a single player game yet. Will probably get back to work on Final Fantasy XIII and a game I'm renting right now Metro2033. Other than that I'm really not buying much in April either. My only buy now is Super Street Fighter IV.

Conviction has been moved to a rental under the terms of Bastardization.

III- Life Stuff

So the last of my friends that needed to turn 21 is now finally 21. So me and my girlfriend have decided to have a night out this week for spring break. Our initial plans of going on vacation was derailed by a small setback, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway I plan on enjoying my spring break at home with friends and family. Go out get some booze, maybe chill and play some games.

Oh me and Liz saw hot tub time machine together, fun movie. Not overly impressed but one part made me laugh out loud hysterically. Solid movie, but I've seen funnier. Oh and Wednesday I'm going to end up going to see another Broadway Play with the wifey. So Zassimack if I like it, I'll make sure to tell you all about it.

IV- Quarter One Power Rankings

With the first 3 months of 2010 the year of the FOREVER! as some want to hype it in terms of gaming done and over with. I'm going to rank the games from worst to best out of the ones I've played. I will say this. I didn't play Metro2033 yet, so who knows it might shake up this power rankings after I'm done. Until than it's not being mentioned on the list. The following 9 games are games that I played and would rank accordingly as of this blog.

First let's start with games I didn't like

#9 DarkSiders

This is by far the most boring game I've played all year. In an attempt to try to blend the aspects that make zelda so great with a more action oriented combat scheme the game completely misses the mark. It's lack of polish in certain areas, mediocre level design, piss poor plot, repetitive and excitement killing opening hours, and a shallow combat scheme just make it very hard for me to personally recommend to anyone. I wanted to give the game a chance, but when a game is borrowing so much from other games, and then can't execute one thing correctly. I just can't find any reason to enjoy it. This may be the game for some of you, but not for me.

#8 Bioshock 2

Now this is a game that is much harder for me to say I don't like. On one hand it's technically a solid game. Visuals are still good, great art work, good audio work, and the presentation is still great. The writing is still there for the most part, it just lacks the awe inspiring moments/feel of the first Bioshock for me. That opening sequence in the bathosphere is to me an iconic moment in this generation of gaming, and nothing in Bioshock 2 lived up to that.

Throw in the part where the combat is still unsatisfying compared to other shooters, the level design lacking some of the creative wisdom of the original, and the pacing not feeling as tight as the original. It really misses the mark when compared to the original. In alot of ways it may want to build on the success of the original, but it never feels like it's actually pushing things forward. It feels like it's borrowing so much from the original, that it feels like the straight to DVD version instead of a true sequel. Narrative wise it just never feels as coherent as the original, and certain plot issues bug me. Overall this is another game that I rented, and did not finish. The multiplayer is fun for what it is, but in the realm of multiplayer I can definantly name better games.

For me personally Bioshock 2 isn't the sequel that Bioshock deserves, and that's a shame.

-Now let's move on to the 7 games I did like.

#7- Stalker Call of Pripyat

The STALKER series has built itself on tense atmosphere, an awesome blend of First Person Shooter/RolePlaying gameplay, and bugs. Few games are as awesome as Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl and as equally unpolished if not more so. A lack of polish is my biggest pet peeve in gaming, and that is enough of a reason for you to think Shadow of Chernobyl is in fact a great game. If I can like it with some much admiration inspite of commiting a holy gaming sin for me speaks for itself. Clear Sky was equally buggy, and while still impressive in its own right. Nowhere near the instant cl@ssic that shadow of chernobyl was.

Now we have Call of Pripyat the only PC game I played all year. Why? Because I don't have a gaming PC, so I had to buy this game and mooch my friends PC on my spare time to finish this game. Anyway first thing I automatically noticed, NO BUGS. Or well limited bugs. The game not only runs, it runs consistantly from start to finish. Gameplay wise it's lost the fresh feel and the creativity STALKER once had so that's a shame that the series took so long to get to working status. That said if you are looking for a true PC First Person Shooter, and one of the most rewarding franchises of the current generation. STALKER Call of Pripyat is a must play. If only for the sheer fact that this one actually runs.

#6- Final Fantasy XIII

Few franchises have the legacy or carry as much anticipation quite like the Final Fantasy series. It's been the face of the Japanese RPG in the west for quite a long time, and has sure taken it's sweet ass time finally releasing. Well the game is finally here and it hasn't been met with all the praise the series is usually used to. Alot of it has merit, the game's weak plot, horrible writing, annoying characters(atleast for the first half), exceptionally linear and repetitive design definantly will help it fail on living up to all the expectations. Especially when the battle system in the game(the strongest point of the game) can become overly simplistic after 20 hours of play.

That said I like the battle system in this game. It's simplicity is an issue, but it blends real time with the tactics of a menu based combat nicely. The Crystarium offers a very elaborate and streamlined approach to actual character development(in terms of attributes), and if you can get past the bad writing/voice acting. You will find a JRPG adventure full with the same charm, wonder, and amazement the series has usually set a high bar for. Oh and did I mention the production value is amazing? I haven't finished the game, so it might end up higher on the list, or lower depending on how the final 3 chapters go. That said FF13 may not live upto all the hype of a messiah, but anyone that dismisses this game as something awful will miss out on a fun JRPG.

#5- Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Let's focus on the bad. The campaign is incredibly cookie cutter and borrows heavily from what both Modern Warfare games do. It never really matches that other series in intensity, pacing, or even the same care in it's level design. Quite frankly Bad Company 2's campaign comes off as something highly average, maybe even mediocre. Maybe it's a piece of crap, nah that's harsh.

WHat is good is some of the crazy draw distance and the big environments. The far more satisfying gunplay versus the modern war series, some genuinly fun characters, and a superior multiplayer component. What it lacks in options(only 4 game modes), it more than makes up for it in pure quality in core departments. It's 4 seperate cl@sses are designed nicely overall, and the overall game rewards team work over lone wolfing it. Throw in no aim assist, no auto aim, dedicated servers, anti-camping friendly gameplay, larger open areas, bullet drops, etc; and you have one of the most satisfying multiplayer games in awhile. I still have issues with the unlocking reward system all these games like lately, but other than that this is the front runner for best multiplayer game of 2010.

#4- Heavy Rain

In a generation filled with sequels(8,7,6 and 5 are all sequels in case you missed that) it's nice to see when a game not only tries to be unique(unlike #9), but delivers a unique experience worth playing(also unlike #9). Heavy Rain won't win everyone over. It's going to come off pretentious for some people, it's going to come off as a game that is barely a game at times.

That said I honestly don't care it was one of the more entertaining, engrossing, and thoroughly satisfying experiences of the gen. Few games make it feel like a personal experience like Heavy Rain does, and I commend the game for that. The Voice Acting is iffy at points, and some scenes are just cringe worthy. Gameplay is very passive at times, but don't expect a lack of intensity. I've said it before and I'll say it agian. You don't have to buy Heavy Rain, but if you honestly enjoy games you owe it to yourself to atleast try Heavy Rain.

Now we have the elites of Quarter One. The True Top Tier of 2010 at this point. The games that delivered on a very high level. Let's get this started

#3- Mass Effect 2

You knew Bioware's latest epic would rank up high. Let's get this out of the way Mass Effect 2 is a great game. It improves on the first game so much, it genuinly makes the original feel like a sack of garbage. It can still improve in combat in many ways, level design is still in issue, and when it comes to ACTUAL ROLE PLAYING in terms of story it's still highly restrictive. Which sticks out even more when you realise Heavy Rain a "non-RPG" and the "interactive movie" is actually not as restrictive as a "Role Playing Game". Funny how the gaming industry works now doesn't it?

Anyway the game is fantastic overall, the plot like any other Bioware game is very well told, very well written, and all kinds of awesome. The gameplay is much improved and is a satisfying third person shoooter-role playing hybrid by Bioware. Visually its stunning, and the art work is actually improved in the sequel. The porting over your character from Mass Effect 1, and seeing how all your choices shape Mass Effect 2 is a joy in itself. It has its down points ofcourse, but the overall game makes up for it in spades. This is the epic the first game wanted to be and wasn't. This is the game universe while still pretty generic(it rips off every scifi universe known to man) that comes off far more inspired than that uninspired snorefest DragonAge. Oh and the combat is actually fun and engaging. So yes to all my readers who enjoy the isometric pause and play stuff. I think that crap is boring. And when I mean Boring? I mean BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mass Effect 2 on the other hand? Far more intense, and all kinds of exciting.

#2- God of War 3

My review spoke for the games quality enough, but I'm in the mood to keep running my mouth. It isn't anywhere near as satisfying in the combat departmet as other games in the genre. That said when the pacing is this good, when the level design is this exceptional, when the boss fights are this thrilling, and when the polish of the game has a shine that would make Mr. Clean's bald head jealous. You have a truly great game.

God of War 3s insane production values, crazy sense of scale, awe-inspiring spectacles that it calls boss fights, and some of the most brutal stuff you'll see in a videogame are part of the many reasons why God of War 3 is an awesome experience. Santa Monica sends one of my least favorite video game characters out with a bang. The Ghost of Sparta's final game is an epic thrill ride and an awesome showcase for the PS3. Oh and did I mention you'll end up saying most of my hyperbole's in just the opening sequences?

#1- Bayonetta

I think it can go without saying that I love the hack n slash genre. It is no where near as pretentious as the RPG genre, nor as over flooded as the First Person Shooter genre. It rarely has a decent story to tell(outside of God of War), but to that statement I say "Who gives a crap".

When it comes to exciting gameplay, break neck pacing, and some of the truly best boss fights in gaming few genres deliver on a high level like the hack n slash genre with it's elites like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, or God of War. Now you can add Bayonetta to the list. It's aesthetic may come off shameless, but for anyone that forgives the over the top, cheesy, and tongue n cheek nature there is a truly exceptional game to be played here.

Games are on this trend of trying to immerse you in the game environments and yada yada yada you get what I'm going for. Bayonetta is the game that knows it's a game, and keeps telling you it's a damn game. You have a hud, you have a scoring system, leaderboards, you have trophies, and you have a forgetful plot that wants to be more spectacle and flash than something serious.

The combat system is both deep and rediculous at the same time. The art work is iffy, and the character designs are well unique to say the lease. It's the attention to pacing, to the creativity in level design, to the satisfying execution of all the core mechanics of what make a great hack n slash work. Bayonetta won't win game of the year awards this year, it will be a forgotten title for many. That's fine I can live with that, it's just vidoe games.

But know this, few games I've played are as FUN as Bayonetta. Few hack n slash games are this well designed, and only one combat scheme is even up to par with the masterful work that is Bayonetta's combat(that one game is Ninja Gaiden 2, except we all know how the rest of the game came out). Throw in what is BY FAR the EPITOME of the action genre in what is MY favorite boss fight of the entire generation in the final fight with Jeanne and you have a game destined for me to admire.

The story sucks, it has too many cutscenes, 2 on rail segments flat out suck, and it does that DMC bullcrap of repeating boss fights that takes away from the quality of the original fights with those monsters. But it's made up for in SPADES by every other aspect of what makes a great action game. I love Bayonetta, and at this point it's my front runner for my Game of the Year.

Hopefully Quarter 2 can keep up with that.

V- Lady of the Blog

I have a thing for hispanics, after all I date a Puerto Rican. There is absolutely nothing sexier than getting cursed at in spanish. I freakin mean it. Seriously there just saying crap you don't understand, all mad and intense. It's like the greatest turn on ever. So while I've used up some of the noteable latinas off the top of my head for this blog in the past, I did save Jessice Alba for a long awaited showing in this blog. Now is that time. She's mexican. Not exactly top tier on my hispanic chart. For those that care

God Tier

Top Tier
-Puerto Ricans
-Venezeulians(I wouldn't have the first idea of how to actually spell that)

Middle Tier

well you get the idea. anyway here is Jessica Alba, why by virtue of being Jessica Alba is god tier.

1- I'm running out of people. Who should be the next lady of the blog?
2- Favorite game of Q1 2010
3- Do you have a specific group of women you find to be the hottest?
4- Do you forgive me for listening to Bon Jovi?
5- How many times have you thought to yourself "Damn I'm so god damn awesome"?

Random Fact: Did you know the New York Yankees are winners of 27 World Series Championships. Fun Fact isn't it :)

Anyway I'm out. Love Me or Hate Me, atleast admit I have some sty1e 8)

Reward Blog

Pfft Like we're talking about that crap anymore


Anyway since the last 2 blogs involved me being lazy, and essentially responding to some half-assed arguement. I think I have to reward the people that come to my blog for one reason and one reason only. Here is Mary Elizabeth Winstead :)

*fine legs*


*Gotta love cheer leaders*

Yeah, lets get back to having fun with my blog again :)

A Conviction I Want to Share.

One of the definitions of the word 'Conviction" is a strong persuasion, or a belief. It's also the title for the upcoming, and continuously delayed SplinterCell Sequel that's been 4-5 years in the making. In what is going to be a landmark year filled with a surplus of great titles, I too am willing to share with you my Convictions. One of them is that SplinterCell: Conviction completely bastardizes the SplinterCell Series.

As of March 18th a demo for the upcoming, continuously delayed, and overly bastardized Splintercell: Conviction was released over Xbox Live. Now Conviction on paper, sounds like a great concept. It's an action/stealth game. A game that takes the stealth elements the series is so revered for and blends it with combat mechanics that make Sam Fisher feel like the ultimate agent. Againg great concept, but this is Ubisoft. The grand masters of "great concept, horrible execution". Sam Fisher and the Splintercell series has always been grounded and subtle. Conviction on the other hand completely misses the point of the series.

The demo starts off with an interrogation of a random thug, that gives off details on the true killer of Sam's daughter Sarah. Next is the real meat of the game, and when the real disappointment sinks in. The next level is a warehouse environment. Here you are tasked with trying to infiltrate the area, and defuse an EMP bomb. Now the old splintercell true joy came from the challenge presented, and the creativity one could use to accomplish his/her goals without every being detected. Sneak in and out without ever being noticed. Conviction is not that splintercell.

Most of the demo's design was inherently designed so you would be forced to kill, and the game only ever really gives you the option to kill. You can no longer go close quarters to knock people out, drag their bodies into hidden locations, cause some kind of disturbance that makes the AI go in a completely different direction so you can sneak by. Hell there isn't even a jump up and do a leg split.

*What happened, did he become too stupid to remember how to do this?*

Conviction's game mechanics center around it's action and shooting. Which work better than the other splintercell games; that much can't be denied. There is a mark and execute mechanic where you can mark up two targets, and then press the Y button to automatically eliminate them. To make sure this element in the game isn't overpowered; The game throws in one of the most contrived elements to a game ever. You have to do some form of melee encounter with an enemy, before you can be given the option to use the mark and execute. That's fine and dandy that it keeps mark and execute from breaking the game, but you have a contrived element that not only kills some of the "immersion" the game is aiming for, but completely killing the whole realistic tone of the game.

What ultimately kills the SplinterCell experience, and what really makes you notice the stealth being as idiot friendly as possible. Is how dumb the AI is. You can be not 7 or 8 feet away from them, and they won't notice that Sam Fisher has come out of hiding in plain sight to beat the snot out of their boys. Thus giving you enough time to mark and execute them. You can literally walk around them, because of instead of giving chase to you, they hold their spot and hold that ground. Thus giving you a chance to just flank them in the simplest ways. You can be within breathing room of them and they won't notice you until you do some kind of harm to them, or are DIRECTLY in front of them.

The final section of this demo is strictly linear. Your options in this scenario is really simple, take out certain targets while hanging from the top pipes on the ceiling. Then flash bang, frag grenade, or whatever to finish off the rest of the guards and shoot if you have to. It not only continues to show the idiocy of the AI in the game, it shows how restricted the game design is. Oh and if you think the answer is going to realistic mode(aka the hardest difficulty). Yeah Conviction on realistic mode still gives you infinite pistol ammo. Let me repeat that for you. A SPLINTERCELL GAME, on REALISTIC gives you INFINITE AMMO.

Sure in story context this may make some sense. This is a more angry Sam Fisher, a more violent Sam Fisher. However, that's not what SplinterCell was ever about. This game bastardizes everything the fans have loved about the series in place for a more accessible and action friendly game. I will concede that because this is a demo one can't read too much into it. What I do know is that I have been disappointed by many games/demos before. However, this demo has left me seriously dejected at what Splintercell has now become. This may end up being a respectable game in its own right, but it's not the Splintercell it's fans deserve. It's not the Splintercell I want to spend money on, it's not the SplinterCell I love.