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I'm a couple of months away from turning 21, and I haven't had sex yet.

I wasn't really taught how to talk to women, and all that crap, by my parents, or really anybody. I also haven't really tried taking it that far with many women. I think I'm just happy with becoming friends with them (yes yes, friendzone or w/e). Now, I sure as hell wouldn't mind having sex with any of these girls, I just never bother with wanting to push going further with them.

I don't stress out about it. Like what others are saying, it'll probably happen eventually. I just want to get through college and find a nice job. Then I'll probably actually attempt to really try and find a girlfriend. But right now, I'm just worrying about myself.

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Pretty much everything that was on Cartoon network / Toonami / Adult Swim and other channels that don't ring a bell at the moment. So off the top of my head, stuff like Dragonball / DBZ, Pokemon, YuGiOh!, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Beebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Ghost In The Shell, Gundam Wing, Zoids, Rurouni Kenshin etc. (can't think of others).

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@Jebus213 said:

The reply box.....That's about it.

Everything else has either gone backwards or haven't improved at all.

I can't remember if it was there before, but I just noticed an "insert video" option in the reply box. Pretty neat.

Other than these 2 things, I haven't found anything else I really liked.

Hopefully the rest of the boards get replaced.

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Heard it on the radio a bit ago, and it's been in my mind for probably a week.

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Get a 3DSXL the larger is worth it, not to mention the better battery life.AzureDrive
Pretty much what I'm thinking about doing. I figured it would either be Pokemon X / Y, or the new Smash Bros. that'd get me to buy a 3DS.
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They should be fined for cruelty towards animals or even jail for couple of days :P

*years. maybe *decades.
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Frieza and Cell saga were awesome.

I definitely agree with this. I also really enjoyed DragonBall, so I'll go with those two being on the same level. I didn't really watch GT (not to mention it's been years since I've seen an episode), but I did like the SS4 design (dat black hair). I think I really got bored with it.
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I found a few of my teachers either hot or attractive through the years, but never had a crush on any.

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Haven't done one in a few months...

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corege plsBottleOp

Exactly what I thought. 

Pretty sure he based it off of that "y u do dis?" meme.


One of mine.