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Fallout 3!

I've been playing Fallout 3 for days. I've had this game for a long time. But as it took a long time to do things in the game, I stopped playing because it started to get boring. But as I said, I've been playing it for days. I've basically become amazing awesome at that game. This may be one of the greastest games ever created. I encorage anyone that has never played this game to do so. It is, in my opinion, the third greatest game ever created. Fallout chap Pictures, Images and Photos

#1: Bioshock

#2: Bioshock 2

#3: FALLOUT 3!

BioShock 2... the excitment is over

Just beat Bioshock 2! Amazing game. It's a tear jerker though. On the last 2 levels i got hella emotional. Ehh. I think I'm going to replay the game just so I can make Elinore be good. I think she is gonna be better that way. I basically did everything I could to get her to be evil but I didn't really mean to. I forgot that there are a bunch of endings in the first one and there are like 3 or 4 in the second. I did the one where I sacrifice myself. Now I'm happy yet pissed off that I have to redo the game to make changes.ehh. not so bad though, more time to play BioShock 2. I still haven't go my XBOX live yet so I haven't played online but hopefully soon. Tell me what ending you got...



Hello, I'm Jesse. And just to start, my name isn't jesserocks777 because I'm obssessed with myself or anything. I made this when I was like 11 because I thought I needed it to get game cheats and fun stuff like that. I haven't wanted to change it and have to add all my stuff to a new profile. So I'll deal. Whatever. I haven't truely got into the whole gamespot thing until like September 09. Now I'm pretty interested. My favorite kinds of games are first person shooters and extreme sports games My favorite game ever created is most definetly BioShock! I have most of my games for XBOX 360, even though I want them for my PS3. I can't get them for PS3 cause I have my PS3 at my dad's house and he doesn't let me play M games. And M games are always the best. My mom don't give a sh*t though so I have all the best games for XBOX 360. Truely I would rather have them for PS3 cause online play is free. Too bad... There isn't really much to me. I'm 14. that's about it. I'm pretty new to working all this stuff so if you want, please help me out. So.... talk to ya later.


Bioshock 2 out today!

GOD! I've been waiting 5 months for this game! Bioshock 2 out today! Preodered it for 360 a month ago! Played it today. Amazing graphics, awesome story. DIdn't get to play much, though. I had a lot of homework. Hopefully I can get to it more this weekend. I haven't hooked up my new XBOX live yet so I can't play online for a week or so. I'll be all over my PS3 this weekend though. Hit me up on Skate 2!