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John Cena the D Bag

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Apparently John Cena was in town (Joplin, MO) for some wrestling match and stopped by the powerhouse gym. He had a bus and everything.

So the guy is a pretty big d bag. One guy asked "Are you who I think you are", and Cena just say's "Well that's a pretty vague f***ing questions isn't it?" and walks away, and then ignored another guy who just said "Hey".

Complete trash.


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So I may be making my return to Gamespot. It's been awhile since I've done anything but look for information on different games. Thinking about jumping back into the Splinter Recon Union.

Anyway, something that's new with me: Bought a new desktop. Looking into buying the new Xbox 360 250GB. My surround sound system still kicks ass, and I got a 50" Panasonic to compliment the setup.

I may post updates periodically.

New Klipsch Surround Sound System!!!

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So I've been saving up for a long time for my dream system. Not as long as many, since I get accommodations and discounts from working at Best Buy (that I can't discuss in great detail), but I'm still shelling out around $2500 in the end.

So I've ordered my Klipsch speakers. I'm getting three XL-23 LCR and two XL-12 LCR speakers with a 12" Subwoofer. I'm hooking this up to my new Denon AVR-790 (which is the same as the "higher end" AVR-1910). I'll have my Xbox 360 and newly bought PS3 slim to hook up to it! All the highest end Monster cables.

A buddy from work is helping me mount everything and conceal all the wires behind the wall in exchange for some co-op gaming on my new system plus I'm buying him a game of his choice.

Klipsch XL-23 speakers ($500 retail each)

Klipsch XL-12 LCR Speakers ($299 Retail each)

Homework: Gears of War 2

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As a reporter for my school's newspaper, I'm trying to get the spot for videogame review next month. Gears of War 2 is obviously going to be my choice.

I just think it'll be funny that my homework for that class will be play the videogame. Looks like I'll finally have a good excuse to do so, instead of feeling worthless and unproductive :P

NEW Stand

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Well I bought it today at a great price. Employee discounts are awesome. Tomorrow I hope I can find time to set it all up and post some picutures of it....but it's the same one that in my wishlist a couple blogs below.

Setting up the new 360

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So I put together my DVD storage shelf today. My last shelf system overflowed big time, this shelf system is only about half full with even more stuff on it than I had before! Awesome!

My new 360 is being a pain. Unlike my last 360 this new one won't pick up my wireless network (yes, I have the adapter). It's taking forever to recover my gamertag too. Funny thing is, I turned my old one on to see if it had a disc in the drive before I unplugged it, and it RRODed on me...never happened before now; thankfully I had my new Xbox beside me.

So now I guess I'll have to put my 20GB HDD in, transfer what I can to a 512MB stick, put my 60GB HDD in, and then transfer it on to that. What...a....pain.

Xbox 360! Finally!

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I finally got one! I mentioned to my granmda that I was helping my mom pay bills so she got me a 60GB Pro, HDMI cable, and memory stick for me as an early Christmas gift.

I also got my DVD Storage shelf that is in my previous blog. I will set both up tomorrow. Next weekend I am moving my oven downstairs so I can paint my living room and make it a better gaming room (at least a more official one ;))

That DVD shelf was $140 and with my discount I got it for $50 so I grabbed one! I'll also be on LIVE tomorrow, probably just so I can transfer my save games and redownload all the content and licenses for my Arcade games.


My Future Setup!

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I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm getting it all put together by March. Just seeing what your opinion was on it. I have a Samung 32" now, but I plan on getting a 46" Samsung LCD in about a year. Click images to go to Best Buy page.

TV STAND -Whalen Furniture, DVD Shelf (500+ DVD Storage)

5.1 Harmon Kardon Receiver, Polk Audio Speakers, Polk Audio 10" Sub

Monster Power Center Model 1800, Harmony Remote

Set back....No Xbox Just Yet

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Well I may not be getting a new Xbox as soon as I'd like.

My mom got fired a while back for standing up for herself, so she's living off of unemployment. Well we were going to get our electricity shut off on Oct 8, so I gave her the $200 I had saved up for my Xbox. This will take care of last months and this months energy bill and this months utility bill.

On the bright side, I did the responsible thing. My mom is having a hard time findng a job because she's not a "registered" ultrasound technician. She gets to take the test at the end of this month, though, so hopefully she'll be able to get a job and pay me back or I can start saving again.

I turn 18 on Dec 23, so I might get a Best Buy credit card and take advantage of the no interest they have. I'll have an Xbox by then, but with my employee discount I plan on getting a whole new setup.

I'm getting the following (which with cables and all costs around $2000 total, but I save $1000 with my discount, plus more with accomodations from certain manufacturers).

Surround Sound

  • AVR-154 Harmon Kardon 5.1 Receiver
  • Polk Audio 5 speaker set
  • Polk Audio 10" Subwoofer
I'm going to get Geek Squad to wall mount the speakers and conceal the cables, as well as set up my surround sound system to make sure it works right.


  • Whalen 3-in-1 TV stand (Mounts TV up to 60" and hides cables)
  • Harmony Remote
  • Atlantic DVD shelf (500+ DVDS)
  • Monster Power Center 1800
Then I'd like to save up for a Samsung Touch of Color with a calibration from Best Buy to maximize the picture/sound quality.

I figure I'll have it all in a few months (the TV in a year), depending on how much Christmas/Birthday, the Best Buy Card, and this year's bonus helps out.


I can't wait!

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I'm hoping to get an Xbox 360 Pro 60GB next weekend.

I can't wait to play Gears of War again!

I can't wait to snipe people in BF:BC!

I can't wait to snipe people in CoD4!

I can't wait to play infection and other modes on Halo 3!

I can't wait to make my own story in GTA4!

I can't wait for Gears of War 2!

I can't wait to get Saints Row 2!

I can't wait to get Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway!

I can't wait to play Mercenaries 2!

I can't freakin' wait to get my new Xbox!