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Bought an xBox 360. AGAIN

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I've owned a lot of gameconsoles and many many games. But when it was time to fo to the unviersity I just sold everything and regreted it two days later. Now, 4 years later, me and my girlfriend bought an xbox 360 with several games and I just can't imagine what turned me to selling them 4 years ago. It still is amazing to play GTA IV, Battlefield 3, Assassin's Creed III and Fable II & III.

Luckily my girlfriend likes games to and plays almost nothing but Fable II so it she set me up to buying the xBox. All those years I've owned NES'ses, Nintendo 64, Paystation 1,2 and 3, xbox and an xbox 360 I didn;t think for a moment to sell one of them. And then, when it was time to grow up (I thought) I sold the whole thing and went on a vacation.... The vacation was amazing, but still. Why is there pressure here in the Netherlands (maybe in some other country's too) to grow up when you go to the University and there is some secret not written law that games are for 4 year olds. And don't get me wrong I don't support this "law", but there are a lot of people looking with awful eyes when they here a guy, 22 years old, is still playiing Mario or Metal Gear Solid. "Those games are for 12 year olds" When you respond with: "but they have an age restriction that says it's 18 plus" they go bananas.

But hey, I've got my old trusty xBox 360 back and I'm planning to buy an ps3 in the near future!