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As you may have noticed, I put for the Category of this blog as Business, as indeed this blog is all Business. Lets see... what is new.... Well after being sick for about 4 weeks, I finally got myself into the doctors and got some anti-biotics, I cant tell if theyre working yet, maybe I should take more than the prescribed dose as it will work faster :twisted:. If you were wondering what symptoms I was suffering, They were: -Sore Throat -Runny Nose which pretty much equals Snot Rockets, which brought back nostalgia of 3rd grade. -and a horrible cough -RIght when everything seemed to have died away, it would comeback again and even worse, to the point where I could hardly talk in the mornings. Hmmmm...... On to the next part...... I got new gloves!  They're actually quite good, but not as good as my old pair. They were 25$ more expensive, but still dont seem to be as good as my orginal gloves which were Cleto Reyes. The fist pocket is quite big, but the fore arm area is quite small, so its quite annoying to put on, as you really need to loosen the strings and get someone to hold it while you shove your hand in. I have a new favorite movie, Its probably one of the funniest movies Ive ever seen.  I highly recommend it. Other than that school is almost over, and Summer is coming up , and I am happy haha. O yea make sure to watch UFC112 this weekend, Not sure what time it starts as its in Abu Dahbi, it should be a great card.

Red Cliff The Movie Review and other things


Ok, I'm not usually into war movies or very many Asian movies in general (a la Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) . But this one is different, it is actually one of favorite movies I've Watched recently.

If you guys are into Dynasty Warriors, this is the movie for you. The Movie is basically like the movie 300, but its 300 times 1,000,000 haha.

Thats just to give you guys an idea of what exactly the movie is like haha.

But essentially the movie is about a Huge Empire in CHina breaking a treaty with the other Regimes. and thus taking them out one by one.

Realizing this the other Chinese Regimes end up, becoming Allies to fight this overwhelming enemy.

To put the perspective in the difference in sizes of the armies.

The Northern Chinese empire numbers about 800,000 troops versus the Southern allies 50,000.

THe movie is a wonderful mix of Drama and great great great action scenes.

THe Movie is shot nicely, as it is very pleasing on the eyes. The film is filled with psychological warefare, comedy, drama and the intense battle scenes and some romance.

I say it is like DYNASTY WARRIORS because in DW the screen is filled with warring factions killing each other all the while there are Generals Running around taking out about 20 guys at a time, and the movie is just like this but in a good way.

The acting is great and the length of the film (about 2.5 hours) is perfect.

If you want more in depth of the plot heres a link.

Other Than that I havent been doing much just working, training, and gaming haha

and here is a song that I have had stuck in my head for days

Nappy Roots- Awnah

Ninja Assasin Review

So i saw Ninjas Assasin on Black Friday, and it was decent, not too bad, not super good.

but let me make this simple and list the pros and cons.


-Lots and lots of blood

-great corny lines like

"They are tracking us like dogs!!"

"No Like Wolves." :D

-Action scenes were pretty good.

-the movie was pretty fun

-cool visual effects



-action scenes were most of the time dark,so it was hard to see and put together on what was going on.

-some action scenes also had an annoyingly sporadic camera which also made it hard to put together what was going on

- Story was very cliche, things have been done 40 years earlier in other Kung-Fu movies

-Fake CGI blood, WHICH REALLY ANNOYS ME, what happened to the days of like old Arnold movies, where they made fake blood and used it as a special effect, not only did it look realistic (or more so at least) but it was awesome, CGI Blood is laughable to say the least.

- It was kind of slow to start.

- I think i hyped myself up for this movie, as it was from the creators of the Matrix, as i thought they made some great action scenes in the Matrix and I thought it would transfer over to Ninja Assassin, it did but only half way, if you want to know why, just read first two con points.


I would have to give it a 7 out of 10, The movie was fun and it had Ninjas and some action scenes were sweet.

But the CGI kind of bogs it down along with sporadic camera movement and crappy story.

How Are You All Doing?

Sup guys how you all doing?

Im doing good, Ive been going to school, training, and working alot. and above all gaming.

Its crazy though because since high school ended i dont go out that much and party..... Iguess its cause i like to stay outta trouble now that i am 19, and i dont want to hinder my training with no 40 oz.of joy (even though id kill for one right now :P )

So yea I am swamped with games, i feel horrible, ive traded in maybe 10- 12 games to GS with in the past few months, but since then I have gotten with store credit, Operation FlashPoint, BatmanAA, Demon's Souls, Madden, FIght Night 4, so i guess its an even trade...

And since i traded in so many games, i have a little extra cash on me, so i decided to go halves with my mom (because she nice) on the Toys R Us, deal and i picked up Brutal Legend, Uncharted 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla.

I am waiting for Modern WareFare 2 and Dragon Ages, and i think i will be done buying games for awhile.

And i promise you this.... I am done trading in my games, I just didnt want to be like Scianix and hold on to crap games like Ridge Racer when i could have a shiny copy of Demon's SOuls hahaha.

but yea thats pretty much it.

Training is going good, i basically got lazy the whole summer and became a slug, but starting back 4 weeks ago, I finally nutted up and started to train again, and every friday i go up to a Gym called Lightning MMA that James Wilks(UK Ultimate Fighter winner) owns and get to train there for free, since my coach works with him.

Yes its kinda sad, That all I do is Game It up, go to school, train, and work, but i guess its for the best, if i was still with my regular friends, i dont think i would have accomplished much...

but yea how are you guys doing?

Im not gonna say but it Rhymes with Shmishmorsion

SO i decided to make the transition from Boxing to MMA, Why you ask? I really dont know at all, I really do think boxing is cooler and it does take a skill set that nothing really comes close too. THATS IMO, lol, i know some of you may be likw WHAT GAHH< CANT BE BECAUSE THEYRES SO MANY MORE THINGS TO MASTER, but thats just the general populations speculation.

But yes back to the subject, I am not going to start MMA because it is the current fad, i started boxing before it was a fad to be in a contact sport, I am doing MMA, because I am getting bored in Boxing because I'll pour my heart into training then come up with no fight.

And after witnessing my friend KTFO a guy at King Of the Cage, i noticed a lot of competiton for me, and i wouldnt mind trying something different.

I already discussed this with my coach, he said, i wouldnt have to change much in the basics of the stand up game, He was the coach for me, for when i was boxing, and he also corners PRO MMA fighters, so he knows what hes talking about.

I will have to learn some Muay Thai , Mostly for the Kicks, Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling, its gonnoa be tough but i am willing, thank goodness my hands are either better or just as good as many of the MMA fighters i know. SO thats one thing checked off the list.

But yes i just felt i should inform those who are interested, If you want to see some you tube of a few of my friends/ Acquintances here are the Links to the youtubes.


Travis Browne

Thats about it !

You're a Winner

well i figured that i should formally introduce myself and say hello my name is Kevin, lol, but yea Killer if ur interested lets go to the space olympics in 3022, cuz we'll be alive by then haha, just youtube it, it looks great

youtube Space Olympics lol

Donkey Punch

IM bored so i will give everone an update on what ive been doing, useless but who cares

Spring Break starts on the 30th, woohoo lol, and all i will be doing is gaming and boozing, because i have no fights lined up, but i will of course train, actually im gonna hold out on the boozing part, last few times i did, i did not feel very good about myself for doin it, because out of all my friends, im the sober one 97% of the time lol

Games ive been playing:

KZ2- never get tired of pwning people as a saboteur, and then hearing them get all pissed after, as i give them a pair of swedish goggles, yes i know imatuer but it helps, keep me going in this world of despair lol. (CanadianCR+me=Dream Team for centuries to come, even though he wont go into my clan, pure ignit)

MAdden09: Joe Flacco is all i have to say, for all you football fans

MLB09: screw that game i hate it, but yet i come back for more

Music i have been listening to: Hip Hip (old school, none of that electric voice nonsense about hanging with strippers)

if you like old school hip hop or just pure gangster music which is probably fake, but o well it gets me pumped would be- Spice 1, Brotha Lynch Hung, 5th ward boyz, Cougnut (1 of my favorites(bay area)), the east siders (I LUV IT- Great Song), Above the LAw, i found love for Andre Nickatina (i could use him not singing about crack tho, kinda freaks me out :p)

Movies ive watched past week:

Serpico- GREAT MOVIE (AL PACINO before he was in Godfather, True Story BTW)

Capote: Some guy with an annoying voice, trickin some murders about writing a book, then falling in love with them

and on the Regular, Step Brothers- i love that movie, too ma great lines

movie i am dying to see- Mike Tyson documentary, i dc wat people say, hes one of the greatest boxer of all time that had a lot of mental short comings, but his movies his just him, talking about his life, and i would love too see what he says (supposedly really good)

BOxing- like i said no fights for a good 2 mos so i will train vigourusly, and prolly juice it cause thats what all great sportsmen of our ERA do

trying to break an addiction to- Chew, yes very disgusting, got into it during high school, alot of my friends are jocks, but the blames on me for even trying it, i got used to doing it when i was trying to cut weight so i wouldnt eat anything else, at least i told u guys this lol, im an honest man.

That is All have a wondefrul day and bless your souls.

Reccomend me Some Movies

I like all kind of movies (usually) , i have an open mind for all genres, i like horror, action, comedy and drama (those are my main ones)

buut i have know idea for what i should buy/rent next, If you guys could reccomend some god horror ones, cause there has been a drought of those lately that would be great.

but yea ill take all recommendations lol.

O yea Here are some movies i Like:

Dead Presidents


The Warriors

Sin City

Onk Bak Thai Warrior

Dirty Harry ( All of them)

Any old School Kung Fu Movies

Running Man (One of my ABsolute Favorites lol)

Menace 2 Society

King Of New York

American History X


Step Brothers

Kung Fu Hustle

Taxi Driver

High Fidelity (John CUsack movie, Effin Hilarious lol)