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Meet my new fiance, Jessica Alba

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 Lately I have seen threads in the OT forum where people have been calling Jessica Alba unattractive and gross. My response to this is: TWAHAHAHA!

Just look at that picture! Good christ! Every time I look at her I go crazy! As far as looks, she is incredibly close to perfect. I respect the fact that some people may not care for her by personal taste, but honestly.... they can't deny that they are attracted to her voluptuous figure..... mmmm... so what she's a bad actress, I don't care! If she made a picture album full of pictures like that one (above) she could make millions! Some day when I am rich, I will marry her..... she will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.....


The Hairy Blog : PS3 DOOM

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So today, being that I was bored, I tought myself how to make .gifs. This could be dangerous, as I will most likely never stop making them as well as make them more and more racy... For instance:

   :lol: Once I learn how to resize this one, it's totally going as my avatar! So if anyone has brilliant ideas that they would like to come to life, send me a pm or something and I'll see what I can do. Sorry for the boring posts lately, I'll get my brain working again soon!


The Hairy Blog : The Dance of Eternity

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This curious act is defined as : to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner transitive verb How fascinating... But truly, it is just the mindless flailing of body parts sometimes in synchronization with odd..... When people dance (even if they're good at it) if you look close enough you can see what is honestly happening....they look dumb. The odd maneuver performed along with soulful passion just turn out to produce a shield, blocking anyone from seeing what is really happening...odd... look close next time you see someone dancing (and are sober)...and you will see what I mean.... it's odd....

However, Spiderman has it down!

The Hairy Blog : No tools allowed

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Joke of the day : Hillary Clinton... hahaha! What a hairy b****

Sorry, I just had to post the picture of the day (as that actually is a tradition) But yeah, life is rather boring here right now. I went clothes shopping yesterday and I used a new method of telling my mom what I don't like. You all know how that is, when your mom has a mysterious way of suggesting a piece of clothing that you absolutely hate but you find it hard to say no just because you don't want her to be upset...  Well, I absolutely despise that, so yesterday I compared everything that I didn't like to a 'tool'. She would suggest the worst sweatshirt i've ever seen and I would say, "But mom, if I wear that I'll look like a tool, and you don't want that, do you?"

The Hairy Blog : I have issues....

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So today I was driving home from school and it was rather warm in my car, so I rolled down my window for the ride home. I didn't consider it right away, but I happened to be wearing my coat and gloves as well...why? Because it's winter! This struck me approximately 8 minutes into my drive. I could not believe that I was cruising with my window down! It was 22 degrees here today, which is rather warm considering it was (-16) yesterday, but still! I have become immune to the cold once again which is very scary. I hope no out-of-staters saw me cruising with my window down because they would probably flip out and attribute it to the stereotype that all of us Minnesotans live in igloos and ice fish....


The Hairy Blog : Come and see!

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Woo hoo! Last Thursday and Friday I was serving a 2 day suspension for a lude remark that I made... I won't elaborate because i'll get upset, and it's in the past so i'm over it now. Anywho, here was a picture of me Saturday morning when I could come back...

(notice the hair...ahem...hairy blog..haha) But yes, now I am back, and I am anxiously awaiting the official release date of Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360. The game is just so....entrancing....I'm not exactly sure if that's a word, but i am entranced by it every time that I come near. Inside the guitar controller, there must be some sort of hypnotic device that keeps the user mesmerized while performing a brainwash that only enduces more gameplay and more brainwashing. I tell ya, it's propoganda at its best now, since I am still mesmerized by the ps2 version, and although I realize that I am only a slave to RedOctane, I am still going to purchase it.... this vicious saga will never end.........

The Hairy Blog : Read at your own risk

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Hello again and thank you to all of you readers. Yes, my first post yesterday yielded a sheerly amazing amount of comments. It was hard for me to believe, but I accepted it after time. So in other words, please comment, I desperately want your feedback, and I promise I won't flame you if you say something stupid. But enough with the whining... I searched the depths of my brain today for a topic on which to elaborate. I chose the astronaut/love triangle controversy. What a deal that is! It is especially amazing to me because I would like to work for NASA when I 'grow up.' Probably not be an astronaut, but work as an engineer. That is just so hallarious to me that she would honestly chase down the other woman! HAR! Well, it shows what my future co-workers are like....hehe....  But that is all I could come up with for today, pm me and I'll do more brainstorming tomorrow for topics. And last but not least, what is a blog without a picture of Samuel L Jackson?? Poop...that's what it would be.


The Hairy Blog. Part 1

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First, thank you for reading. This is my first post in what is to become an astounding blog... or more than anything, a compilation of my random thoughts. First order of business, here is the random hair picture of the day...

Mmm.. isn't that nasty? I thought so too. So one might ask where I spawned the idea for the hairy blog... Well, it was honestly a spontaneous connecting of neurons that lead to the creation of a microsoft paint graphic. Some runner-ups in the idea category were "the carnivore blog" or "the poop blog." The poop blog was actually an idea that I had many moons ago. That idea came from the other spontaneous thought of starting a podcast. The podcast was to be called "the daily poopcast" and I would record it every day while doing my business. Gross and disturbing? Absolutely! That is precisely why I never followed through with the idea. Well, I must depart at this time, so leave some comments if you wish and if you have any ideas that would strike my fancy or could possibly be noteworthy, don't hesitate to pm me, I would be more than happy to elaborate for you. PEACE IN TEH MIDDLE EAST! (sorry, I seldomly use the slang word 'teh' because it's so juvenile...but it was fitting.) Toodles~

New Blog Title

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So...I know my blog isn't the most interesting blog on the internet, but I felt that it was deserving of a new title. So, this evening while I was sitting at my desk picking my belly button and eating gushers, the idea hit me. "How about creating a blog title and posting on a regular basis?" Hm...sounds tasty... So, here it is.... the grand unveiling.... of.... (I like using excessive amounts of periods).... The Hairy Blog  I will update more often, I promise, and let me know what you think. Toodles~

Truly amazing

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Mushroomscout89 posted a message in the console wars forum and it read,

"THE 360 LETS THE WII RIDE ON ITS SHOULDER. 360: You comfy up there lil buddy? Wii: You are the best big bro ever! 360: Yea.. I know. *smile* "

Hahahaa...that still makes me laugh every time I read it. It was such a brilliant comment that I had to post it in my blog for everyone to see. It is also very humorous because we all know how badly the ps3 is getting owned....sad but true....well...ok it's not sad, they deserve it. Have a nice day!