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jensen_slipknot Blog

Merry Christmas!!

I know it's late, but I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas/other holiday. My Christmas was awesome! Lots of presents and got to see my family. The gifts I received are:

Guitar Hero: World Tour (full band)

Rock Band 2 (single game)

Gears of War 2

Fable 2

Fallout 3

Black 360 Controller

The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

Iron Man on Blu-ray

iTunes gift cards


Since Christmas I've bought myself The Orange Box and Batman: The Movie (1966) on Blu-ray. The Orange Box wasn't working so I went to Gamestop to get a new copy. Haven't watched Batman yet but it looks cool.

Happy New Year!!

First Blog in Forever!

I needed a break from this website but now im back :). I got CoD: WaW when it came out and im lv 37. I aslo just got the RROD but its only 1 red ring. Ive tried everything they say to do and nothing works. Whats worse is my warranty has apparently expired but ive only had it for 1 year! Thats $95 for repair.

My Thanksgiving was pretty good. Ate way too much of course. I went to my aunts house and most of my cousins were there.

It seems a few things have changed on this site. Forums are different and it seems theirs a lot more emblems.

Anyway, happy to be back.

4th of July in PA and School of Rock(summer camp)

I went to PA for a week because we have family there and my sister is looking at colleges. I went to the mall there, Pittsburgh Mills, and its HUGE! All I bought tho was 2 polos and 3 t shirts from American Eagle. We saw Fireworks on July 3rd and 4th.

Starting tomorrow I will be going to the school of rock. Its a two week day camp and at the end of the two weeks you play in a battle of the bands. It looks pretty awesome!!

Schools out and New Ipod Touch

School is finally out, we got out on Friday the 13th!! I was suspended for the last two days tho(fight). I also got a new 8 gig ipod touch! Its really awesome I love Safari and Youtube. I would give it an 8/10 cause $300 for 8 gigs(3g iphone is $200 for 8 gigs) is crazy and battery life sucks.

New phone + Got back from Disney World

Yep yep I'm gettin the LG enV 2 its looks so beast. Fulll QWERTY keyboard. I also got back from Disney World about 3 days ago. We stayed for 6 days and I missed 3 school days. School is also gettin out 2 days early so im gettin out Friday the 13th :twisted:


So I got GTA 4 on the first say it came out. It was supposed to be two day shipping so I got lucky :D. So far it's awesome. Great story. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have a two player free roam like in SA, casue I had a lot of fun with my friends with that. Online so far is ok but I have to play it more. So far, awesome game.

Sold my Wii

I'm done with Nintendo consoles. I hate that all of the best games have the same story every time(mario zelda ect.) I bought Rock Band with some of the money and probly gonna get a new phone with the rest. I still love my DS and will continue to but their handhelds.

Finally played Rock Band + New Emblem

My friend has Rock Band so I went over and played it. Drums were so fun I have to do easy tho :P. Guitar and bass are obviously the same and im not gonna try singing :P. I also really love playing drums on rock band casue I already actually play guitar. So, Rock Band is awesome but I dont think its worth the money.

I also got the best of 07 emblem. YAY!!

my first beat game of 08

Bioshock. it was amazing. i didnt really like it at first but it kept getting better. I saved all of the little sisters and it was worth it. If you dont have this game yet GO BUY IT NOW!!!


i had a freakin sweet christmas. i got:

xbox 360!!!!

halo 3

halo 3 controller

ds charger since i lost mine

futurama vol 4

futurama benders big score

some other stuff but i cant think right now.