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    Possibly the best game in the series, voice acting added a ton to the game and gave personality like never before to its characters. Especially the man and his horse daughter that were all cursed.

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    I tried the game when it first came out on PC with a few other friends, it had a rough start and as you leveled it became even less rewarding. We all stopped playing shortly after. I know tons of st...

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    @ryangcnx-2: Dear Friend, It may take a while buy you can get a refund from steam. A couple of things - do it sooner then later, also point out reasons related to the purchase of the game not meeting...

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    Dunno about the Ghost edition but the others I'll check out.

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    Hey Jenova, I really like the way you think and how you back it up. Wouldn't mind friending you on FB or something. You a very informative and look at the same stuff I do.
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