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let me upgrade u.

soo i thought i'd post a new blog. seeing "the official start of summer" was getting annoying =P

so last night, a good friend of mine took me to see BEYONCE! it was an amazing night, at first we were pretty far the stage but we got upgraded lol, we were about 30 feet away from the stage! robin thicke was the opening act, he was pretty good but was nothing compared to beyonce. my friend was the huge fan, saying that he was taking me to see his girlfriend lol. i didn't expect it to be that good, well i didn't really know what to expect anyways since it was my first concert =P so yup took a lot of pics, made me wish i had a wayy better camera (one with better zoom..)

after the uber cool 2 hour show, we went outside where the stage crew was and waited for about half an hour hoping that she would come out; but they said that she left right after the show T_T i had a pathetic fan moment where i was thinking that if she touched my hand then i would die happy...which was weird coz i'm not that big of a fan in the first place, i think it was just because of the fact that she was a celebrity =P anyways..beyonce=super amazing experience, she was great performer, and i would definitely go see her again the next time she comes to vancouver =D


Official start of SUMMER (for me =P)

(this is for you Bakahashi for wondering why i haven't posted a blog entry :P thanks =D)

the end of summer school led to the official start of summer for me! i found that summer school was actually easier than regular school (contrary to popular belief, i thought the homework was never too much) in the end i got 81.1% in physics! yay! so now i have about 3 weeks till the start to school T_T and i find myself very bored, i NEED something to DO! i actually miss my job because that at least takes up about 6-7 hours of my day, and i don't start my new job until the 24th T_T so im left here playing mercenaries which is surprisingly really fun.

well that's a blog post since i got tired of looking at that "level 21 blog" everytime i go to my profile =)

how was your summer guys and gals?

Level 21...

level 21 seems sooo far away!! i'm at 95.something. i try and go on a lot (gamespot is my homepage, i know im a geek like that =P) for the past couple of months this site has been really interesting. i've only just really delved into the site a short while ago, and i've been a member since 2004! anyways...i've been at lvl 20 for sooo long now, and i really want my rank to change from Metal Slime into something that sounds cooler and higher up.

(this post sounds really pathetic, now that i look back on it, but i don't really care anymore...i'm a little bummed about the fact the school's over but i still have a government exam to write in a couple of days and then july 3 is the start of summer school T_T)

EDIT: I'm LEVEL 21 yay!! Rescue Ranger??? WTH?? lol

Crazy day =P

SOO i finally bought the GODFATHER wootwoot. but unfortunately i didn't get to play it until the next day =( why won't i play it right after i got home you ask? well let me tell you my story because it was quite a day.

went to metro with my loverly (yes that's my word) boyfriend, it was raining like crazy! not exactly the type of day i would like to have while celebrating our 6th month =P but w/e went to the huge mall

bought a TON of clothes that i desperately needed (thank god i have a job) after 5 hours or so of shopping and a tired-of-carrying-all-my-stuff bf, finally reminded me to buy the GODFATHER, went to ebgames to check out the prices then went to toy'r'us. got a bit iffy coz it was an 18+ game but luckily the guy didn't ask for id.

went to another mall to eat and check out some other stuff. after a few hours i finally went home with news that ppl were supposed to come over to my house to use the HOT TUB =P

so i waited, one person came at the said meeting time >=(, it was my good friend and it was just the two of us watching simpson's 400th ep and playing wii sports, people finally came though 2 HOURS late (funny how the ppl who planned this thing never ever comes on time =P)

so we watched a movie, tried the HOT TUB at 12 am in the morning (sky looked really nice) couple ppl went to tim hortons, me and my chick slept till the peeps came back, watched another movie! slept at 4, got woken up at 6 coz ppl were up all night facebooking and a bit of drinking!!! and i can't sleep after i've been woken up

so i proceeded to go downstairs to finally play the GODFATHER and all i can say is that IT IS AWESOME =D thinking of writing a review...



well there you go. sorry that there might be a lot of grammar mistakes but this was written by a girl who's only had 2 hours of sleep. =)


i've always wondered what those badges at the right side of the page under the level thingy are for, i didn't even know i participated on turkey day O_O and i didn't even know wth i voted on. O_O

First Blog Post

OMG this is the first ever blog post from me! jem_gal! and i don't know how long i've been a member here at gamespot...i guess ill brush off some of the dust here and actually click on some of the tabs in this yeah to commemorate this day of being an active member, ill make some crap ass banners and stuff for myself. and for you dear audience who are bored and care enough to read this, here something that might make this post a bit worthwhile.

so here are just a few of the games that i have yet to finish:

  1. Final Fantasy XII (PS2) (I'm at the final boss, why can't i get off my lazy ass and finish it? walks off and plays God of War 2)

  2. Hotel Dusk Room 215 (DS)(it's an OK game)

  3. Star Fox Command (DS)(got bored)

  4. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones (PS2) (my sister's bf has it so that's a legitimate reason right?)

  5. Sid Meier's Pirates! (PC) (can you actualy ever finish that game?)

  6. Metroid Prime Hunters (DS) (stuck at this boss)

  7. GTA Vice City (PS2)

  8. Trauma Center (DS) (hella hard)

  9. Elite Beat Agents (DS) (i'll get back into it)

  10. Osu Tatakae Ouendan (DS) (i played that this morning)

  11. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (DS)

  12. Lost in Blue Series (DS) (damn micromanagement)

  13. Final Fantasy 3 (DS) (i don't know where to go T_T)

  14. Lunar Knights (DS) (boring! i still have it only for the sole reason my boyfriend likes it.)

  15. Rayman Raving Rabbids (WII) (i'm actually regretting buying this...)

  16. and yeah that's it =)but i think i still have some other games i forgot about...