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Fable 3!!!!!!


Fable 2 dowloadable content announced!

YES there is gonna be downloadable content for Fable 2 and its an island that was in Fable the lost chapters so I can't freaken wait!! I wonder if its gonna have new achievements for it because I only need 2 more achievements for Fable 2 and thats the dollcatcher one and I have to beat the game one more time. Either way I can't WAIT!!!!!

Fable 2 rating

Im kinda mad because Gamespot only gave Fable 2 an 8.5 and this pisses me off because I know that it at least deserves a 9. On every other site that has a rating for Fable 2 it has at leas a 9 and one site gave it a 10. So i think they need to let somebody else review this game. But in my book i gave it a 10

Let the Fable 2 countdown begin

LET THE FABLE 2 COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!! Only 4 days left untel Fable 2 comes out and i've got to tell you I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING 2 YEARS AND ITS ALMOST HEAR!!!! I might even stay home from school on tuesday so I can just paly Fable 2 all day.

Fable 2 limited edition part 3

Wow I cant believe it I was right!!! Ok so heres the deal, remember how I said that I thought the saber u get with the Limited edition was the Halo energy sword? Well I was right.. But theres more. You get that sword plus Halo looking armor and another sword along with an iextra dungeon. But sadly you do not get the Hobbe figure because there was manufactoring problems which really sucks because thats what I wanted the most. And i'm not sure about the fate cards yet. I guess well just have to wait and see.

Fable 2 Special edition part 2

Well I have been doing some research lately to see just what all is going to be in the limited editon of Fable 2 because when I pre-ordered it I had no idea. But to me it doesn't really matter. I mean I am such a hard core Fable fan they could give me a butter knife and I would be happy. But anyways I was doing some digging and I'm pretty sure I know what is in the Limited edition. Of course I will get a bonus disc with making of videos like every other special edition game, I will also get 5 fate cards whatever those are. Well i guess I will find out. I will also get a little Hobbe figure which is actually pretty cool I love those little guys. And last but not least the extra content. Now for weeks I tryed to find out what exactly this extra content was and just when I was about to give up hope I found it. Now don't hold me to this but im pretty sure this is what it is. The extra content should be an extra dungeon which I hope will be really big and also the extra content gives you a Saber or sword for those of you who don't know what that is. Now I cannot find what this sword will look like but I have an idea. In a video that showed Peter Molyneux showing off the game again he had a sword on his back. Now this sword didn't look like any regular sword it looked like a very peticular sword which instantly sparked my Interests and my memories because I have seen this sword os so many times before. The sword on his back looked just like the energy sword from the Halo games and being the biggest Halo fan ever I instantly recongnized it. So that sword is the saber I believe you get with the extra content. Oh well I guess well just have to wait and see.