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It's a shame. That was the first online shooter I ever played. Agitating people with the tag gun was great fun.

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Using it to tell you where the nearest type x store in DR3 is very helpful. Asking for food or tools or whatever when you know you need one for a favored combo makes it very cool.

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For sending messages it's great since it's just using the regular keypad your phone already uses.

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On a similar topic, I think EA should remove the Ultimate Teams from their games and spin them off as free-to-plays. Shameful that they have a 'free-to-play' mode that you actually have to spend $60 to get.

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My bigger problem is having it think I want to do something when I don't. I've lost a few time outs in Madden from bitching about a play and next thing I know Jim Nantz is saying "and the defense burns a time out."

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Even having a setting in-game would be a help.

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I'll get the CD since I have a few hundred credit at a local shop from trading in a bunch of old N64 and PS1 stuff.

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If you had no gamertags, but real names instead, a lot of it would go away.

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Infinite wasn't without its great moments and cool environments, but it just wasn't as good as the first two titles.

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@sukraj said:

I just play the game once and then move onto the next game.

Exactly. I don't have time to play all the games I want one time; I sure don't have time to play them twice.