Snake T-T-T-Tales

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I've completed the MGS2: Sons of Liberty portion of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I forgot just how much cutscene there was between the final two boss battles and ended up skipping most of it; so much for catching up on the mythology. :( I was late for lunch as it was and when it seemed no end was immenent I just started warping through. That's really the series' Achilles' heel; they cram so much down your throat that you just lose interest.

I did try a bunch of the extra VR Missions, and completed about 75% of the Snake ones, but once I got to one that was pretty much in inky blackness I stopped. I'd love to do them all for all available characters as it's an 80GS achievement, but fighting the terrible (by today's standards) controls as well is just too much to bear. I am attempting the five Snake Tales, that take the Big Shell scenario and put slight twists in the plot—as well as take away your radar, which makes for a challenge. I've knocked off two so far and the best advice I have is that if you get wounded at all, let yourself be killed. There seem to be no health-replenishing rationsat the boss fights, so best to save them. I had to fight Fatman with about a quarter-lifebar and no rations, and it really sucked.

As for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I've prestiged a second time now in online play. I love that you have options for what you get each prestige, as you earn a token that you can use fora customloadout or to unlock an item early (weapon or perk) and have it forever or a few other options. I've had four tokens (two for the prestiges, one as an XMas gift for Elite Founders, and one for having prestiged in MW2 [you can get up to four, one each for MW, WaW, MW2, and BO]), and used them for one extra customloadoutfor hunting 'boosters'and unlocking claymores, Dead Silence, and Assassin. The ability to access higher-level weapons and perks early make prestiging far more palatable.

They also just released the official CoD Elite iPhone app this morning. You can check stats, see your lastten games, and track challenges. But the best is you can edit your customloadouts from there and push them to the game for next time you play. You can be out and about at Starbucks or sitting on the can at home and work on your loadouts. And an Android version is coming soon.

As for TV, the next two Thursdays are pretty exciting. This week 30 Rock, which hadbeen delayed by Tina Fey's pregnancy, finally returns to the schedule. Pairing it next to Parks & Rec puts the network's two best sitcoms next to each other. Unfortunately, it will be at 8:00 now, pitting against The Big Bang Theory, so its struggle to get the viewers it deserves will likely continue. Speaking of BBT, next week it has its 100th episode; it's quite gratifying to see it do so well, as when it started I thought "wow, I really love this, but it's a shame it will be gone by Thanksgiving." I didn't think the 'nerd humor' would play to mainstream America, but I guess you never doubt Chuck Lorre.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, everybody!