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Ralph Called

After a few weeks off where I concentrated on MW3 only, I'm back at Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, still in the early going of MGS3: Snake Eater. I just beat The Pain over the weekend and also 'beat' The End by killing him before the boss fight (which I then reloaded right after so I can get his gun and camo later). I'm still diligently contacting Para-Medic after every new creature I kill or capture to hear her tell me all about them and how they taste. I did decide to forego trying to not kill anyone. While it is a 30GS achievement, it's just too tough to accidentally kill people. A fist fight can so easily lead to an enemy falling to their death, which counts as me killing them. I'd even reloaded after knocking some guys out on a bridge; I walked away and suddenly they were gone, likely vibrated off the side as I continued walking. did it 'count' as a kill? I'm not sure. I would've liked the challenge of seeing if I could do a no-kill run-through, but without an indicator to specifically tell meI'm still on track (like a stat page to tell me how many kills I had) I'm not going to bother.

I also shut off my Raptr achievement posting to Facebook and tried the new achievement share directly from my 360. The first I did is "Ralph Called" for making Snake throw up. I think it's a permanent change for me. It shows the actual achievement tile instead of a game box/logo, and if I earn multiple achievements in a play session I can just pick the one I'm most proud of rather than get some "I earned four achievements" message. Or if none are that impressive I won't share any.

As for MW3, I'm actually onmy fourth prestige, which is one more than I did in MW2. And I'll likely do more. The concept of choosing a new custom loadout or choosing to unlock gear/perks to have available forever makes prestiging much more palatable. Having my MSR, Stinger missles, and theAssassin and Dead Silence perksavailable from the moment custom loadouts unlock at level 4 (instead of waiting hours and hours to get into the 40s or higher) makes all the difference. I'll likely do at least one more to get the ACR assault rifle. As for the new maps, neither are that great. Piazza is almost unplayably stupid, and Liberation is not the snipers' paradise they'd have you believe. If you say snipers will do great, don't arbitrarily block off everything remotely resembling a vantage point.

Personally, I took the train last Friday to go to the Philadelphia Auto Show. Imay replace my car this spring/summer, so this was a good chance to see some of the contenders without going to the showroom, plus it was an excuse to go to the 'big city' for the first time in three years. And I hadn't been to the show in much longer than that. Most manufacturers don't offer up literature like candy anymore, though I did leave with a brochure on Volvo's European Delivery Program.Unfortunately a few models I had my eye on weren't there; the BMW 1 series was absent and Lexus only had a 350 there, but not the 250 that's in my price range. Of course, Saab was not there altogether, though they were still listed in the show program. Not that it really matters since if I do pull the trigger, I doubt it will be anything other than to replace my '02 Volvo C70 with a '12/'13 model. The ownership experience I've had has been so pleasant that it would be tough to take my chances on another company. We'll see.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, everybody!