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I broke down and retired from editing The Office. It's just too terrible for me to waste time watching, plus NBC press releases don't list guest stars and the show doesn't list guest roles in the credits, making attributing roles to guests really tough. That Catherine Tate, whom I adore, couldn't save the show proves how bad it is. Toss in the beyond gorgeous Mindy Kaling leaving and it's too much to bear.

Person of Interest made the decision much easier. I'd rather watch that by a long-shot (it might be my favorite network show), and I'm not spending a half-hour of leisure time watching a show off DVR that I no longer enjoy, plus editing.

And if How I Met Your Mother does go ahead and renew for a ninth season, as is rumored, I think I'm done with that, too, editing at minimum and maybe watching. I'm done with fake-outs and misdirections about "The Mother". It's unique among sitcoms in that it has an implied end,and all writing now is to purposefully stay away from the end. It's bad storytelling, and it's just not fun anymore.

In gaming, I caught up on some DS stuff lately, wrapping up both Zelda titles: The Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I'm now working on Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies.

The only other big news is getting a new car. As I suspected, it ended up being yet another Volvo C70. I loved my 2002 one and felt the dealership had always treated me well, and that went a long way towards beating out the Lexus IS 250 and VW Eos. I considered a handful of other cars, but those were the only three I test drove, mostly due to practicality or distance to the dealership.

I do miss having a true stick shift. I swore a decade ago I'd never go back to automatic, but I never counted on it becoming damn near impossible to get one anymore if it's not a make's bargain model, a traditional pocket rocket/muscle car, ora high-end sports car. (Volvo only offers it on the C30 hatchback) It is at least 'manumatic', so I can slap the lever over from D to having clutchless control between gears like a Dave & Busters racing game, but it's not the same.

Anyway, 8 things I love:

1. Being able to hook up as many as three portable music devices (via Bluetooth, USB, and RCA jack) is awesome.
2. Still hard to believe retractable hardtop is a thing that exists.
3. Rain sensing windshield system is cool.
4. Seats crazy comfortable.
5. The whole 'never need to use a key' is pretty convenient, like living in the not-too-distant future.
6. Having a 12+2 sound system just plain rocks.
7. Xenon lights are great; having the bi-xenons that turn with the steering wheel is amazing.
8. The refresh makes it look 'angrier' than earlier 2nd generation C70s

And 5 things I don't:

1. When hooked up via USB the USB port, can't skip letters when scrolling. Lots of Ace of Base, Aerosmith, Yaz, and Whitesnake getting played.
2. Black dashboard of car versus tan of old makes it really hot.
3. Stalks on steering wheel are essentially hidden from view.
4. BLIS keeps erroneously telling me it "needs service" (a complaint I'd read before purchase)
5. Useless GPS that I'll never use but I had to pay for to get Platinum Trim with the upgraded stereo

That's all for forever. Thanks for reading, everybody!