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Donkeys and Canines and Snakes, Oh My!

Every so often someone on Jeopardy! gives an accidentallysmutty answer, not thinking about what they're saying. Last night I was watching, and there was a category called "Punch". A clue came up about a hit to the back of theneck being namedfor this animal. And someone rang in and responded with "What is donkey?" Even normally staid Alex Trebek snickered a bit before going to the contestant who correctly responded "What is rabbit?" Within hours the Internet had tons of stories about it, and YouTube is littered with clips of what some sites called the greatest Jeopardy! question ever. And BTW, wikipedia has a fantastic animated GIF on the term's page.

In other news, a jog last week turned a good bit frightening when someone didn't secure their German Shephard well enough as I went by. They were curbside to cross the street, I was close up to the building as far away as possible to avoid any leash entanglements more than anything else,but it just decided to attack. And it really tried to bite me, but it couldn't sink its teeth into my thighsince it didn't turn its head; that it bit straight on gave it nothing to attach to. It It ripped my shorts a bit, my boxers underneath were completely torn, but it didn't break the skin. It just left a nasty welt and bruising the next morning. I yelled some very unkind things to the owner (I believe I called him a"stupid piece of ****") but since I was fine and in the middle of a run, I really just wanted to not break my flow. I probably should've gotten a police officer and insisted the dog be destroyed; that can't have been the first time it was agressive, and if I were a small child it might've been a different outcome.

Gamingwise, I've advanced to the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I tried a few more of the MGS2 VR Missions, but they just weren't going to be possible; too much luck and bad controls. I just completed the Virtuous Mission and am at the start of the actual Snake Eater mission. I'm trying to not kill anyone to get an achievement, which has involved alot of reloading. It's tougher than it seems, and for a few "do this thing" achievements you have to kill someone. Other times you knock someone out—via punch or tranq dart—and they fall off a cliff or bridge. Otherwise, I do enjoy the movie talks during game saves, but other cutscenes are a bit long.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, everybody!