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Blinded by the Light

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So, I wrapped up Silent Hill: Downpour, and it really should have been better. The "Otherworld" wasn't spooky renditions of a level you were already in; instead it transformed and a red light chases you, damaging you if it gets too close while you just run and hope you make the correct turns to escape. And the story never made a ton of sense, with endings that made you out to be good or bad without a ton of reason why except how you reacted in a few situations (with said reactions not even affecting the cutscene).

I've moved on to what was survival horror, but no longer is: Resident Evil... 6. To get one thing out of the way, it's certainly not so bad as to be the 4.5/10 as this site would have you believe. But it's true it doesn't feel that spooky anymore; it's more focused on action (at least in the Leon Kennedy story I've started in). And sadly, like the game I just finished, it's yet another that's so cloaked in darkness that if there's even a single lumen of light in the room you're sitting in, the screen is punitively difficult to see. Just because there's zombies and BOWs doesn't mean the entire game has to take place at night or in dimly lit buildings. I started off from the get-go on the toughest mode, Professional, and it's not so bad. It is very tough, and the quickly moving and leaping enemies do take health off at a heavy pace, but with a mechanism to be revived from near-death, it's manageable.

I've only 'cheated' once, in a boss fight where Leon yells "aim for the dynamite!!" After 20 tries of wondering what the hell he was talking about I checked out a YouTube video to see the TNT barrel is way overhead and not visible when he yells it, requiring you to tilt your head back to aim up. Well, that's a big help, Leon. :roll: I could see the barrels falling during the early stages of the fight (though couldn't really read themsee above gripe), but really I was expecting it to be in the massive creature's mouth or anywhere on my screen that was currently in my field of vision.

Sadly, it's also another game that takes away all control of saving from you, leaving you to pray each time it saves that power stays on, because you'll lose your entire game if it doesn't. So stupid.

Other than that, I'm also trying to get another achievement or two out of Peggle. It's great for a half-hour of quick fun (that rapidly turns into five hours if you don't pay attention).

That's all for today. Have a great weekend, everybody!