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A test...

I'm not complaining. But I am a little confused as to why some people I know get lots of people to respond to their journals....when I get none. So this is just a test journal. What I ask is this: if anybody actually reads this stuff, please respond saying, "yes, occassionally I read this stuff". That way, I'll decide if it's really worth posting more journals. Usually a personal journal is used to share one's feelings on a certain topic. Since my feelings are my own, it's not like I'm just gonna forget them. So if there's no point in posting my feelings on a certain subject, since nobody is going to respond, I'll just keep them to myself.

I'm going to college in a few days...

I guess it doesn't mean much here since I can chat here no matter which computer I'm on and which state I'm in. But chances are I'll never see my friends again. And that sucks, I guess. I'm not too concerned about my family, oddly enough. I'll see them again in a couple months anyway, so no biggie. But it's weird. Even when I'm moving on to bigger things, I can't get the fact out of my head that my twelve years of grade school and high school are over. It's bizarre.

I always hear these older people reminiscing on the better years. Talking about how much better high school was, and how younger people take it for granted. Younger people want to grow up so fast, and older people just want to be young again. I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but with this kind of information, part of me doesn't want it to. Part of me just wants to hang out with my friends and gripe about the teachers. Or fake illnesses to get out of class, or play pranks on each other. All I have of that now are fond memories.

Oh, well. I'm going to Johnson and Wales Culinary University in Charlotte, NC to become a chef and own a restaurant some day. So I guess that'll keep me busy for a while, especially since it's something I love to do. I read once that, as long as you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life. Well, let's just say, I hope my culinary career doesn't get boring, or it's gonna be long and painful.

On an unrelated note, since I'm jobless right this second, and dirt poor to boot, I've been taking advantage of all the awesome graduation money that family and friends have been sending my way. Wasting money has never felt so good. New controllers (I keep breaking them), new games (I finally got around to buying Beyond Good and Evil and God of War), and a ton of new movies. I'm proud of my new collection. I just got Kung Fu Hustle, Animal House, Clerks, and The Warriors. Great movie, by the way. If anybody happens by a copy, I highly suggest you get it before someone else swipes it. I got a bunch of others, but they're currently MIA, and I forgot what they were.

Although, now that I think back on it, I don't remember where it all went. I'm sure if I had Mark's (Amy_Dumas) good sense, I would have bought a Nintendo DS. As he mentioned, I also have been mulling it over for some time. But now I'm pretty sure I want one rather than a PSP. And you wanna know why? That damn Nintendogs game. I'm not one for cute games, but for some reason, I feel compelled to buy it. It's cute little puppy eyes have ensnared me and won't let me go. I need it. I don't know why. In any event, when I do get enough money to get a DS, it'll be fun to play Mario 64 again. That was always one of my favorites.

Anyways, that's about the end of that. I'll probably be posting again real soon, most likely another rant about Jack Thompson and how he's already targeting The Warriors...done by Rockstar. I'm starting to see a trend here. The ignoramus (in my opinion) isn't actually going after rockstar games because they're controversial anymore. Heck. God of War is controversial. Leisure Suit Larrry is controversial. But now it's like he has some sort of personal vendetta against Rockstar. Oh, well. Like I said, this is meant for another post, so I'll just stop there before I get myself worked up over this again. Peace and Jack Thompson grease.

Dear Jack Thompson:

Is it the fame? Honestly. Is it the national recognition that has made you this way? Are you just doing this to get ANOTHER fifteen minutes in the spotlight? I’ve heard a lot about you, and most of it isn’t nice. Your ranting and accusations are misguided at best. You have no facts to rest any of your cases on. Seriously, have you even played these games so you could get more than one misguided and ignorant viewpoint?

You talked of two teens who used GTA as a “training tool” for sniping. BULL****. The GTA series, no matter how good it is, has never taken into consideration things like wind velocity and direction, recoil, the caliber of the weapon, scopes or iron sights, and depth perception. Not every dope off the street can take a rifle and shoot someone. I spent a week in Boy Scout camp once, doing almost nothing but shooting .22 caliber rifles, and I can assure you that that could make me a better sniper than a video game ever could. And, I won’t forget to mention that I’ve been watching violent movies like Freddy Kreuger and playing violent games like Mortal Kombat since I was like, six years old. But you know what? My mind isn’t scrambled, and I don’t get up every day thinking of and attempting new ways to kill people. Know why? I’m normal.

That’s your problem, I think. Every time some whackjob teenager comes in after murdering their family or some random person or…their pet or whatever and comes up with some lame excuse that the video game ghosts made them do it, you instantly come in and point your finger at the video game industry, particularly Take-Two and Rockstar. If video games have taught me one thing AT THE VERY MOST, it’s simple hand-eye coordination.

And then come the ESRB ratings. They do work, believe it or not. I’m almost 19, and I still get carded every time I buy an M-rated game or an R-rated movie. Why don’t you face the truth and stop using video games as a ******* scapegoat and concentrate on the real issue? THE PARENTS. Why should the game industry as well as all the gamers who patronize this industry suffer your babble because some inattentive, sloppy mother or father buys little Tommy-Bipolar a game that he shouldn’t have in the first place? And that’s just hypocritical, by the way. Some parent buys a game with carnage and violence all over the case, ignores the M-rating, and thinks it’s a good idea to give their FUBAR son this game. Then when he freaks out, THEY BLAME THE GAME!

Seriously, this needs to stop. As I type this nasty-gram, countless gamers on countless online gaming forums are ******** and moaning…about your ******** and moaning. They all think you suck and the only reason you’re doing this is because you got the star-sickness. That’s when you get so self-involved because you get 15 minutes of fame…and you don’t want it to stop. Well, you need it to stop. Just let it go.

p.s. YOU SUCK.


A pissed off gamer

I think my teacher is on the rag or something...

Okay. So I have orchestra class for seventh period at school. And a lot of times, my teacher can be a major *****. But, seriously, she assumes too much. She thinks she knows me better than she actually does. Anyway, we could tell this would be a bad day, because she was pissed off even before I got into class, and my class is the one that always riles her up in the first place, so...yeah, that's not a good combination. She yelled at me twice in ten minutes. And I didn't do a damn thing. I sighed because I was tired, and she thought I was being a smartass and asked if I wanted to go to the office. PMS, man. Anyway, I finally got tired of the class altogether, not just because of her, but because of those dumbass ninth graders who wouldn't shut up. I asked if I could be excused due to "medical reasons" (hell, I had a migraine anyway), and she let me sit outside the classroom. I then proceeded to play Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past on my GBA for the next half hour!

Is this all there is to life?

Same crap, every single day. I need a girlfriend. Maybe then it would break the monotony. Don't get me wrong, all my friends are cool, but sometimes I think that I need to grow out of the whole high school thing (even though I'm still in high scholl), and grow up. Be more social. I don't like to, and I've never been, but maybe I should go to a dance club or something. Meet new people. As it is, my life blows.


I ate at that Thai place again. I think I'm gonna, seriously.

Same old boring, lackluster days...

I'm starting to feel like there's no point to life. I like to think I'm different, but I'm just like all the other sheep out there. Get up, go to school (or work), come home, watch tv, have dinner, go to bed. Up, school, home, tv, dinner, bed. Up, school, home, tv, dinner, bed. A vicious cycle, neverending. And it doesn't help that I have to get up at 5:30 every morning to deal with school life. The same a-holes all over again, every day. The same tests, the same teachers screaming in your face, the same ninth graders giving you no respect. I'm lucky I'm a senior in my last year, or I might just have to throw one of them into a meat grinder and make freshman tacos. Life is one big cliche, and I'm tired of all the same bullcrap. I feel that I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to find some purpose in all of it. I want to make something of myself, but when I see the world for what it is, I really do lose hope for mankind.

People are so obsessed with the same fads, looking good in front of others, being accepted, superficial bull. I can't stand it. People don't realize that they're not being original, nor are they cool, when they follow the countless other people-sorry, I meant to say sheep-doing the same crap. Heh, even goths who even try to pass on their "non-conformist" spiel are actually conforming themselves. They're goth "non-conformists". I know a bunch of them. They're not original. Preps are the worst though, at least at my school. Always wearing those faded jeans and the pink button-up shirts, or the yellow and black striped polos. That's another thing. Since when did all the men in society turn into a bunch of pansies? It's called "Metrosexual", whereas you can act gay without actually being gay. If I wanted to dress like a girl, I would get a sex-change operation right now. Oh, well. Video games are the only way I can escape most times. I can't even find any interesting books anymore. Oh, well. I guess it's good that I can come here and actually talk to peers about similar interests.

If everybody chose to look after themselves, and strive to achieve in their own eyes, the world would be a much better place. We would all truly be individuals, instead of sheep. Sheep to the slaughter.

Sometimes I feel like moving to Australia...

It's true. Only in America can some "minority" get sent to jail for trying to support their family by selling flowers on the street. Some rich a-hole has to report them for not having a permit or for "coming up to their car". Only in America can there be "open forums", only for you to give up any freeedom of speech as soon as you sign up. Only in America can two groups (Gamespot and Gamefaqs) hate each other for "invading" the other's forums or starting flame wars. Only in America, can you have enough freedom of speech (outside of "open" forums) to criticize America itself (see Michael Moore). Only in America can other "minorities" get away with murder, just by screaming "racist" at the prosecutor (see OJ Simpson). Only in America can some teenage dweeb get online and trash talk other people, just because they're however many miles away from them, and the offendee can't do a thing about it. Only in America do we drive gass guzzling SUV's to take plastics and papers to a recycling facility (see the irony in that?) Only in America can we stuff our fat faces while wondering why some countries (see Ethiopia) can't get their crap together. What a life we live in. God bless America.

A petition

I'd like to get a petition together of some sort. A few of the "rules" here have been bothering me a bit, both unmentioned and not, and I would possibly like to find a way to let Gamespot hear what I have to say, without being modded "for being off topic" or "fighting the power" or some BS like that. I just know some power hungry newb is gonna come in and find a way to get me modded just for a few measly points. But, quite frankly, I would like a bit more freedom of speech. gamespot hosts hundreds of mature rated games, like Leisure Suit Larry and GTA: San Andreas, and it amazes me that someone would tell on me and get me modded, just because they read something of mine that they don't agree with. If anybody reads this, tell me what you think. Maybe we might be able to make something happen. Maybe.
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