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god of war 3!!!!!!

Omg God of War 3 for the Playsation 3 only is making its way in 2010 :D. I garuntee you that God of War 3 will make it to top game of 2010 (MGS4 didint deserve to be Game of 2008 )but seriously God Of War series has always been a massive ownage. The fact that is PS3 only proves 100% that the ps3 is better cause its going to have God Of War 3 in its arsenal :D

Boy since God of War 3 is coming i gotta get ready :D I ,must buy it

Peaple its going to get a 10 i just know it

King of pop is ending

Well Micheal Jackson is ending this all and his career this year.... i know ppl make fun of him a lot espically the litle kid incident all i gotta tell you is that thats all crap

I just wish Micheal Jackson will sell through the roof at his 12 tours Ijust gotta say good bye to his career to hsi excelelnt songs

Christmas has passed

I love this time!!!!!!!! As we should all remind you (The media has forgotten this) Jesus was born in this day in Jerusuluem. We celebrate this day and ppl that arent adults have the best time from the presents. We all get something special christmas cheer spreads around. Although there are some ppl who cant afford to have a good christmas we wish them best luck. As for me it was wonderful XBOX360 has finally come to me!!!!!!! Dyansty warriors 6 is finnally now owned so its no longer a rented game :). So all of you i wish you all had a good christmas and now i gotta say have a happy new year!!!!!!!!

Ring of death: I need answers

Ok i decided i while ago that i want the Xbox360 but i have questions

When you have the ring of death do you get another one for free?

How do you get it and how can you avoid it?

And does this work a lot of ppl say that if you don't turn it on for 4 weeks it gets fixed?

Plz give me knowledge

Best Halloween ever

man this was the best halloween eva

We threw eggs at cars and one person got out and he ended up with an omelete as a head

We kept avoiding cops

And we passed a lot of parties and a haunted house

How was youre hallowen?

Debate Runescape vs. World of Warcraft

Well at school the other day 2 of my friends talked about W.O.W and i said how it was now good. They said thiings W.O.W had and i said things Runescape had. Next thing we know ppl who knew about W.O.W and ruenscape were watching. Then at the end of the debate Runescape fans left with a smile. I Won. So Im clearing up of how i think Runescape is better

Rumor of Xbox360

My friend has told me that the 360 is now 199.99$ he said he saw it in a commercial or soemthing. Thats cool but also unbeliveble can someoen tell me if its true cause a few of my classmates also say its ture

A surrender

With the battlre over i have posted a plea for DWA men to come over to us and now let's celebrate not with a battle cry.... but with a dance hit it Zhang He *Dances with Zhang He*

In other news after time ive finally learned to make an avatar for myself.

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