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Website content VIDEO!

So here is a video from off our site


hope you all enjoy it cause theres alot more where that came from on the website. At the moment im remaking the website so there wont be any content on it for a bit while i work on the new site. But once its up there will be daily updates. Things go alot better with help btw, such as the help i received from a random artist who did some work on our logo. Awesome job buddy credits on the website..

so check it out heres the link just in case. Click below

Comedian Gamer

Running a successfull website

Running a successfull website is no easy task. begining with almost nothing, i just about have to update it every day or more with new and refreshing content to keep people interested. Eye candy is one of the things i hope to expand on. Friends to maintain pressance on the website is even more difficult. Forums are nice places to hang out but its had to start a forum when no one wants to hang out in an empty forum on there own. Starting with the illusion that people are there makes the odd passerby stay to check things out. How a site goes from an empty shell to thousands of visitors a day makes me wonder, but hopefully i will experience a similar process or better as the days go by.

One project im working on that should draw people in is exclusive videos (not found on youtube). These videos will consist of gameplay comedy usually unscripted and completly random. One like what i described is in the works and may soon be available this weekend.

So for now check it out i try to put new stuff on it daily pictures mainly and the occasional article on something gameing or internet related...

Website is just the beginning

And here it is ladies and gentlemen:

The start, the birth, the creation of a new website to pollute the internet with awesomeness. Generally its about mixing comedy and gaming as one. Short for content but it will be awesome once i get visitors and common people showing up and whatnot.

Now that the site is up i think i may need some professional artist work and maby further ideas to promote the site...

Tell me what you think, i designed it myself.

P.S. Also like to mention the first severl users or so to sign up on the forums will likely get administrative powers. Granted there is help in advertiseing the website on other forums and such.

P.S.S I also want to get a title picture rather than the current one, first on my cosmetics to do list lol

Getting in on Gaming

I graduated from college with a software engineering technology diploma, 6 months later i find a cozy desk job. Another 7 months or so pass and i find myself getting to the gym nowadays like i promised myself i would back in college, but somehow i have time to play lots of video games.

It hits me now that my life right now is kinda boring at the moment and the only filler i have is getting out to places or playing video games. I have now decided that i would like to get into the gameing industry one way or another. To me it dosent matter if i get into game development, game reviewing, game writeing, voice acting, game programming, or host of a video game tv show. I want in on it like a fat kid in an ice cream store. I already play enough games to even be considered an expert at video games in almost any catagory, i can tell ya all about em, there history, how they work, and if there good or not. I consider myself the Neo gamer of games, I am the chosen one.

So with all that in mind i figure i stay where i am get the experience i need outa my current job and get back to shool in gaming. What ever classes that entails. I still have to figure out what i want to do but i do know eventually i want to work with video games. Some of you may say go program games. I been there but the motivation is tough when there is no reward for completion.

But in the meantime i adventure to a new land of oppertunity. Several dateing websites later and i decide i want a gamer girlfriend. Difficult to find yes but i will not seddle for less, she must be ok with games or at least be into them one way or another. Before i tried to hide the fact that i play games but now it just isnt me. I find it is my biggist turn on when i see a girl playing a video game, thats also my main motivator for going to the gym. Plus i find i am a rare breed of human, one that plays alot of video games while not looking like one lol.


Final note: Grammer spelling both are not my specialty. I have a.d.d, gameing may be the cause of it but i dont care i love games too much now i gotta find out how to make money out of it.

Cla$$ical Games short but sweet

Roger WilcoPolice QuestKings Quest

Space Quest, Police Quest, Kings Quest... These are games from back then that i loved so much. These days they are forgotten..Syndicate to name a 4th. Games that need to return.. The system they worked on was a point click look talk touch, all with puzzles and comedy to go with them. When a game is revived one thing they need to stay away from is making it too cartoonish. Doing so will only scare off the origional fans and lose its value.

Syndicate is the perfect game to enter into the modern world of gameing, and even include multiplayer in it. Cause that would be sweet. It was one of the best, altough there are games like it or resemble it, none compare to it. The play-****is whats most awesome about these games. It was also the simplist... Point and click. Diablo and some mmos being the only ones off the top of my head that still do point and click.

So christmas is coming up and i thought a revival is needed at least on one of these games, and it dosent need to have the latest and greatest engine/graphics either since that kinda stuff is easy to come by anyway. If one did have the latest and greatest in mind that would need to be syndicate.

And for those who havent seen what syndicate is check out the image below. (saving the best for last i guess)

So for those who recognize the games obove and below, i salute you.


Alrighty Then

So the process in building a website died down pretty quick although i did actually make it i just didnt post it online or get around to polishing it.. But i did learn alot out of it, i can prety much design any type of website i want and make it do anything i want lol...

I prety much come to the conclusion that i want in on the gaming industry.. I dont know how yet or where but i just want in on it all.. Weather it be game design, development, movies (acting), reporting games, reviewing games. What ever surrounds me aroung the video games more..

Il get back to it someday lol its pretty amazing how i manage to make my way back here and post something even though my audiance consists of 1-5 people, but the potential is over 1,000 lol

Once i move out on my own i figure i should have more time and freadom to figure everything out... I already have alot of money comeing in i just need to figure out what to do with it all LOL...

Later yall

My update

Well im back once again this website looks a dat different its not too bad the only thing i dont like is it only shows a small amount of my emblems. Like WTF that sucks.

Anyway i got a software development job now working with a small company, no stress easy as pie work with great pay. They even gave me a 2000$ gameing laptop on my first day to work with. And im not even doing game development at this place.

In my spare time i WASSss going to build some games but doing it alone would have been a little too much, considering i couldent get any of my close enough friends to help or even have the experience i was looking for. That and people online suck, they only want to help an already started project and not start one. Not to mention its 11 year olds responding to that help and spitting out there ideas that sound too much like halo.

So i switched gears into something bigger way awsome and in my eyes easier. Im going to build a web site, not just any web site, What i have in mind is so great i cant tell many people, but i can definitly say its going to probably be as big as facebook. Simply because its something the internet is lacking in, and ihave the knowhow to provide or improve on it so greatly everyone will use. Or at least my target audiance. And no i wont be selling anything on it either.

E3 LIVE! i feel involved, wait i was involved yaa

During the far cry 2 demo i asked what the characters tatto was all about and they received my question and answered it and mentioned my name. i feel so proud of myself LOL.

at 15:50 or 55 my question go's LIVE YAY LOL

Oh holy crap i got a second question in now from the live show about the halo wars game sweet sweet.

Heres another video at 6:55 they ask my 2nd question for the halo wars game

And now my third question is answered on air this one is the far cry 2 encore at 8:49

I think i deserve a special emblem for being the only person to submit a question and get it answered live on gamespot 3 TIMES (During E308 event for example)

Once during the first Far Cry 2 demo, another during the Halo Wars demo, and finall during the Far Cry 2 Encore.

or at least an emblem to the people that got at least one question through would be awsome.

Jeff's Corner

A message from a consumer.... well thats me.

----------------------my gameing life, the good and the bad-----------------------------

So i first got into guitar hero back in college when my roommate got me hooked on it and it was great. So great i bought the game when i finished college and got my home town friends hooked on it. Well with me low on money, an awsome diploma in software engineering technology that im yet to put to awsome use, and a few broken and outdated pc's by my side and only a nintendo wii in which to pass the time sometimes. Sure i could be playing guitar hero but it looks so bad on my parents 50+inch tv, and the wii is only fun for short party times with the occasional friends and relatives. Big tv's are great if you got proper working equipment to go with it, HD ha you need a degree in HD to get some of this equipment working, i thought i did.

Basicly what im getting at is i miss the good old days. What were those days you ask. The good days consisted of a wicked gameing rig that i could kick the pants off of any CS Source player on the net, play high quality adventure/action games with stunning visuals. Gigs and gigs of music at my disposal even though i would only like 1 gigs worth of music. At the time the wii came into the picture and was sweet with everyone so involved and so much fun happening.

How did it get to this, well let me tell you.

Sure the console is cheep thats why so many people have it, but no one can resist stunning graphics of a ps3 or pc. I still dont regret getting it, well actually it was a christmas gift but i still like it today, i lent all my games to a friend though. So my gameing machine died on me a month back and couldent do anything, took off to a gameing show in toronto and meet some dude that gave me his computer, It's only a bit better than an old palm pilot i used to play with but it lets me do word stuff like this editorial im writeing here.

Today i write to you on that oversized palm pilot with my gameing keyboard and mouse laying to the side collecting dust, only to ask not for a hand out like an alienware pc, i dont even want an average pc by todays standards. What i seek is the ability to catch my own fish. I want the best dam pc out there, i also want a PS3, XBOX360, and the latest and greatest rock band 2 and guitar hero world tour. But at the same time i dont want people to hand them to me to feel sorry or nothing.

What i want is a job, ya i dont live in some American gameing capital of the world like LA or California etc... But it would be quite the dream to get into the gameing industry while im young too. An old saying turned gameing style "You can give me a game and i can play it for a week, or you can get me a job and i can buy and play forever."

It would be a miracle if someone called me up sometime in the neer future and said "come work for sony or gamespot etc.." Im no hardcore game designer although i did make my own 3D game with a little help. I got it on my blog your all welcome to play it. I have a wide range of programming knowldge stretching all over the place im a super computer user at anyones disposal. I like to think of myself as a hardcore gamer in all areas of gameing. A fairly recent saying "to truly pwn, you must pwn at all games." I no longer gear myself to one game anymore now im all over the place. hay a g/f would be a plus too LOL

-----------------------Rambleing on about another life-----------------------------

To get off my life for a minute i would like to talk to you about a parralel universe where only one gameing company existed. If this company existed they would have a console with the hardware of a PS3, the fun characters of the WII, and the community of the XBOX360. Just imagine ALL the best qualitys of the 3 consoles out there into one. What would that mean you ask, no more clutter, you are truly connected to the world like a home computer. All games come out for PC and the Universe Console, we will call it. Its software will update constantly, it will be able to play almost any format of disc from CD's to Blue rays, dvds and HD's. Darn it give it a clock on the front and let it be your rogers box too even. Yes the console will be expensive but heck consider the power of the console and when the next universe console would come out relative to the current one. lets say the universe console is 900$ wow crazy but the next time they release a new console would be in close to 8-10 years. Thats great then, why, because. Thinking logically and resonably plausable here.

The console would have Controls like the 360 or ps3 which ever wins best controller award of all time, games would include wii remote style controllers for those who really want arcade style games. What i find is half the games out there on the wii really dont use the wii remote all too well, i mean swing to attack, and no matter which way i swing the attack is the same, well the B button could have saved the alot of trouble too geez. And game companys could have more employees focusing on makeing games that are based off movies Actually fun to play and not wipped together with super glue and a cheep form of duct tape. All other games are fine btw. And companies in compitiion with each other like rock band and guitar hero would actually work together and basicly put there darn games together into ONE. now that be sweet.

-----------------------------------What i have to say about tomorrows games (E3 related)-----------------

Well they all seem like there comeing together, slowly game designers are being replaced with architects, kung fu masters, full length feature films, steven hauking, and maby even aliens.

Its only a matter of time before, we turn into the kids from that back to the future movie where they say "you play that with your hands HA HA HA HA".

But for now, im dam proud to play with my hands, and im dam proud of the games that give you the ability to shoot a GUN at people and get away with it. Digitally obviously and not like that family guy episode where death was out for the count LOL

-----------------------A final word i leave you all with today--------------------------------

My potential for this world is great, sure my writeing is not so great but heck no ones perfect. I have been finding that i am getting more and more popular everyday, i even had my name read out on gamespot E3 Live LOL :P my popularity keeps on growing. And whats awsome is i dont have a million favs that i need to satisfy..... yet. LOL

It would be a cool thing to see someone in the industry writeing articles all the time with horrible grammer and spelling, imagine how many fans that dude might just get with his flaws. People like people for there flaws more than they like them for there perfections.

ya im lazy but my passion is gameing and i will come to my passion when it calls and needs me like a hot danzel in distress.

i just had my question answered on gamespot today in the far cry video around 15:50 check it out

oh and a job would bring this story to a happy ending. my resume just ask or i can be found somewhere on monster and workopolis.

just keepin it real later all (good and bad comments all welcome here... for every 3 good ones 1 bad one is allowed LOL :P)